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Clinic Center registered in London, UK, offers an affordable choice that will be carried out in Czechia, a place where high-quality medical services are available. Fill the consultation form to get a personalized plan to achieve high-quality results after your treatment in Prague.

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    What Is Gynecomastia?

    Men can suffer from larger-than-usual breasts when they carry poor genetics, have hormonal imbalances and experience side effects due to certain substances. However, since the condition can be nerve-racking for some patients, they try to resolve these issues with cosmetic adjustments.

    The suggested method for such problems is gynecomastia surgery, which offers long-lasting results for sufferers. The symptoms are enlarged breasts and restored fat on the breasts of male patients, and experts solve the problem with the removal of mammary glands or fat tissue on the patients’ breasts. However, when the condition requires a different approach, a combined surgery must be performed involving both methods to achieve a masculine appearance. Also, if the patient also suffers sagginess on their breasts, the surgeon can add a necessary skin removal procedure to the treatment for successful outcomes. The gyno surgery is not considered an invasive approach and is usually completed in one to two hours when the candidate is under general anaesthesia. 

    Gynecomastia Treatment

    The gynecomastia surgery with Clinic Center does not include an invasive treatment approach. The procedure’s results are life-changing for the patients, as they lose their self-confidence and masculine structures due to the condition. After the operation, patients can observe their gyno operation results immediately; however, an experienced surgeon plays a crucial part as the surgery’s outcomes solely depend on the operator’s skill set. As it is the same for each cosmetic operation, surgeons should be up-to-date with the latest methods and approaches in the field to offer excellent results for their patients. Thanks to its internationally recognised surgical team, Clinic Center has provided outstanding gynecomastia surgery results for its patients. With our latest technology equipped clinics and experienced medical staff, Clinic Center welcomes its new patients to a reliable gynecomastia operation in Czechia

    Mark Medical Journey

    Male Breast Reduction Czechia Cost

    Male breast reduction can sometimes cost a fortune, and candidates generally seek affordable and successful resolutions for their conditions. Being an awarded company for cosmetic surgeries, Clinic Center offers its patients the years of experience of renowned specialists and excellent patient service at affordable gynecomastia Prague prices. Our surgeons always operate on their patients, utilising the safest methods for a convenient procedure and recovery. As a result of the process, patients will regain their self-confidence and reach their masculine and better-structured bodies.

    Best Gynecomastia Surgeon Czechia 

    Clinic Center gives its patients outstanding gyno surgery outcomes with excellent medical specialists. Clinic Center chooses its surgeons after a detailed evaluation of their accomplishments in their field, practice and recognition. Each has proved their expertise with the numerous successful results they provided for their patients. Clinic Center’s surgeons are acknowledged by distinguished establishments such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. To learn more about their backgrounds and success, visit their pages below. 

    With the best gynecomastia surgeons Prague, Clinic Center presents excellent outcomes for affordable gyno surgery Czechia costs.

    During their gyno operation Prague consultation, patients can ask questions or express their concerns regarding their gynecomastia procedure in Czechia. According to their requirements and expected gyno results Czechia, their operation will be planned.

    An experienced surgeon of Clinic Center Dr. Otakar Lucák, states that the organisational staff and the specialist operating on the patient should be experienced and proficient at delivering excellent outcomes of gynocomastia. Dr. Lucák adds that the operator should be skilled enough to perform proper techniques to reach the patient’s expected gyno results.

    An excellent expert under the roof of Clinic Center, Dr. Patrick Paulis, suggests that a crucial factor for ideal gyno recovery is the aftercare guidance provided by an experienced clinic. For Dr. Paulis, aftercare services should be offered to patients to ensure a healthy recovery.

    Clinic Center and its experts give their patients proper aftercare guidance following gynecomastia surgery Prague and offer advice even after their procedures.

    Best Gyno Clinic in Czechia

    Cosmetic operations such as gynecomastia surgery can become an issue when the candidates cannot find a reliable clinic to continue their adjustments. Clinic Center has been providing its international patients with excellent results of gyno through a reliable process arranged even before the patient arrives at our clinic. During their procedures with Clinic Center, patients can enjoy numerous benefits and constant guidance provided for their convenience.  

    Once the candidate decides to go through with their gyno surgery, they can initiate their processes simply by contacting our team of consultants via the consultation form on our website. Through a video consultation with our consultants, candidates can learn whether or not they are suitable for the gynecomastia surgery and further details about the advantages of Clinic Center. 

    Along with their medical procedures, patients will be guided by a personal host 24/7, VIP cars will transfer our patients between locations and thanks to our all-inclusive packages, and accommodation options will be included in our patients’ plans. After their gynecomastia surgery procedure Czechia with Clinic Center, patients will be guided through their recovery with the help of our aftercare team. 

