Breast Reduction in Czechia (Mammoplasty) 2022

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Although many consider having larger breasts is always an advantage, it means only back and neck ache for some women.

Excessive breast mass can cause numerous problems for women. Breast reduction is an excellent resolution for those issues as the procedure reduces adverse symptoms and offers a fresh start for the patient. To get further details on the operation and our offers for breasts reduction in Czechia, contact our team via the consultation form on our website. 

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    What is Boob Reduction Surgery?

    Mammoplasty Czechia is a procedure to remove extra fat and breast tissue on the patient to fix the appearance and reduce the size of the breasts. It also gives relief from aches on the neck and back of the patient. Through the operation, patients prevent any issues with their postures that can cause severe problems in the future. Putting aside all the medical purposes, when the candidate doesn’t think the look of their breasts is attractive due to their size, breast reduction Czechia can provide exceptional results. After the boob job reduction Czechia, candidates can see the benefits of the operation in terms of both appearance and function.

    The operating surgeon removes the glandular mass, excess fat, and skin from the patient’s bust in a breast removal Prague operation. The procedure always results in a smaller size, pleasing shape and increased firmness. In addition to improving the breasts, the surgeon can also enhance the areola forms, which is the darker skin surrounding the nipple. Thanks to the skilled professionals of Clinic Center, patients can see the results of the operation right after the procedure. However, patients can see the final results when the swelling and bruises on the operated areas fade away. With Clinic Center, our patients can also have a combined operation with a breast uplift for more satisfying outcomes.

    The plastic surgeon completes the breast reduction Prague in two to four hours while the patient is sedated with general anaesthesia. The operator can use three incision techniques to achieve the desired results: the first is making an incision circling the areola, the second is creating a cut vertical to the lower areola and breast fold, and the third method is creating a cut following the fold of the breasts.

    During the breast surgery Czechia, the operator follows the steps below;

    • Opens an inverted T shaped cut to get rid of unnecessary fat,  breast mass and skin,
    • Accurately relocates the breasts and reduces the sizes of the areola,
    • Sutures the cuts to circumvent further scarring and to get a natural finish.

    Commonly, patients are observed in the clinic for a day following the boob reduction Prague operation to guarantee that the patient is healthy and responses well.

    Breast Reduction in Czechia

    Candidates prefer to have their corrective operations overseas, which has been widespread due to cosmetic operation costs and more reliable medical care. The same is also the case with Prague breast reduction and lift. Clinic Center welcomes its patients considering budget-friendly and high-quality resolutions for improving appearances and solving medical problems each year. 

    If you are considering a breast reduction Czechia operation, you may be curious regarding the results of the reduction procedure. Candidates generally try to find the best breast reduction surgeons Prague or clinics for breast reduction before making their final decision.

    The procedure’s outcomes will probably be more than delightful when the candidate chooses a qualified expert and suitable clinic with ideal circumstances. That’s why comparing patients’ reviews, and breast reduction before and after photos before settling on a clinic is heavily advised before getting the boob reduction in Czechia

    As the leading brand in plastic surgery, Clinic Center has greeted international patients for years, looking for cost-effective resolutions and excellent outcomes.

    Breast Reduction Costs in Czechia

    Breast reduction costs Prague can differ in line with numerous variables, such as the clinic providing the service, additional treatments or the country the operation takes place. Yet with Clinic Center, cosmetic procedures such as breast removal Prague cost relatively cheaper than any order clinics, regardless of the added adjustments. In addition, Clinic Center offers its patients the most reliable service at budget-friendly prices.  

    Thanks to its all-inclusive packages for breast operations, Clinic Center assists its patients with its splendid and best in the field surgeons. In our latest technology equipped clinics, we offer our patients a reliable procedure with perfect breast reduction and lift Prague outcomes. If you’d like to learn more about the process and Clinic Center’s offers for breast reduction Czechia, you can contact our team of consultants via the consultation form on our website.

    Prices for breast reduction differ in line with numerous factors. For example, the required tests before the surgery, anaesthesia, medical garments and medication are included in the overall cost. However, the experience of the experts, the scope of the procedure, and combined adjustments such as breast lift Czechia or liposuction Czechia, also affect the cost. Yet, with Clinic Center, aside from the best price guarantee, patients will also profit from our all-inclusive package deals, including the cost of the operation, accommodation of the patient through the recovery, hosts for assisting the patient, and transportation with VIP cars. 

