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5 stars: Excellent 16.02.2021
Very good quality and service
Hair transplant done at the doctors clinic center where…
5 stars: Excellent 16.02.2021
My result are looking good now after…
My result are looking good now after 6 months. I would like to…
Sumir Tamang
5 stars: Excellent 11.02.2021
Good follow up and communication
Good follow up and communication. My results are looking…
Delicia Kennedy
5 stars: Excellent 03.02.2021
Vaser Liposuction and gynecomastia
Very pleased with the service I received and happy with the result…
5 stars: Excellent 03.02.2021
Everything was well organised
Everything was well organised , hotel very good and results even better…
5 stars: Excellent 03.02.2021
Great service
Great service, good communication and very helpful with everything…
5 stars: Excellent 02.02.2021
Good services and nice people. Dont have anything to complain about. Thanks allot
5 stars: Excellent 02.02.2021
I would highly recommended this clinic…
I would highly recommended this clinic I’ve been to them 3 times now, twice for hair…
Jamie fennessy
5 stars: Excellent 02.02.2021
I received a Highly Professional Hair…
Fantastic,Excellent!! Great communication with coordinator for…
Abdol Ahmed

Как мы введем нашу сферу деятельности

Вы не платите за наши услуги


Пациенты не платят за консультацию, планы лечения и организацию медицинской поездки. Почему бы не связаться и не получить план лечения без обязательств?


Бесплатная Консультация в Лондоне
Мы предлагаем бесплатную физическую консультацию в нашем Лондонском офисе в Холборне. Свяжитесь с нами сейчас, чтобы забронировать бесплатную личную консультацию.
Гарантийный Сертификат
Вам предоставляется юридический документ, полученный в наших больницах-партнерах, в случае возникновения каких-либо противозаконных действий во время процедуры лечения.
Прозрачная Цена
Наши цены включают в себя все медицинские расходы, связанные с Вашей операцией,без скрытой дополнительной оплаты
Хирурги, Выбранные Вручную
Эксклюзивная команда ведущих хирургических и эстетических талантов страны гарантирует, что Вы всегда будете видеть одного из ведущих специалистов страны в совершенно новых больницах

Найти Лечение

Галерея Трансплантации Волос

Галерея Трансплантации Волос

Галерея Липосакции и Абдоминопластики

Галерея Липосакции и Абдоминопластики

Галерея Увеличения Груди

Галерея Увеличения Груди

Галерея Хирургии Носа

Галерея Хирургии Носа






4-5 звезд отзывы


Обслуживание пациентов

My overall experience was amazing! The stuff is really supportive, really friendly as well. They all really look after you even in the hotel! There is an aftercare nurse at the hotel and she is really friendly so I had no complains at all.
The communication was really good, all of the staff were available whenever I needed them and basically, they all answered my questions. The hotel was very clean and very cozy. I feel really good about my results at the moment.
I definitely recommend people to go for it to have it done. I was very nervous and waited for about 10 years but trust me they look after you here and everything goes so smoothly. Go for it!

Daniyal’s Medical Journey

I choose Clinic Center with a recommendation of a friend of mine. When I researched I’ve seen that they were doing all the arrangements for you so I wouldn’t have to worry about my stay, flights, transfers. My overall experience was great, everything was well organized, Communication was great and they were in touch with me during my whole stay explaining the steps and so on. The hotel and the food were amazing, they have room service 24/7 which makes your stay easier since you don’t quite want to go out to grab some food while you are recovering. I had 3 procedures which were hair transplant, dental treatment and plastic surgery and none of them were painful. I’m really happy with my results and i would highly recommend Clinic Center!

Neil’s Full Medical Journey

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