COVID-19 Travel Test

Fit to Fly Test: £78

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Promo code: CC2020

Fit to Fly Test: £94.05

Voucher code: CLINIC21

Fit to Fly Test: 82.49£ (DX)

About The Test Process

  • Test prices include the medical report that you will need for your flight.
  • Both NowTest and Qured are home kit delivery and using Royal Mail. If you have any urgency, you can choose courier service in Qured for the fastest turn around (to locations within the M25, London).
  • It is very important to post the samples during the last 72 hours before your flight. Please be careful about testing time and receiving the report time.
This page has been created to inform patients and provide them the cheapest test kit prices possible in the UK in order to make the process easier. For detailed information, please check instructions while you are ordering the test. Test providers are third party companies therefore Clinic Center is not involved in the testing, delivering and reporting process.

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