Tummy Tuck in Czechia (Abdominoplasty) 2022

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As the foremost brand in corrective operations, Clinic Center offers resolutions for candidates who require loose skin surgery. Candidates can reach their desired images through the finest specialists in the field and reasonable all-inclusive deals for an affordable tummy tuck Czechia. To learn more about the procedure and Clinic Center’s All-inclusive packages, contact us via the consultation form on our website. 

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    What is Abdominoplasty Abroad?

    It is a procedure utilised for skinremoval and fat reduction from the patient’s abdomen region. This method is chosen for tightening the stomach area, which loosens following a pregnancy. When the candidate cannot reach a flat stomach, regardless of the diets or exercises they add to their routine, a flat stomach surgery is an excellent resolution for improving their condition. Specialists of Clinic Center can combine the belly tuck surgery with other procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck to deliver voluptuous and athletic physical features to the candidate. 

    A tummy tuck surgery is completed while the subject is under general anaesthesia and includes a cut along the lower abdomen. According to the patient’s condition, the operation can take two to four hours, whereas the duration can change when different alterations are included in the process, like a liposuction

    Best Country for Tummy Tuck ; Czechia

    One of the most challenging regions to lose weight is around the stomach. When the training to lose regional fat does not prove effective; generally, candidates seek other solutions such as fat removal Czechia to solve their issues. The procedure effectively removes excess body fat but leaves back a specific loose skin on the area. To reduce the appearance of loose skin on the stomach, the operation should be accompanied by a tummy tuck to prove effective. 

    Throughout their loose skin surgery procedureswith Clinic Center, patients can get rid of their stomach fat, excess skin on their stomach and enhance the muscles around their stomach area. 

    Housing hundreds of global visitors each year, Clinic Center gives outstanding tummy tuck Czechia results cost-effectively.

    Tummy Tuck Cost in Czechia

    As the demand for corrective alterations rises, Clinic Center has become the right address for many candidates’ successful operations of tummy tuck. The procedure can offer life-changing outcomes and is considered one of the most requested cosmetic interventions globally. Thanks to the assistance of Clinic Center, abdominoplasty Czechia surgeries are performed by accomplished specialists in the field. Also, our patients can benefit from the many advantages we offer with our all-inclusive packages in Prague. 

     Although cosmetic alterations such as tummy tuck are regarded as costly procedures, Clinic Center proves the opposite. 

    Contact our team to book a video consultation if you are interested in tummy tuck and other offers of Clinic Center Czechia for cosmetic operations.

    To get further information on the average belly liposuction, loose skin surgery cost and tummy tuck cost in Czechia, you can simply get into contact with us through the online consultation form.

    Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon Czechia

    Our clinic operates with recognised experts and delivers superior and pleasing results for an abdominoplasty alteration. Following a thorough evaluation of their experiences and accomplishments in their fields, Clinic Center’s experts are selected to assist our candidates to reach their expected tummy tuck surgery results. Clinic Center assembled a group of experts with global accomplishments and recognitions by organisations like ISAPS and EBOPRAS to deliver exceptional patient satisfaction. Patients can visit our tummy tuck surgeons‘ pages below to learn more about their achievements.  

    Clinic Center’s specialists present exquisite results for tummy tuck operation with reasonable price opportunities offered by Clinic Center. 

    Throughout their consultations with Clinic Center’s experts, our patients can express their concerns regarding their condition and tummy tuck operation to reach their expected outcomes. In addition, our specialists will always guide their patients to utilise suitable approaches during their procedures.

    A superior surgeon in the field, Dr. Aneta Krajcová, states that to operate tummy tuck Czechia successfully, surgeons should be skilful enough to perform with up-to-date approaches. For Dr. Krajcová, the surgeon’s experience has a substantial impact on the operations’ results. 

    Dr. Patrick Paulis, an experienced specialist, underlines the importance of aftercare guidance and adds that to provide a safe recovery for the patient, clinics should offer aftercare services to the patients to help them maintain their outcomes. As an experienced clinic, Clinic Center values our patients’ well-being and provides the advantage of aftercare services through their tummy tuck for men recovery periods.

