How to Choose the Best Surgeon for the Nose Job

How to Choose the Best Surgeon for the Nose Job

Nose surgery in other words rhinoplasty, is a surgery which builds up the shape of the nose. The nose is the important feature of the face. Therefore, it is crucial to have a symmetrical nose in correct proportion.
Although Rhinoplasty has become popularly applied plastic surgery around the world it is one of the most difficult surgeries among the plastic surgeries. Since Rhinoplasty has lifelong effects on patients, it is very crucial for patients to choose the right surgeon. Therefore, people should keep in their mind some points when they are searching for the right doctor for their nose job.

First of all your doctor should be certified by the state medical board. The second thing is, a qualified surgeon should have a before/after gallery about his previous works. Since his previous experiences indicate his proficiency and his good reputation from which the patient can predict the potential result of the work.

Another thing is qualification, every surgeon can do rhinoplasty surgery but unless your surgeon is qualified, you cannot achieve the correct proportion and natural looking. In Europe, many qualified surgeons are member of European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Surgery (EBOPRAS). The membership to EBOPRAS means that your doctor performs the surgery by matching the safety standards of the board. Therefore, such a membership or any additional certificates increase the credibility of the surgeon.

All in all, it is very important to find the best surgeon who will reconstruct your nose in a correct proportion and natural looking. Don’t forget that a surgeon using poor surgical methods can lead to a permanent deformity. Therefore people who are considering to have rhinoplasty surgery should be careful when choosing their surgeon in terms of qualification, expertise and experience.

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