Hair Transplant by Doctor vs Medical Team

Hair Transplant by Doctor vs Medical Team

When one considers hair restoration, the patient must have a doctor with experience and results. While a medical without doctor can be efficient, it is actually the surgeries where the doctor himself is present are those that a patient should seek.

Reducing the treatment time for some patients can be a leading reason for choosing a medical team for the hair transplant procedure. It is also usually less expensive. Most medical teams are not supervised by the doctor and perform all three phases of the operation, that is the hair extraction, hair canal opening and hair implantation in a team of nurses and/or technicians who are not necessarily fully qualified in these. It does not have to mean that the patient is left in bad hands however it can be overlooking the fact that hair restoration is performed in three-stages and the most important second phase of opening canals in the area of hair transplantation requires special techniques and experience, only acquired by doctors.

Creating a natural looking hairline isn’t easy and as prospective patients, you need to discuss all the above processes beforehand to help understand the difference between operations by a medical team and operations by a doctor. At Clinic Center we work with experienced doctors who do not only attend or supervise but perform the hair restoration surgery and work one-to-one with patients. For best results, it is strongly recommended that you request openness on these aspects and with our one-to-one patient/doctor policy, as Clinic Center we promise to offer you exactly that.

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