    Contact Clinic Center’s team of experts to learn more about our all-inclusive packages and treatment plans. 

    Best Boob Reduction Surgeons In Czechia

    Through the guidance of our skilled surgical team, patients can achieve excellent Prague breast reduction results for their cosmetic adjustments. Clinic Center elects its operators following a thorough evaluation of their experiences and careers. Our specialists are the most skilful experts in the field, and their achievements are globally recognised by establishments such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. Patients can review our surgical team’s experiences and achievements here:

    Our specialists will listen to all your questions or concerns before your breast reduction surgery Czechia as qualified experts in their fields. Our specialists will design the perfect treatment plan according to the patients’ expectations to deliver the best breast reduction results for Clinic Center’s patients. 

    Clinic Center’s experienced surgeon, Dr. Daghan Isik, declares that the crucial details are the surgeon’s expertise and the surgical team’s skillset to achieve successful breast removal Czechia surgeries. For Isik, the more specialists use proper techniques for the case, the greater the results will become. 

    Dr. Aydin Gozu, another experienced partner specialist of Clinic Center, highlights the aftercare for breast surgery Czechia. For Gozu, convenient aftercare following the mammoplasty Prague procedure plays a crucial role in maintaining the patient’s final results in good condition. 

    Clinic Center’s specialists will guide our patients through their breast reduction operation. After the procedure, Clinic Center’s aftercare team will assist our patients regarding their questions or concerns during the recovery period of breast reduction Prague

    Best Breast Reduction Czechia Results

    Following the operation, many patients feel the convenience of not carrying unwanted breast weight on their backs. After reducing excess bulk on their breasts, they experience immediate comfort on their back, neck and shoulders. After the swelling decreases in the following months to a year after the breast reduction Prague, their appreciative boob reduction Czechia surgery outcomes can be fully seen. 

    Patients will enjoy the below advantages after breast reduction in Czechia:

    • Well proportionate breasts
    • Improved position 
    • No more choosing outfits to suit your breast size
    • No more refraining from sports and action
    • Relief on the spine

    Following breast reduction Prague, candidates get relieved of the constraints of carrying unnecessary breast weight and feel free to be more dynamic and prefer any outfits. The outcome of breast reduction in Czechia changes the patients’ lives and can be seen directly following the operation. As the candidate recovers from the procedure, their self-esteem level also inclines. Candidates are also strongly encouraged to follow aftercare guidance as they have an indispensable part in the recovery process and ideal Prague boob reduction results

    Czechia Boob Reduction Before and After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Breast Reduction Recovery In Turkey

    The breast reduction recovery period lasts around 2 weeks and scarring will fade away progressively. Patients will be required to wear a medical support bra provided during the breast reduction recovery. Return to work is around 1 to 2 weeks and physical activities should be avoided for at least 2 to 3 weeks during the recovery to achieve the best breast reduction before and after results.

    Pain after breast reduction is generally moderate, which can be relieved through painkillers. It is important to lie on your back and wear a medical bra with a good support both during the day and at night.

    In some cases, patients may have drains for around 3 days after boob reduction to remove any excess blood and fluid that may accumulate in the body, which can cause complications, such as infection or seroma.

    Generally, the sutures should be removed around 7 to 10 days after breast reduction during which the patient should rest, to avoid excessive movement of the arms and trunk. It is also expected to experience swelling after boob reduction that will be gone approximately in 6 months.

    Heavy exercise after breast reduction must be avoided for 6 months, especially the ones that involve chest and arm muscles.

    Breast Reduction Clinic

    Being the best plastic surgery clinic in Turkey, Clinic Center offers all-inclusive plastic surgery packages. Every year thousands of women choose to have breast reduction surgery assisted by Clinic Center. In addition to satisfying boob job results with the best price guarantee ; we also provide everything that you don’t need to think of through your breast reduction in Turkey.

    •       Physical consultation in London, online / video consultation all over the world
    •         Best breast reduction surgery
    •         4 nights of accommodation at a 4-star hotel
    •         1 night hospital stay
    •         Transfers between airport, hotel and hospital/ clinic
    •         International personal host
    •         Special group discount
    •         Check up and regular follow-up
    •         Medical garment, support bra etc.
    •       Aftercare in the UK

    By choosing breast reduction in Turkey, you will feel and look better.

