Eyelid Surgery in Czechia (Blepharoplasty) 2022

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Blepharoplasty operations offer outstanding results with the assistance of Clinic Center. As the leading brand for cosmetic procedures in Czechia, Clinic Center works with the best surgeons in the field to serve its patients with high-quality service.  Clinic Center’s associate surgeons can prevent eyelid problems with eyelid surgery, also known as eyelid operation, to provide the candidates with a fresh and dynamic appearance. Contact Clinic Center to learn more about our offers for eyelid operation

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    What is Blepharoplasty?

    The skin can lose its elasticity over time due to ageing or poor genetics. Saggy skin and lines start to appear on the patient’s face as they age, too, particularly on the regions where the skin is the most delicate. Candidates may prefer eyelid surgery to improve their issues to obtain a pleasant, firm appearance on the face when that is the situation. 

    The eyelid procedure can be used on either eyelid to give the patients a more dynamic and fresher image. Being one of the most reliable cosmetic operation methods, eyelid operation’s use is common amongst cosmetic surgeons. As a renowned clinic for cosmetic procedures and eyelid surgery in Czechia, Clinic Center gives its patients individual treatment plans for eyelid surgeries in Prague

    Blepharoplasty is a harmless and swift method, carried out when the candidate is under local anaesthesia in roughly half an hour, though the span can be longer (approximately an hour) if applied to the lower eyelid. Another distinction between the processes is that for under eye bag surgery, general anaesthesia is needed. Check our website to view our patients’ eye surgery before and after pictures.

    Check our eyelid surgery patients’ before and after gallery to see the stunning results of the procedure.

    In order to get more information about eyelid surgery in Czechia contact us.

    Eye Bag Removal | Eye Bag Surgery Clinic

    To improve the appearance of hooded eyes, the blepharoplasty procedure is, as said earlier, a commonly chosen alternative. It is amongst the most demanded five cosmetic adjustments globally. Cosmetic operations such as blepharoplasty Czechia offers the most affordable hooded eye surgery price with the assistance of Clinic Center.

    Even if the operations on either eyelid are brief and simple, the specialists need to be experienced in their fields for pleasing results. In addition, the clinic must be adequately equipped to circumvent any unfavourable consequences of eyelid surgery, such as poorly executed adjustments and the chance of infections.  

    Clinic Center, one of the best companies with the most skilled cosmetic surgeons, uses the latest technology equipment in its clinics; thus, it is ideal for innovative uneven eyelids adjustments. A different critical factor for choosing Clinic Center’s is the eye lift prices in Czechia, as the company gives its patients a high-quality service at affordable prices.

    The candidate’s journey with Clinic Center will start with the consultation process. Through their consultation, the candidate will define their vision for their eye surgery in Prague. Next, the specialist will examine the patient’s eyelids to lead them on the most suitable treatment techniques. After the examination, the operator will present the conclusions and advise proper adjustments and procedures to complete the eyelid operation. Finally, the operator will make the markings on the patient’s skin to determine where to remove excess fat or skin, to help the patients comprehend the operation. 

    Accordingly to the candidate’s case and the techniques preferred, the patient will be under general or local anaesthesia through the eyelid operation Prague adjustments. Also, according to the number of surgeries patients require, the procedure can last for half an hour to two hours since the patients can get both eyelids operated on in one session. 

    Eyelid operation is among the most straightforward and swiftest procedures and does not involve any dangers compared to different cosmetic adjustments. The expert in charge of the case will perform the cuts according to the determined form and measures. Throughout the eyelids surgery, Clinic Center’s specialist will eliminate the undesired tissue and tighten the muscles around the eyes. The patient’s cuts will be closed with precise work to reduce possible scarring.

    Before the patient’s departure, the patient will have another examination with their specialist to remove the stitches and receive directions to follow through the recovery period for best healing after their eyelid surgery.

    Eye Reshaping Surgery Types

    The surgeon can perform blepharoplasty abroad operations in several ways to give the patients satisfying outcomes. However, the surgeon should first decide on the proper techniques to resolve their issues according to the patient’s case. Ordinarily, two systems for uneven eyelid surgery are implemented. 

    Upper Blepharoplasty

    The surgeon makes thin cuts on your eyes’ shape lines to reduce fat and skin during this process. The procedure aims to provide the eye region with a fresh and firm look. 

