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Clinic Center provides successful breast enlargement results for candidates with issues regarding their breasts sizes. Our all-inclusive packages and budget-friendly breast implant prices offer resolutions for our patients.

If you are interested in Clinic Center’s offers for a boob job in Czechia procedures, contact our team to find out more about the procedure.

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    What is a Breast Implant?

    Breast implants or augmentation is a cosmetic adjustment made to enhance the volume of the patient’s breasts. The increase in the volume is obtained by the implants placed in the breasts, and as a result of the operation, the candidate reaches firmer and larger boobs.

    Many people believe that breasts reflect femininity; although it may not be accurate for some people, it cannot be denied that every woman at least once in their life thought about having breast surgery. For instance, if the candidate is flat-chested or aims for bigger breasts, this procedure may offer excellent boob job results. Also, their confidence increases with their newly achieved, natural-looking curves, and they start to feel more feminine and attractive with their freshened body image.

    As the demand for boob jobs abroad rises, more and more people contact Clinic Center for their life-changing alterations. Through breast augmentation Czechia operation with Clinic Center, patients reach their desired body images at affordable fake boobs. Thanks to our internationally acknowledged surgeons and their expertise, we have provided our patients with their desired bodies.

    When the candidates suffer from sagginess on their chest areas and their breasts lose shape due to ageing, breastfeeding or weight loss, the surgeon in charge may offer successful boob jobs to improve the area. Since the application of the procedure can provide numerous benefits for the candidate, the operation has become a suggested procedure by experts, and patients have requested the process as a popular solution. The breast augmentation in Czechia does not involve any invasive approaches and any high risks; that’s another reason for its popularity among patients and surgeons.

    Clinic Center’s experienced specialists always suggest the best for the patients. That is why they recommend MENTOR® or MOTIVA® implants for breast augmentation Prague, according to the patient’s condition. There are four types of implants available for our patients:

    • Round implants or traditional breast implants for a rounder and softer outcome.
    • Teardrop boob jobs for various shapes and to provide more control on their condition following the operation.
    • Smooth breast implants always offer a more delicate result on the breasts and can move in the implant pockets for a more natural look and feel.
    • Textured breast implants for a more stable result, as the scar tissue on the operation area holds on to the textured surface of the implant.

    Regardless of their sizes or kinds, all implants listed above are created to mimic the natural tissue on the breasts to offer more natural-looking outcomes after the operation.

    Breast Augmentation with Clinic Center Czechia

    The breast augmentation procedure Czechia may be necessary for various reasons, such as ageing, weight loss, poor genetics or breastfeeding. However, Clinic Center’s surgical experts always suggest suitable breast enlargement methods for each condition to help their patients to reach their goals. As the leading company for plastic operations in Czechia, Clinic Center has served countless patients internationally and obtained positive remarks on its service, partner surgeons and assistance through the process.

    Once the patients initiate their breast augmentation procedure in Prague, they will not only have a successful operation but also benefit from numerous advantages. These advantages include the best price for breast implants guarantee, high-quality patients’ service, VIP cars for transportation and accommodation during the visit. Each patient will also be assigned a personal host to help and guide them throughout the process. In addition, the surgeon in charge of the patient’s case will provide necessary details and instructions for the patient, and once the boob job recovery time in the hospital ends, our aftercare services will guide the patient through the rest of their recovery at home.

    Contact our consultants for more details if you are interested in Clinic Center’s offers for breast augmentations in Czechia and added benefits to its treatment plans.

    Different Boob Shapes

    Each woman has a different shape or size of breasts; even the breasts on one patient can differ in shape or size. However, to differentiate the types of breasts, they are classified according to the standard features they carry.

    Here, candidates can see eleven commonly seen shapes of breasts:

    Archetype breasts:

    This shape is the most common boob shape and usually means that the candidate has full breasts with small nipples.

    Asymmetrical boob shape:

    This breasts shape involves differences between the two breasts on the patient. The differences are usually in size, and half of the world’s women population suffers from this condition.

    Muscular breasts

    This shape can also be called athletic boob shape and means that the candidate has more muscles on their breasts rather than fat tissue. These breasts are usually smaller.

    Bell-shaped breasts:

    This shape includes a wider breast bottom, and the upper parts of the breasts usually appear smaller.

