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Our teeth represent us with their appearances. That’s why oral health is an essential issue for most people. When the patients need help to recover from the cosmetic problems in their teeth, if the damage is severe dental implants Hungary may be suggested by their specialists.

 Dental Implants provide a healthy set of teeth that are aesthetically suitable for your facial features.

Clinic Centre offers all-inclusive treatment plans for patients who experience structural and functional issues with their damaged teeth.

If you are interested in our dental implants in Hungary procedure, contact us via the consultation form.

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    Dental Implants Hungary

    A titanium screw or a zirconium screw is placed into the jaw to hold an artificial tooth during a dental implant procedure. In this scenario, the screw acts as the tooth root. This implantation process is performed while the patient is under local anaesthesia, making the procedure a smooth and painless surgery.

    After the implant is placed, the osseointegration process begins. This process may take a few months. When the implant procedure concludes, an abutment is placed on the crown to act as a merger.

    Customarily, the number of implants to be used depends on the patient’s teeth’ condition. For example, some patients may need a set of full dental implants. Thanks to our skilled team of professionals, this procedure has become a reliable and smooth one.

    Clinic Center’s offers its patients cost-effective solutions for their cost of tooth implants in Hungary.

    If you are interested in our offers, book a video consultation, or contact us to receive more details.

     Types of Dental Implants

    There are two types of materials generally used for implants: Titanium and Zirconium. Each carries different characteristics.

    Titanium Implants:

    With a colour close to that of steel, this material is a hard and resistant substance. Its’ features allow for effective amalgamation with the bone, which increases the rejection rates considerably. This implant type is built on the principle of osseointegration; during this process, the bone cells form around the screw to stabilize the screw.

    These types of implants are efficient alternatives and more affordable.

    Zirconium Implants:

    The colour of this substance is closer to natural teeth, which makes it suitable to be used for implants, crowns and bridges. These implants are created from a solid ceramic material and decrease the possibility of diseases and prevent plaques. The method used with these types of dental implants is called bio-integration. It is a chemical process that forms a layer between the bone and the implant, unlike titanium implants.  This bonding type happens fast and is more substantial than osseointegration.

    Short Dental Implants (Mini-Implants)

    These implants are shorter than traditional implants. Specialists offer this treatment if the patient experiences tooth loss, but their tissue is not compatible with regular systems. This method is relatively new to the field and requires a skilled dental team.

     Clinic Center, as the leading dental care provider, offers this method for its patients. Our dental staff will assist you in finding the most suitable implants for your teeth.

    How long do the dental implants last?

    This treatment help patients achieve long-lasting effects; however, if the patient does not give essential care, results may not last as long as estimated.  Periodical visits to the dentist every six months are advised. If the patients avoid proper maintenance, there may be inflammation and infection on or around the implanted tooth.  Experts also suggest quitting smoking, as results can be vital.

    Following the instructions given by the experts, patients can enjoy their smiles for long years. However, with proper care, implants can exceed their lifespan.

    Contact us for more details on dental implants Hungary.

    Best Clinic for Dental Implants in Hungary

    If patients are looking for high quality yet cheap dental implants abroad, Clinic Center is the right place. With its all-inclusive package deals, perfect patients’ reviews, and USA-trained specialists, Clinic Center provides the most reliable service for their international patients.

    During your procedure with Clinic Center, in addition to planning your treatment, our consultants make sure you have a safe journey and aftercare in your homeland.

    After your arrival, each step is organized for your convenience.

    Contact our team for more details on Clinic Center’s dental treatment in Hungary and its dental implants reviews.

    Best Teeth Clinic Hungary

    With decades of experience in the field, our partner dentists have provided our patients excellent results for dental treatment in Hungary.

    With the guidance of Clinic Center and the craftsmanship of our skilled dental team, your oral health will be improved with perfect outcomes.

    For further details on our specialists, visit best dentists in Hungary.

    Results of Dental Treatment

    Improving the looks of your teeth and your dental health, dental implants provide various advantages.

    • They improve the patient’s smile and offer a chance for a brand-new start.
    • They prevent the bone loss that causes patients to look aged.
    • Provides stability, as the dental work is fixed to the jaw bone.
    • Patients smile, eat and speak normally since the implants provide the same function as the natural teeth.

    To see our patients’ dental implants before and after, visit the website gallery.

    Dental Implants Before and After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Recovery Period of Dental Implants

    This treatment can be classified as an invasive operation. Your surgeon will take necessary measures to ensure safety and avoid discomfort.  However, after the surgery, it is up to the patient to take care of their implants, with proper guidance by our consultants and aftercare instructions.

    Patients should brush their teeth and floss after each meal. Smokers need to pay further attention as smoking induces infections; the pathology rates are higher for them.

    With Clinic Center All-Inclusive plans, our aftercare team will continue to guide you in your homeland. Any concerns or questions are answered 24/7.

