Comparison of Dental Crowns

Comparison of Dental Crowns

Dental crown is methods for patients who face some dental problems like tooth loose, deformation of tooth, bruxism or some esthetical problems. The procedure is performed by covering the tooth to reshape, resize or make it stronger and improve its appearance.

Dental crowns can be made out of some different materials and they are being used according to what treatment requires and patient goals. Zirconia which is a type of all ceramic crown, all porcelain crown and porcelain fuse to metal crown are most common crowns that are used for depending treatment and patients. You can find comparison of 3 dental crowns in advantages and disadvantages;


To talk about advantages of porcelain fused to metal crown, we can absolutely mention strength of them and also durability. Since they have metal structure in it, they also fit the tooth perfectly and provide strength to the new tooth. But they are not very esthetical appearance since the metal layer can be seen at the area of where crown meets the tooth. Considering also they have very affordable prices, they are generally used for back teeth which do not involve esthetical concerns a lot.


All porcelain crown more esthetical advantages comparing with Porcelain fused to metal crowns since they do not have metal in it. That’s why they are generally used for front teeth since they are better about color match and natural appearance. To talk about disadvantages of them, they are more expensive than PFS and have less durability since they are fragile. For these reasons they are used generally for front teeth in dental treatments.


Zirconia crowns gets its name from the material of the structure, zirconium. They are made by zirconium which makes it long lasting durable and strong. It is hard to differentiate a natural tooth from zirconia crown since they have very natural color. However, it might cause some effects like damaging the root and having decay under the crown which is very hard to notice.

As it was mentioned at the beginning all types of crowns can be chosen in different conditions; it depends patient goals, the aim and scope of the treatment and patient’s affordability.

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