Hair Transplant Healing Process & Expectations

Hair Transplant Healing Process & Expectations

Every operation and procedure has its own recovery period and varying results. This is also true for Hair Transplant operations and patients should be aware of expected results in the following months after the procedure. This period can be divided to four different stages.

In the first three months after the operation every patient should know that your scalp may normally be very tender in the first few days, but you can return to your daily activities quite soon. After this crucial part you might think that it is taking a long time for your hair to grow; and that’s true. The usual hair growth scale is approximately 6 – 13 mm per month. Therefore your new hair will start growing out of the transplanted graft sites in about three months.

Between the 3rd and 6th months after the procedure you will be able to clearly notice the growing hair. Even though the hair will be very short, it will easily be seen that they are growing.

After the 6th month is the time when you will attain around 60 to 70 percent of your transplanted hair growth. Between the 6th and 9th month period is the time the new hair growth is mainly achieved for all the patients. You will now be able to see that you have your new hair and can start thinking about how to style it.

The last three months in which you complete the one year cycle is the period where you finally get your old look back and go about your day as usual. The patients will have full hair growth and will be able to use their new looks accordingly.

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