    Clinic Center gives the best price guarantee for its services, including gyno Czechia to its patients. To learn more about the operation, contact us. 

    Gyno Surgery Prague Results

    Throughout their consultation process, our medical specialists will explain the gynecomastia surgery Czechia for their patients and specify the suitable approaches that can be performed to obtain their expected gynecomastia surgery results. Following a brief recovery, their appearance will be improved, and they will have reached a more masculine appearance. 

    A gynecomastia procedure with Clinic Center also offers:

    • Improved self-esteem
    • Healthier chest structures

    Following a quick recovery, patients can get back to their daily activities. Yet, the swelling and bruises may take several months to disappear completely. Following their surgeries with Clinic Center, our patients enjoy their pleasing gyno surgery results. To see our patients’ gynecomastia surgery before and after photos, visit our website gallery. 

    Male Liposuction Czechia Before and After Gallery

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    Gyno Surgery Recovery

    Bruises and swelling are normal responses to the gyno operation. Usually, the bruises can be seen in different degrees; however, they generally heal in two to three weeks. Swelling following the gynecomastia surgery is also expected. Patients can use hot or cold compression to relieve the region according to their surgeon’s directions. 

    Patients should be careful after the gyno operation, especially in the first three days. They will be hospitalised to observe their improvements; but, patients are strictly advised to continue resting in their hotel for two days. During their gynecomastia recovery, patients should stay still as much as possible. Also, having intercourse is not suggested, at least for the next ten days after the operation. The compression garments provided by Clinic Center should be worn for the first week of the gyno surgery recovery. The expert in charge of the case will determine the suitable garments for the patients.

    After the first weeks of recovery, the surgeon in charge will determine whether or not the patient should keep wearing their garment according to their conditions and methods applied for the case. 

    Male Breast Reduction Surgery All Inclusive Package

    Thanks to Clinic Centers all-inclusive packages, our patients can have a reliable procedure for affordable male breast reduction cost Czechia. Clinic Center prepared its all-inclusive treatment packages to provide comfort for its patients throughout their medical journeys.

    Best price guarantee

    We guarantee to assist you to have the best procedure with the most affordable gynecomastia surgery cost.

    1 night hospital stay

    You need 1 night stay in the hospital after your gynecomastia surgery which Clinic Center arranges for you before your arrival.

    4 nights of accommodation at a 4 star hotel

    Clinic Center provides you with accommodation for 4 days in a 4 star hotel for the most comfortable stay during your gynecomastia surgery in Czechia.


    During your gynecomastia surgery in Czechia, all your transfers between the airport,hotel and hospital will be arranged by us.

    Personal host

    With Clinic Center, you are never a foreigner. We provide you with a host during your stay to help you communicate better and help you with the paperwork while you deal with your gynecomastia surgery in Czechia.

    Medical garment

    After your gynecomastia surgery, you will have to wear a pressure garment for a while. Clinic Center Czechia surgeons will provide it for you.

    Gynecomastia Fast Facts

    Length of procedure:Approximately 1 – 3 hours
    Recovery period:1 week to go back to work
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots, heart attack or stroke and death)
    Exercise:After 2 – 3 weeks
    Stay:1 night in hospital, 4 nights in hotel
    Scars:Depending on the case
    Repetition:Due to granules, patients will not face the same situation.
    Potential candidate:Patients with extra fat on their breasts
    Results:Achieved after swelling is done
    Combination of surgeries:Mostly liposuction and tummy tuck

    Gynecomastia Reviews

    The remarks seen below are the actual patients’ experiences with Clinic Center. Each of the comments has been shared within their knowledge to provide insights for the candidates. The same and similar reviews can also be seen on other social platforms.

    Gyno Surgery Czechia FAQ

    Who is a suitable candidate for gyno surgery?

    Healthy male candidates with no vital conditions, average weight and who prefers a more masculine appearance are suitable for Clinic Center’s gyno surgery.

    What are the benefits of gynecomastia surgery?

    The operation offers excellent outcomes; candidates will boost their self-esteem and reach a more masculine chest area. Also, with Clinic Center’s all-inclusive packages, their treatment will be under the best price guarantee.

    How long is the gynecomastia recovery period?

    The aftercare of the patient plays an important role. Yet, the most crucial period of the recovery is the first three days. During this period, patients should get plenty of rest and stay still. The compression garment provided by Clinic Center should be worn at least for the next five days. After a week patient can return to work.

    How much does male breast reduction cost?

    The exact price of the operation depends on the methods applied for the surgery. Patients should book a video consultation with our consultants to learn more about their conditions and the operation costs. 

    How can I reduce my man boobs?

    If the condition occurs due to weight gain, cardiovascular training may be helpful. Yet, for an effective result, experts suggest gynecomastia surgery to reduce the mass on the man boobs.

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