    Breast Reduction Surgery All Inclusive Package

    With this all-inclusive package, you have a trouble-free journey from your home to Turkey after having a successful breast reduction. For your maximum comfort, Clinic Center will arrange everything you may need. Here are the details:

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Clinic Center partner plastic surgeons are selected after a close screening and hold the reputable EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships. With us you can be certain that you are in good hands

    Medical garments, support bra etc.

    Clinic Center will provide you with the necessary garment to be used after breast reduction surgery.

    Special Group Discount

    The more the merrier! You and your friend will benefit from a special discount in the case of bringing them along with you for breast reduction or any other surgery.

    Accomodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Having a surgery whether it is small or big requires efficient resting for full recovery. For this reason Clinic Center will make sure you have one of the most comfortable stay till your departure by providing

    Airport transfers with VIP car

    For a more convenient journey, from the moment you arrive in Turkey your transfer will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel.

    International Patient Host

    A day after your surgery you will have your check-up and aftercare instructions for a successful healing process. We also assist you to have your regular follow-ups to make sure you have the best breast reduction before and after results in Turkey.

    Fast Facts

    Procedure:Performed with incisions on the breasts by removing excess fat, breast tissue and skin to reshape and resize the breasts proportional to the body
    Duration:3 to 4 hours
    Stay:4 nights hotel
    Anesthesia:General anesthesia
    Recovery:1 to 2 weeks to return to work
    What to bring:Comfortable clothes (sweatshirts, button-down or zipped shirt etc.)
    Side Effect:Temporary swelling, bruising, discomfort, soreness, numbness, nipple sensitivity
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction, Loss of blood supply to skin, fat, breast tissue or the nipple
    Exercise:3 to 4 weeks after
    Pain:Slight (depends on the patient)
    Results:After 4 to 6 months (May change due to pregnancy, gravity, weight or age)
    Multiple surgeries:Breast lift, liposuction, botox and fillers, nose surgery

    Boob Reduction Operation Reviews

    These breast reduction surgery turkey reviews were written by our real patients at their own request explaining and sharing their experiences about getting a boob reduction in Turkey in an impartial and reliable manner. You can find the same breast reduction reviews on online platforms

    Breast Reduction Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

    Can breast reduction in Turkey be performed with breast lift?

    Yes, the best result of breast reduction surgery is achieved when the breast is lifted as well. Breast lift in most cases is applied in conjunction with breast reduction surgery. However if liposuction technique is used, breasts may not be lifted.

    Are breast reduction scars permanent?

    Breast reduction scars are unfortunately permanent although fade a lot in time but modern techniques ensure that they are minimal.

    Will my nipples be repositioned?

    No, in most cases the nipples are not repositioned unless the patient is very large-breasted.

    What if I get pregnant after the breast reduction?

    Your breasts will naturally change with pregnancy, but it does not mean that the condition will defect the results. Expect some changes in size and position of the breasts.

    Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery Turkey?

    You should be able to breastfeed, but breast reduction surgery goes across the milk ducts. Please discuss all possible outcomes with your surgeon during your consultation.

    How long does the results of breast reduction last?

    The results of breast reduction surgery are long-lasting. Surgery will help you relieve pain and physical conditions. Your better proportioned body will improve your self image and boost your self-confidence. Although, in time your breasts can change due to aging, gravity, weight fluctuations, and hormonal factors.

    How much is breast reduction?

    So, how much is a boob reduction? Cosmetic surgery in Turkey has been extremely popular among those who would like to have a boob job for affordable breast reduction prices in Turkey. Clinic Center assists to provide competitively affordable breast reduction surgery costs with its all-inclusive package that covers the treatment cost.

    How many cup sizes can you go down with breast reduction?

    How much the breasts can be reduced depends on the patient’s size, breast composition. Our partner surgeons will help you decide the best plan during your consultation.Numerous patients who undergo a breast reduction procedure normally choose to go down one or two cup sizes.

    How much weight is removed in breast reduction? Should I lose weight before a breast reduction?

    Breast reduction isn’t a weight loss procedure, but the tissue amount removed can range from two pounds to seven or eight pounds. Better results come from a breast reduction surgery when the patient loses weight before the operation.

    Breast Reduction Patient Review Videos

    Breast Reduction Patient Review Videos

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