    Lower Blepharoplasty

    Among the procedure, the surgeon in charge makes minor cuts by the eyelash lines of the patient to remove the under-eye bags. The procedure does not leave visible scars. 

    When the candidates suffer from problems on both eyelids, the operator can combine the two adjustments to carry out in one eyelid operation

    The two other alternatives for changing the forms of the patients’ eyes are almond and Asian eyelid surgery.

    Almond Eye Surgery

    It is a highly demanded corrective intervention by ladies around the globe. Since having almond-shaped eyes is deemed more beautiful by most people, the method is favoured to change the forms and dimensions of numerous patients’ eyes. During the operation, the operator provides a minor eyelid lift surgery Czechia to the patient’s lateral canthus and changes their lower eyelid to replace it on the lower side of the iris. The result gives the patients larger eyes and adds intensity to their look. 

    Asian Blepharoplasty 

    Candidates with mono eyelids, frequently Asian patients, do not have folds on their upper eyelids. However, when the candidates have the before-mentioned eye shapes, they prefer a cosmetic adjustment to get a more noticeable and more pleasant expression on their eyes. Throughout the eye fold surgery Prague, a thin cut on the upper lid is opened to remove the undesired fat and skin. In addition, the surgeon creates a brand-new fold for the candidate on this cut for a better eye shape. 

    Best Blepharoplasty Surgeons In Czechia

    Thanks to the guidance of our reputable and skilled surgical surgeons, Clinic Center has been able to help numerous candidates to achieve their big eye surgery results. Clinic Center’s specialists are chosen after considering their achievements and acknowledgements in the corrective operations in the field. In addition, our surgeons are globally recognised specialists by establishments such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. In addition, candidates can review their pages to get further information on Clinic Center’s specialists. 

    Through their years of experience in the field, Clinic Center’s partner specialists can give our patients excellent corrective eyelid operation results to enhance their look with the best price guarantee.

    Throughout their consultations, our experts will hear all their patients’ concerns regarding the eye lift surgery, including their vision for eye surgery results; and present their patients with the most suitable methods and the appropriate approaches for their uneven eyelid surgery Czechia condition.

    Dr. Patrick Paulis, an accomplished surgeon of Clinic Center, thinks that an uneven eyelid surgery achievement solely depends on the surgeon’s skill and a well-established team. For Dr. Paulis, cosmetic surgeons must take the necessary measures to serve their patients properly.

    Dr. Věra Šatánková, an experienced professional under the roof of Clinic Center, states that aftercare is the most critical factor for an eyelid operation recovery in Czechia for the patient to heal ideally. 

    Through the assistance of Clinic Center, patients will be given aftercare assistance during their eyelid surgery recovery period to maintain their results in a good state following the operation in Czechia. 

    Eyelid Surgery Results

    After the procedure, patients can see the differences immediately. The adjusted regions are expected to be swollen, usually reducing in three to four weeks. The patient’s incision lines can be noticeable initially; yet, the scars will disappear as they heal. Their specialist will recommend certain medicines to guarantee complete healing during the recovery of cosmetic eye surgery. When the patients strictly follow their specialist’s guidelines, they can quickly complete their recuperation. The procedure’s effects are long-lasting and can even last for life. The patient achieves a fresh look as an outcome of the operation. 

    As a consequence of their procedures, patients will obtain a more youthful look, pleasant outcomes and an instant increase in their self-confidence. 

    Candidates can visit Clinic Center’s website gallery for eyelid surgery before and after pictures. 

    Click here to see our eyelid surgery before and after gallery.

    Under and Upper Eye Surgery Before and After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Eyelid Surgery Prices in Czechia

    Cosmetic operations worldwide may be financially hard on some candidates; however, with the affordable eye surgery prices of Clinic Center, your eyelid surgery in Czechia will be a budget-friendly alteration. However, surgeriesperformed on the under-eye (under eye surgery) on the patients may be costlier, yet candidates can reach their expected outcomes thanks to our affordable all-inclusive packages. 

    Contact Clinic Center to learn more about our eyelid surgery Czechia cost and all-inclusive packages.

    Eyelid Surgery All Inclusive Package

    Clinic Center has created all-inclusive packages for the convenience of its patients. The candidates can see the advantages provided for our patients below. The benefits of all-inclusive packages include:

    Best price guarantee

    As Clinic Center, we guarantee to offer you one of the most affordable eyelid surgery cost in Czechia.

