Clinic Center Ambassador Terms & Conditions -

Clinic Center Ambassador Terms & Conditions


The Company: Clinic Center Limited

Ambassador: The Clinic Center upcoming/treated patients who accepted to collaborate with the Company

Posts: Social media videos and pictures that will be shared by the Ambassador to show the company, treatment and its services.

Social Media Account:The platform that ambassador publishes videos or pictures on.

  1. The Ambassador will publish posts, and stories within the scope indicated below,

Please share brief information about why you are going to Clinic Center and your expectations before your visit (Last week before departure to Turkey)

Please share your whole medical trip experience on your social media account (could be Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube) and tag Clinic Center (during your journey in Turkey)

Please post your post-op picture to show your results and tag Clinic Center (up to 3 months, whenever you can share your after look)

  1. The Ambassador can create her or his own content and videos. There are no specific instructions or rules for the way you show your experience. It might be video or pictures or mixed as content.
  1. The posts that are shared can not be removed for 6 months to reach interaction.
  1. The number of deliveries might be depending. The essential condition of the content(s) is including all statements mentioned in article B-1. As long as the post meets the main conditions, it can be shared as one post or multiple.
Social Media Accounts
  1. The Ambassador may use any social media platform as long as itis one of the main social media platforms:Youtube,Instagram,Tiktok and Facebook.
  2. The social media account where the ambassador shall publish posts, must be the one that has been already used before the agreement with genuine and organic followers, regardless of the follower number. 
  3. The ambassador must post videos/pictures on the accounts that have been approved by the marketing team. The ambassador may not sign up a new account to share Clinic Center videos/pictures.
Payment Terms
  1. The Ambassador will receive the fee that has been agreed upon with the marketing team at the beginning, just after all deliveries are posted on social media.
  1. If a fee has been agreed upon as an amount of discount, it will be deducted from the remaining balance. In the case of not publishing the posts afterwards, The company shall send a legal notice to the patient. Either the patient shall share the post on social media accounts as agreed at the beginning or the ambassador shall refund the discount amount to the company due to the violation.
  1. Assuming the last video will be taken around a month after the treatment to see the results better, the payment will be paid after a month in total.
  1. The Ambassador shall not receive a payment if,
  • Does not tag Clinic Center on posts or stories
  • Does not share any video to show all required  (before, during and after the journey)
  • Makes any smearing posts about the doctor, clinic or any services
  1. Both parties can cancel or terminate the agreement anytime you want if you do not want to share after your operation.
  2. In the event of cancellation after the surgery, if the ambassador got any initial discount before the operation related to collaboration, the discount amount should be refunded to the Company.
  3. Clinic Center is not under an obligation to make payment for any posts or stories shared beforehand in the case of the ambassador terminating the agreement.
Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed and enforced according to the Laws of England.

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