    Close-Set breasts:

    Candidates with these types of breasts do not have any space between their boobs, the breasts are naturally right on the centre of the chest and generally appear larger in volume.

    Conical breasts:

    These types of boobs resemble cones, and the condition is widely seen among patients with small breasts.

    East-West breasts:

    Candidate’s nipples point in opposite directions, usually outwards.

    Relaxed breasts:

    These types of breasts usually appear saggy, and the nipples point to the patient’s feet.

    Round breasts:

    These breasts appear rounder than the other types, and the patient has fullness both on the top and the bottom.

    Slender breasts:

    These breasts generally look slim, have longer appearances than other types, and appear saggy and point downwards.

    Teardrop breasts:

    This breast type is circular, but the bottom breasts carry more mass than the upper part.

    Silicone Boobs

    Silicone breast implants are produced from a substance called polymer gel. This gel is contained with an elastic cover and used to improve the appearance of the breasts. The substance in these flexible containers is quite resistant to heat and water. Also, the viscosity level of these cheap breast implants is similar to the body’s natural fat tissue to offer natural-looking breast implant results for the candidates.

    Successful Boob Jobs Incisions

    To perform the breast augmentation operations, the surgeon in charge will open small incisions (1, 5-2 inches long) on the patient’s armpits or the breast’s natural crease (mammary fold) for minimum scar visibility. As the procedure does not involve other incisions and Clinic Center’s surgeons work with extra care, patients will not have any visible breast augmentation scars after six months. However, if the procedure is combined with another method, other incisions may be opened around the chest.

    Different methods can be applied for successful breast enlargement results for breast augmentation operations. Our surgeons will evaluate the patient’s case to determine the approach, for each individual has different tissues and physical characteristics, so various methods may be necessary for different cases. After the examination, Clinic Center’s expert surgeons will inform their patients on MOTIVA® and MENTOR® brands, silicone gel breast implants cost and necessary incision methods suitable for their condition. 

    Usually, patients express their concerns regarding the incision scars left by the breast augmentation operations. Yet, Clinic Center’s experts will open the incisions on your breasts’ natural contour lines and prevent the incisions’ visibility. Our surgeons follow three incision methods for placing the implants:

    • Inframammary Fold Incision: Through this technique, the surgeon creates incision lines in the breast’s crease, on the inframammary fold and breasts’ underneath. With this method, the patient obtains minimum scar visibility, and the incisions are only 1, 5-2 inches long. The surgeon in charge can place larger implants with this method.
    • Periareolar incision: The surgeon places incisions around the areola through the method, but this approach is usually suggested combined with a breast lift.
    • Trans-axillary incision: On the patient’s armpits, minimal incisions are opened, and through these incisions, the surgeon places the implants with a tiny camera and specific instruments. Only small incisions in the armpits can be seen.

    Generally, plastic surgeons insert the silicone implant under the pectoral muscle. Following the procedure, they appear stiff, although most people expect gel implants to look this way; after a few weeks, the implants start to heal and take their natural place on the breasts. However, final results will be apparent when the full recovery is completed after a few months, and the swelling is reduced.

    Breast Augmentation Surgery Czechia

    The implants procedure is completed while the patient is fully sedated with general anaesthesia. The surgeon in charge will conclude the operation after determining the convenient shape or size for the implants.

    The best breast augmentation surgeon in Czechia, after a detailed evaluation of your condition, will determine whether the breast implants will be put over or under the chest muscles. The shapes of the implants can be different: either round or teardrop-shaped. The surgery takes about an hour to conclude, and after the procedure, patients tend to recovery quickly, as the operation involves non-invasive approaches.

    Generally, surgeons place the implants on the chest in two ways:

    • The first one is the submuscular (subpectoral) approach, through the method; boob job implants are placed under the chest muscles.
    • The second one is the sub-glandular method, through which the placement is made between the muscles and the breast tissues.

    The placement types given above are suitable for each cheap breast implants method and silicone implant type. The surgeons will make decisions depending on the tissue capacity of the patients’ chest areas. Also, patients’ lifestyles and preferred implant type by the patient should be considered while choosing the placement of the implant.