    Best Tummy Tuck Abroad Clinic

    After the candidates decide to get the tummy tuck operation , the next step is finding a reliable clinic to conclude their cheap tummy tuck procedures, which creates drastic differences in the results. With Clinic Center, patients can enjoy their journey while we meticulously organise their whole process of abdominoplasty Czechia. Thanks to our latest technology equipped clinics, we can offer our patients successful tummy tuck operation concluded with up-to-date approaches in the field.

    Candidates who require a complete abdominoplasty Czechia chose Clinic Center for a successful and safe tummy tuck performed by renowned specialists in the field.

    Our patients can also benefit from our all-inclusive packages at cheap tummy tuck Czechia prices through our assistance. 

    Clinic Center has been awarded for its patient service; thanks to our organisational team and our splendid specialists, Clinic Center is regarded as the leading brand in cosmetic surgery by its customers. 

    The initial stage of our patients’ tummy tuck procedures is a consultation session with their expert. They can describe their situation and needs for the operation’s result, and the expert can review their cases. After a meticulous examination of their general condition and the regions to be worked on, their physician will choose the appropriate practice techniques and make a unique treatment program for their abdominoplasty Czechia.

    Contact our team to learn more about our offers for tummy tuck and lipo cost Czechia and patients’ processes with Clinic Center. 

    Tummy Tuck Prague Results

    Tummy tuck Prague procedure significantly improves the candidate’s quality of life and self-esteem, thanks to decreased sagginess following flat stomach surgery and altered muscles to improve the abdomen region. However, the developments can be observed clearly as the patient heals from the belly tuck surgery. Their torso needs time to heal ideally and thoroughly, and when the abdominoplasty recovery time concludes, outcomes can be more apparent. Regardless, a necessary reminder is that the Brazilian abdominoplasty technique can cause permanent scarring that can be effortlessly concealed with your undergarments because the method includes creating cuts to enhance the muscles better. 

    Subsequent to their skin removal surgery with Clinic Center, candidates will achieve: 

    • A naturalistic and fit appearance on their abdomens
    • An increase in their confidence 

    To get an insight into Clinic Center’s successful loose kin removal surgery results, candidates can visit our website gallery for examples. 

    An important note is that patients can observe swelling after the tummy tuck procedure as usual response to any cosmetic alterations. The swelling on the operated areas reduces as the patient heals, approximately in six months.

    The expert’s knowledge and skillfulness are the most crucial influences on successful tummy tucks Czechia. Yet, the candidates should take proper care of their results throughout the healing time with the guidelines of their specialists. Following the appropriate aftercare instructions and guidance will improve the patients’ outcomes. 

    Tummy Tuck Czechia Before & After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Skin Removal Surgery Prague Recovery Period

    Here, candidates can see the standard instructions provided for tummy tuck operation for the patients. Clinic Center cannot confirm the accuracy of the information below. Therefore, priority must be given to the instructions of the tummy tuck expert in charge. 

    Before flat stomach surgery:
    • The surgeon in charge will call off the surgery if the patient is pregnant. 
    Two weeks before the belly tuck Prague:
    • Stop the intake of medications with ibuprofen or aspirin and any supplements.
    • Avoid any herbal treatments or diet pills to prevent problems with blood clotting, blood pressure, patient’s heart and respiration.
    • Abstain from tobacco use to stimulate healing. 
    A week before tummy tuck surgery Czechia:
    • Stop alcohol use before the surgery.
    • Abstain from medication intake without consulting your professional. 
    Tummy tuck Prague Day or Night:
    • Stop eating or drinking anything at least eight hours before the tummy tuck operation.
    • Patients can shower before the tummy tuck Czechia.
    • Pick baggy clothing with buttons or zippers.
    • Do not bring your valuables to the clinic.
    • Patients should take off their lenses, any make-up products or jewellery.
    Czechia tummy tuck after healing period:
    • Bruising and swelling are common responses after the procedure and reduce as the patient heals. 
    • Some pain, tenderness and numbness in the area are expected, usually, heal in a few weeks.
    • Stop tobacco use for at least seven days to stimulate healing.
    • Use the prescribed medicine by your specialist.
    • Wear the compression garment for six weeks.
    • Do not stand upright for the first days; straighten your torso gradually.
    • Keep your water intake to stay hydrated during types of tummy tucks recovery.
    • Try not to push yourself after the procedure. Do not bow down or lift anything heavy for the next six weeks.
    • After the first six weeks, patients can return to their routine tasks or activities.
    • Patients should avoid sexual intercourse for at least two weeks.

