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Clinic Center Offers Finance Options

Clinic Center Started Offering Finance Options

We have wonderful news! We now offer finance payment! What does this mean? It means that you will be able to make the payments in installments. You will not have to wait until you have enough money to get the surgery you have desired for a long time.


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Clinic Center City Tour Istanbul

Welcome to Istanbul!

The 8500-year-old capital city of 3 empires…

Your journey is not just about your medical satisfaction. Enjoy the city with us during your medical journey with a guide accompanying you while you are discovering this beautiful city with its unique history.


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Clinic Center Manchester Aftercare Services

Clinic Center Keeps Expanding in the UK by Offering More Aftercare Clinics

Clinic Center, registered in the UK, has now aftercare services at 25 different locations in London, Birmingham, and Manchester to provide more accessibility to our patients around the UK.


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What Clinic 2019 Patient Service Awards

Clinic Center Has Received What Clinic Patient Services Awards 2019

Clinic Center, has been recognized with WhatClinic Patient Service Award 2019, an annual award based on patient service excellence ratings from WhatClinic.


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Free Physical Consultation in London Office Clinic Center

We Are Back in London Office

We are glad to announce that we are available again for physical consultation in our London office in Holborn. We will be adopting a series of new measures to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent further spread of the virus.


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Join Clinic Center Chain

Join Clinic Center Chain, Increase Your Revenue!

Clinic Center has launched a referral chain that members can earn money easily by only referring people! CC System is based on getting commission by referring people who are interested in any treatment that we offer.


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Clinic Center Aftercare Services in UK

Clinic Center Started Providing Aftercare Service in the UK

Clinic Center is the first in the sector who provides physical aftercare service in the UK. We also offer this service to our patients coming out of the city for the appointment.


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Alex George with Clinic Center Dentistry

Dr. Alex George Visits Clinic Center

In order to carry out an evaluation about medical tourism in Turkey, Dr. Alex George visited visited Clinic Center’s health-care facilities and met with the doctors, specialists and patients.


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Clinic Center London Office

Clinic Center is in the UK Now

As Clinic Center we work hard to improve ourselves in order to provide you with better service and to increase our quality. We also aim to reach more people to change their lives.


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Titanium Prothesis Holds On The Life

Young Man Holds on to Life Thanks to Titanium Cranial Prothesis

Gunay Anil, a 30 years old man who underwent a brain tumor surgery had a new lease of life after being operated for the collapse on his skull. Not being able to speak or smile, Anil literally went through a miracle.


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Clinic Center TIM 500 list

Clinic Center Made to Take Place in TIM 500 List in 2019

Turkey Exporter’s Association has been announcing largest service exporters list since 2016 and awards them every year. 2019 Award Ceremony for the first 500 companies has been held by Exporter’s Association with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Minister of Finance, Minister of Communication, Minister of Trade and Minister of Tourism and Minister.


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Medical Tourism Turkey

More and More People Go to Turkey for Health Tourism

Turkey has always been an attraction for foreigners thanks to its natural beauties, welcoming people and warm climate. However, the country starts to shine out as another option, causing people to flock in. With high quality services, advanced technologies and experienced doctors; Turkey has now become one of the leading countries in terms of health tourism.


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Dr Aydin Gozu on TV

Dr. GOZU Appears as a Guest on a TV Show

The well-known doctor of Clinic Center, Dr. Aydın GOZU has recently been a guest on a TV Show called “Her Eve Sağlık” (Health for Everyone), talking about popular plastic surgery operations and non-invasive treatments used for cosmetic reasons.


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Albion Announce Clinic Center Data Sponsorship

Brighton & Hove Albion are pleased to announce that Clinic Center will become the club’s first data sponsor for this season. Clinic Center will sponsor statistical pre-match and post-match data content, as well as specific milestones posts across Albion’s social media channels…


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Baltic Executive Medical Tourism Summit

The Baltic Executive Medical Tourism Summit Riga, Latvia

The Summit was opened by Ece Gunay, Clinic Center with a presentation on the patient journey covering the process from the beginning to the end.She shared company experiences and answer questions in patient’s point of view to provide the best service…


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Medical Tourism Turkey

Turkey Introduces New Regulations for Health Tourism

Turkish Health Ministry has come up with new regulations for health tourism to set the minimum service standards, give authority to the facilities and intermediary firms that will offer health tourism services and to audit their activities.


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IMJT Finalist Clinic Center

Clinic Center Announced to be The Best Hair Transplant Clinic Finalist

IMTJ Annual Medical Tourism Summit has been organized in Opatija, Crotia in 2017. Leaders of health tourism industry or the companies that tend to invest in this sector were there in order to discuss industrial issues, find out solutions for sectoral problems and all company representatives had a great chance to have a network.


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IMTJ Medical Tourism Summit 2016

IMTJ Medical Tourism Summit 2016 in Madrid

Leaders of medical tourism sector have come together in Madrid for the biggest event in the sector that has been organized by IMTJ. The most successful people of the sector were in Madrid, Hotel Melia Avenida America to share their experiences and visions through their speeches.


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