    Best Breast Surgeon in Prague

    As Clinic Center , we have provided our patients with their dream body images for years, thanks to the highly experienced specialists under our roof. Clinic Center’s best cosmetic surgeons in Prague are acknowledged experts in their fields and carry international acknowledgements and recognitions.  Clinic Center gathers its experienced specialists together through detailed evaluation to serve its patients with high-quality service. Each of our best breast augmentation surgeons in Czechia has been recognised by establishments such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. If you are interested, you can visit their pages below.

    With years of experience in the field, Clinic Center’s associate experts present their patients with the most satisfactory breast enlargement results at affordable prices for breast implants in Czechia.

    Our patients can refer to their surgeons with any questions or concerns regarding their operation and their desired outcomes throughout their consultation process. The breasts designs of our patients will be created in line with their vision and condition to provide them with excellent outcomes.

    One of our associate partners, Dr. Aneta Krajcová emphasises that to achieve successful boob jobs results with a breast augmentation procedure in Czechia, the surgeon in charge should be up-to-date with the latest methods and experience in the field. Dr. Aneta Krajcová also adds that the patients should be advised the suitable approaches for their convenience.

    Dr. Patrick Paulis, an experienced surgeon of Clinic Center, states that for excellent results, the aftercare process is a key factor. For Dr. Paulis, patients should be provided aftercare services by the clinic and be informed on any point of their boob job recovery to maintain their results in ideal condition.

    As the leading company for plastic surgeries, Clinic Center provides its patients with aftercare services throughout their breast enlargement recovery process and guidance along the procedure to resolve any issues regarding the operation and the whole process.

    Breast Enlargement Czechia Prices

    Some candidates assume that the plastic surgery breast implants prices for their breast augmentation procedure will be high; however, with Clinic Center Czechia, the situation is the opposite. Cosmetic procedures can be costly in certain countries, yet Clinic Center offers budget-friendly breast augmentation procedures in Czechia with high-quality and permanent results. Also, with our all-inclusive packages, Clinic Center will provide its patients numerous advantages along the process, from their arrival to departure. 

    Breast augmentation Prague procedure is a highly popular cosmetic intervention, and the demand for the procedure increases daily. However, paying a fortune as breast enlargement prices may not be a feasible option for most candidates. But as we stated before, with Clinic Center, not only your natural boob job procedure in Czechia will be cost-effective, but also our patients will benefit from our all-inclusive packages, which include their transportation, accommodation and special group deals for their convenience. With the best price guarantee by Clinic Center, our patients are also guaranteed satisfactory and budget-friendly results.

    Prices for breast augmentation may differ per the number of operations included in the treatment package, the suitable methods of approach and the surgeon’s experience. Clinic Center’s internationally recognised specialists will design your new breasts in line with your expectations and physical features to provide the most satisfactory results of breast augmentation in Czechia.

    Breast Enlargement Recovery Time

     The breast augmentation recovery process after the breast enlargement approximately takes six to eight weeks. The expert in charge of the case will complete the procedure while the patient is under general anaesthesia, which means that the patient will not be conscious during the breast augmentation procedure.

    Once the procedure ends, the patient will regain consciousness as the anaesthesia wears off, and the final checks will be done. Patients may feel sick during this checking process as a typical response after receiving anaesthesia.

    Patients will be hospitalised during the first nights after their breast augmentation operations, but if they choose to leave the hospital, the surgeon should be informed before their discharge. Clinic Center will provide all patients with a medical bra for compressing the area to maintain their final breast shapes. When the recovery process in the hospital is finalised, patients will obtain the necessary instructions to follow after the operation.

    During the first days of boob job in Prague recovery process: Patients may feel slight discomfort and are advised to take the medications for an easier recovery. Some blood may leak from the incision scars; however, it is expected after the operation, and if it exceeds normal levels, the surgeons should be informed.

    At the end of the first week of breast augmentation recovery: Patients may experience minor aches and ask their consultants to continue with light work.

    Two to three weeks after the breast surgery: The operated area can be tenderer at this stage of the recovery process and will heal with time. If the patient has physically challenging work, they should postpone their return for one to two weeks later.

    After two months following the breast augmentation surgery: This recovery stage can be considered the end of it; however, the process solely depends on the condition of the patient’s body.