    • Wait at least two hours before consuming anything after the surgery.
    • Drink plenty of fluids and cold drinks; alcohol is off-limits.
    • The operation site can bleed for the first two days. Hold a gauze pad on the bleeding area and change after a while.
    • Do not clean your mouth or spit as they can damage the stitches. You can wash your mouth the next day with the prescribed mouth wash.
    • Try not to brush your teeth after the operation; you can brush your teeth the next day by avoiding the operated area.
    • Try not to lie down while sleeping the first night after the operation
    • Cold compression is an excellent way to soothe inflammation.
    • Do not smoke for a week before or after the operation.

    Dental Implants Hungary Prices

    After a detailed examination, your specialists will guide you for the most suitable options. Pricing usually differs in line with what the patient needs. Also, the number and type of implants in Hungary affect the pricing. So, if the patients desire a full mouth implant, the cost will get higher.

    However, with Clinic Center’s offers, our patients always get inexpensive solutions for their treatments.

    Contact our team for more details on our treatment package deals.

    All-Inclusive Packages for Dental Implants in Hungary

    With our all-inclusive package deals, our patients get the best dental treatment for affordable prices in Budapest. Every need of our patients is taken care of during their stay. Advantages of Clinic Center are given below.

    Experienced Dentists

    You will get your procedure in Hungary done by partner dentists of Clinic Center. Your well experienced professional dentist will fix your problems victoriously.

    Dental treatment

    Clinic Center will happily help you deal with your mouth-related problems. You will have a successful dental implant in Hungary assisted by Clinic Center.

    Special discount if you are coming with your friend

    Have another friend also with dental problems? Then you can come together and benefit from special discounts Clinic Center provides you and your loved one. Be better, together.

    Free X-ray if required

    You will have the opportunity to get a free X-ray before your procedure of dental implant in Budapest if needed.

    Best price guarantee

    Dental implants cost a fortune, not with the assistance of Clinic Center. Clinic Center guarantees to offer the most affordable dental implant costs for you.

    Transfers with VIP car

    If you wish, you can forget all about the transfer problems in your trip. Clinic Center team is here to provide you airport transfers for a trouble-free trip for your dental implant procedure.

    Personal host, 24 hours reachable during your stay

    You’re never alone. Clinic Center provides you a 24-hours reachable host during your stay. So you never have to worry about any communication problem in our country while you are concerned

    Special rate for accommodation

    You will get your dental implant and also stay in comfortable accommodations with the very special rates.

    Hungary Teeth Implants Fast Facts

    Length of Procedure:30 – 60 minutes
    Recovery Period:One to two days to feel normal, six weeks to six months for the integration process
    Anesthesia:Local anaesthesia
    Diet:Avoid solid foods, any hot or cold beverages for 1-2 weeks
    Potential Candidate:Patients with missing teeth
    Pain:No due to local anaesthesia
    Post dental care:The same care as your normal teeth
    Long lasting:Yes, even a lifetime, in line with the patients’ care
    Lifetime guarantee:Yes
    Multiple treatments:Mostly dental veneers, dental crowns and teeth whitening

    Dental Implants Patients’ Reviews

    Read our patients’ dental implants Hungary reviews.

    Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I get dental implants?

    Dental implants eliminate problems with chewing, replace missing teeth, and increase the patients’ confidence. They provide a chance for a fresh start.

    What are the advantages of dental implants?

    Implants protect the bone structure and prevent further damage to the teeth. If given proper care, their functionality can be prolonged for years, even a lifetime.

     Are there any age limits for implants ?

    It depends on the patient’s jaw bone quality. If the patient has completed their bone development, implants can be placed on the jaw. This usually happens between the ages of 15-16 for women and 17-18 for men. However, there are no upper limits, and even older people can get the dental implants in Hungary.

    Is it painful to get implants ?

    Patients should not worry as implants procedures are carried out under local or general anaesthesia. So patients feel no pain during the treatment. However, on the first two days following the treatment, they may feel discomfort, which is expected.

    How long do implants last?

    Their longevity depends on the patient’s care. If given appropriate care, they can even last for life.

    Why should I get my treatment with Clinic Center?

    Clinic Center guarantees outstanding treatments and outcomes for fair prices. Thanks to our skilled team and the latest technology equipment, we have led safe and smooth operations for years. To avoid wasting valuable time and money on other treatments, contact Clinic Center.

    Can’t I keep my dentures instead of getting dental implants?

    They may be enough for you for now. However, those who have had the operation recommend the procedure as their quality of life has increased substantially. Also, dental implants are great for protecting your jawbone from getting smaller with time. It vitalizes the bone structure and provides longevity.

    Are dental implants safe?

    Of course, they are. They are widely used and highly recommended by experts for their patients. They are regarded as revolutionary systems for maintaining the oral health of the patient.

    Can I remove my dental implants?

    Patients themselves cannot take them out as the implants are fixed to their jawbone.

    Dental Implants Patient Review Videos

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