    1 night hospital stay

    You need 1 night stay in hospital after your eyelid surgery in Czechia. We will arrange it for you before your arrival.

    Discount for group bookings

    Clinic Center offers a discount for group bookings. You are welcome to invite anyone thinking about plastic surgery.

    4 nights of accommodation at a 4 star hotel

    Clinic Center provides your accommodation for 4 days in a 4 star hotel for a comfortable stay during your eyelid surgery in Czechia.

    Transfers with VIP car

    All of your transfers to and from the airport, hotel and hospital will be arranged by us.

    Personal host

    Whilst you are being prepared for your surgery you will have a host there to help you with the paperwork and if necessary communication with the hospital staff.

    Eyelid Surgery Recovery

    Customarily, candidates should be following the instructions given below before and after their eyelid procedure in Czechia. Nevertheless, their priority is following the guidelines recommended by their specialists. Clinic Center is not accountable for the details provided here. 

    Pre-Operation Instructions

    • Candidates should avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, weight loss tablets, alternative medication as they cause difficulties with the blood circulation
    • Candidates should stop smoking four weeks before their process as it conflicts with the 


    • Candidates should avoid alcohol for two days before their surgery
    • Avoid medication that your expert has not prescribed 

    Night/Day of the Surgery:

    • Consuming foods or beverages six to eight hours before the eyelid operation

     is forbidden 

    • Prefer clothes that can be zipped or buttoned
    • Leave your valuables somewhere safe rather than carrying them.
    • Take out your lenses. 
    • Any products on the face, hair or nails should be removed along with the jewellery.

    Post-Operation Instructions

    • B
    • Experiencing bruising or swelling are the typical responses after an eyelid operation, usually disappearing in two to three weeks. 
    • Abstain from moving your face; try not to cough or sneeze through the first week of recovery.
    • Try not to move.
    • Keep away from direct sunlight.
    • Use two or three pillows and try not to lie on your side while sleeping
    • Do not lift anything heavy; avoid leaning forward
    • Avoid intensive movements for at least four weeks
    • Avoid sex for the next two weeks following the surgery 
    • Use cold compression to relieve the region within the operator’s knowledge

    Eyelid Surgery in Fast Facts

    Length of procedure:Approximately 1- 3 hours
    Recovery period:5 – 7 days to go back to work
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation,
    Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots,
    heart attack or stroke and death), Eyelid position
    Exercise:After 3 weeks
    Stay:1 night in hospital, 4 nights in hotel
    Scars:Non-existent after healing
    Potential candidate:Patients with sagging eyelids and big eye bags
    Stitches:Removed in last check up by Clinic Center doctor
    Results:Patients with sagging eyelids and big eye bags
    Combination of surgeries:Mostly face lift, eyebrow lift, forehead lift, Botox and fillers

    Eyelid Surgery Patient Reviews

    The patients’ reviews are provided for our patients to give insights into eyelid surgery adjustment with Clinic Center. Candidates may also see the same and similar remarks on other online platforms. 

    Eye Reshaping Surgery FAQ

    What is blepharoplasty?

    This procedure is a cosmetic approach for altering the shapes of eyelids or under eyes of the patients to achieve asymmetrical or pleasing outcomes. 

    How long is the duration of blepharoplasty surgery?

    The duration of the procedure depends on the patient’s case; however, the operation can take one to two hours. 

    Do men get eye lid operation too?

    Regardless of their gender, patients can get this operation to fix the appearance of their eyelids.

    Will scars be visible after eyelid surgery?

    Whether in upper or lower eyelid surgery, incisions are made within the contour of eyelid or very close to eyelid line, so they will not be fully visible. Besides, Clinic Center partner doctors try their best to provide minimum visibility of scars after surgery.

    Do eye surgery stay?

    Clinic Center’s experts use several methods to avoid permanent scarring and cover the incisions with the natural contours of the patient’s eyes. Our specialists work meticulously to reach satisfactory outcomes. 

    Are the effects of eyelid surgery permanent?

    Depending on the skin capacity of the patient, results can stay for a lifetime; however, patients should maintain their results properly.

    How much for eyelid surgery?

    The exact amount for the operation can be definite only after a detailed evaluation of the patient’s case. However, with Clinic Center, patients are provided with the best price guarantee and numerous other advantages for their operation. 

    Under Eye Surgery Patient Review Videos

    Neil Medical Journey

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