    Breast Enlargement Results

    Although each patient has different expectations for the operation results, most patients will ask for natural-looking boob job results. Therefore, the surgeon should be experienced enough to provide the desired results when this is the case. With Clinic Center’s internationally recognised surgeons, patients are ensured to achieve satisfactory results after the breast augmentation procedure in Czechia. In addition to the surgeons’ capacity, the clinic responsible for the whole process also has an important role. The guidance throughout the procedure will provide significant ease for the patients.

    The breast implants procedure does not involve any invasive approaches, so the recovery period is shorter than other operations. However, as it is the same for most cosmetic interventions, final boob job results can only be seen when the swelling is reduced after the operation.

    After the reasonable implants-breast procedure, the patient will enjoy:

    • Their new and fresh image,
    • Their pleasing augmentation result that increases their confidence,
    • Complimenting their new curves, rather than hiding them, with clothes,
    • Firmer and larger breasts that enhance their femininity.

    Candidates can contact our consultants for booking a consultation with our medical experts to determine their suitability for the operation and learn more about their cases. In addition, our former patients’ breast augmentation before and after photos are available on Clinic Center’s website gallery for providing the candidates extra details.

    Boob Job Czechia Before and After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Breast Augmentation Abroad All-Inclusive Packages

    Thanks to Clinic Center’s all-inclusive packages, our patients can enjoy reliable and successful breast augmentation operations in Czechia. Each step of your process will be organised by our skilful team, and the details on the all-inclusive packages can be found below.

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Clinic Center partner plastic surgeons are selected after a close screening and hold the reputable EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships. With us you can be certain that you are in good hands during your journey for breast enlargement in Czechia

    Special Group Discount

    The more the merrier! You and your friend will benefit from a special discount in the case of bringing them along with you for breast augmentation surgery in Czechia.

    Medical garments, support bra etc.

    Clinic Center will provide you the necessary equipment to be used after surgery for each patient and will make sure you have the right post breast augmentation bra for you.

    Accomodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Having a surgery whether it is small or big requires efficient resting for full recovery. That is why Clinic Center will make sure you have one of the best and comfortable stays until your departure by providing you with the best hotels in Czechia for medical tourism.

    Transfers with VIP car

    Airport to and from the hotel, hotel to and from the hospital/clinic is provided by Clinic Center.

    International Patient Host

    Different countries, different people. How will you manage everything? Your international host will accompany you during your medical journey in Czechia.

    Breast Enlargement Aftercare

    The information below should be considered general instructions to be followed before and after breast enlargement operation in Czechia. Yet, the accuracy of the provided details cannot be confirmed by Clinic Center, and the instructions given by the surgeon in charge should be prioritised.

    Before the operation:

    • The operation will be called off the patient is pregnant.
    • Patients are advised to avoid alcohol and tobacco, starting from two weeks before the breast augmentation procedure to prevent any complications.
    • Patients should report their surgeons on any medications they use regularly.
    • Any blood thinners should be avoided starting from two weeks before the operation.
    • Patients should avoid consuming any foods or beverages starting from eight hours before the operation to avoid any complications with general anaesthesia. 

    On the day of the implant operation:

    • Candidates can shower before the procedure.
    • Any products on the face, hair, nails or eyes should be removed before the process.
    • Patients are advised to bring baggy clothes with preferably buttons or zippers to wear after the procedure easily.
    • Patients should not bring any valuables or jewellery to the hospital.

    After the operation:

    • Patients should avoid swimming pools and using any products on the operation sites.
    • For the next two weeks, alcohol and tobacco products should be avoided to improve the breast enlargement recovery process.
    • The covers on the incisions should not be removed without the surgeon’s instructions. They protect the scars and keep them sterile.
    • Patients are advised to take short walks to generate blood flow through the body.
    • Patients may be feeling tired in the first week, which is a typical response. However, any exercises should be avoided at this stage of the boob job recovery time, and after a week passes, patients can start doing light exercises. Any exercises involving the chest should be avoided. However, when the patients return to their routine activities, the medical compression bra should be worn to maintain the results optimally.
    • Patients should be careful with their water intake to stay hydrated throughout the boob job recovery process.
    • Any pain after the boobs in Czechia operation can be overcome with the medications prescribed by the operating surgeon.
    • Having bruises or swelling is expected after the procedure and usually takes three to six months to heal.
    • The medical garments provided by the experts should be worn at least for the first week.
    • Patients can shower with sterile covers on their incision scars three days after the boobs procedure. However, patients should dry their covers with a towel gently.

    The patients should be hospitalised after the operation, as the operation is carried out under general anaesthesia and to prevent any post-op complications. Patients should follow the guidelines provided by the medical experts to recover from the process in ideal condition. The boob job operation provides long-lasting results, yet the natural ageing process may impact the results as time passes, and the tissue on the patients’ bodies may start to change. Also, excessive weight gain can harm the results of the operation.

    Fast Facts

    Procedure:Breast Enlargement/Augmentation/Implant
    Duration:1 to 2 hours
    Stay:Four nights hotel
    Anesthesia:General anesthesia
    Recovery:7 to 10 days to return to work
    What to bring:Comfortable clothes (sweatshirts, button-down or zipped shirt etc.)
    Side Effect:Temporary swelling, bruising, soreness, discomfort, nipple sensitivity, numbness
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots, heart attack or stroke and death)
    Exercise:3 to 4 weeks after
    Scars:Yes (depending on the incision type)
    Pain:Slight (depends on the patient)
    Results:Immediate (final results after 4 to 6 months and may change due to pregnancy, gravity, weight or age)
    Multiple surgeries:Breast lift, liposuction, nose surgery, botox and fillers

    Boob Enlargement Surgery Patients’ Reviews

    The patients’ reviews below are written by our former patients and shared within their knowledge to inform other candidates on their experiences with Clinic Center for a plastic surgery boob job. The same and similar remarks can also be found on different online platforms.

    Boob Jobs Prague FAQ

    Can you breastfeed with fake boobs?

    Feeding your baby is not an issue. Throughout the operation, the patient’s milk ducts are not harmed. After the procedure, patients do not experience any problems regarding their milk ducts and negative impacts of implants on the mother’s or the baby’s health.

    Can I trust Clinic Center’s experts with my boob job?

    Clinic Center’s excellent surgeons are internationally recognised experts by institutions like ISAPS and EBOPRAS. Candidates can learn more about our surgeons by visiting their pages on our website. Thanks to our skilful team, our patients are always in safe hands.

    What are the best breast implants brands for breast augmentation Czechia?

    Our operators prefer MOTIVA®, or MENTOR® brand implants, considered the most reliable implant brands. They offer natural results and are durable for years.

    Can I trust the implants in Czechia?

    Various studies confirm the overall safety and durability of implants. There have been no records of their adverse effects on the patients’ health.

    What does cc mean in breast implants?

    CC stands for cubic centimetres and is used to measure the volume of breasts implants. Generally, patients can go up one cup size with 100 ccs of implants. When the measurements are calculated, the current breast size of the patient should always be considered.

    Will my boobs or areolas be numb after the boob job procedure?

    Unfortunately, for some time, they may be numb. In fact, some patients can even have more sensitive areolas after the operation. However, the changes in sensitivity around the areolas are expected responses after a breast augmentation Prague and generally disappear during the recovery.

     How much is a boob job Prague?

    Clinic Center gives the best price guarantee for its cosmetic operations Czechia. Our patients can enjoy various benefits during their implants surgery thanks to our all-inclusive packages. Book a video consultation with our experts to learn the exact prices for breast implants Czechia. 

    Can the breast implants ripple?

    No, they do not. Clinic Center’s skilful experts always suggest proper techniques to prevent any issues and advise the patients for choosing the correct sizes. Once they initiate their procedure with Clinic Center, candidates are guaranteed a safe procedure.

    What can the patients wear after the boob jobs procedure?

    After their surgery, patients will be provided with a unique garment to protect and support their chest area during the recovery period. After the first month of the recovery, patients can continue wearing supportive bras without wires.

    What are the benefits of a boob job?

    After the operation, patients will enjoy achieving their goals, boosting their self-confidence and leaving their insecurities behind while choosing clothing. As long as you complete your process with an experienced clinic, your results will be satisfactory.

    Boob Job Patient Review Videos

    Jemma’s Medical Journey

    >>Click here to watch more patient journey videos

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