    Tummy Tuck Surgery All Inclusive Package

    Thanks to Clinic Center’s all-inclusive packages, patients can enjoy numerous advantages throughout their procedure for tummy tuck Czechia. Clinic Center created its all-inclusive packages to tend to every need of its patients during their operations and recoveries. The advantages of our all-inclusive packages include the services below. 

    Best price guarantee

    We guarantee to offer you the best procedure with the most affordable tummy tuck prices in Czechia.

    Free consultation, Check up and Preoperative tests

    You will have some free preoperative tests before your tummy tuck procedure to make sure that your body is ready for the process. Clinic Center assists you to have your consultation before your tummy tuck

    Special discount for group bookings

    If you have other friends thinking about getting plastic surgery, invite them and come together! Clinic Center offers special discounts for group bookings.

    2 night hospital stay

    You need a 2 night stay in the hospital after your tummy tuck in Czechia which is already arranged by Clinic Center before your arrival.

    Accommodation at a 4 star hotel

    Clinic Center cares about where you rest and sleep during your surgery. We provide you an accommodation in a 4 star hotel for a peaceful and comfortable stay during your tummy tuck in Czechia.


    You will not have any problem going to your hotel or going back to the airport. All of your airport, hotel and hospital transfers will be provided by us during your tummy tuck in Czechia

    Tummy Tuck Fast Facts

    Length of Procedure:Approximately 2-5 hours
    Recovery:2-3 weeks to go back to work
    Stay:6 nights hotel, 1-2 nights hospital
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Swelling, bruising and pain, Feeling full and ‘paralytic ileus’, Loss of apetite, Healing problems, Extrusion, Increased or reduced sensation, Asymmetry, Damage to deeper structures, Loss of blood supply to skin, fat or the belly button, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction
    Exercise:After 4-5 weeks
    Scars:Yes, underneath the bikini line
    Potential candidate:Patients with massive weight loss, excessive saggy skin
    Mini tummy tuck:Reccomended for those with little excessive skin
    Results:Achieved after swelling goes down
    Combination of surgeries:Mostly liposuction, breast surgeries,  Botox and fillers

    Abdominoplasty Reviews

    Thanks to Clinic Center’s all-inclusive packages, patients can enjoy numerous advantages throughout their procedure for tummy tuck Czechia. Clinic Center created its all-inclusive packages to tend to every need of its patients during their operations and recoveries. The advantages of our all-inclusive packages include the services below. 

    Tummy Tuck Abroad FAQ

    Who is a suitable candidate for a tummy tuck operation?

    If the candidate is healthy and has an average weight and loose skin on their stomach area, they can go through tummy tuck operations to improve the appearance of their stomachs. 

    What is the difference between mini tummy tuck and traditional tummy tuck?

    Through the traditional abdominoplasty, the alterations are made on the entire abdomen, whereas during a mini tummy tuck, the adjustments are made on the lower abdomen. 

    Does the tummy tuck operation leave permanent scars?

    The cuts will be opened considering the approaches necessary for the case. However, they will be on the bikini line of the patients and can easily be covered with undergarments. 

    Can the outcomes of the loose skin surgery be long-lasting?

    Almost all patients are satisfied with their results. Candidates can keep their results for long years if they lead a healthier lifestyle with exercise and a proper diet. Yet, pregnancy or weight gain can reverse the positive outcomes of the operation. 

    How long after birth should I get tummy tuck?

    Mothers are suggested to wait until they lose the pregnancy weight. Weight fluctuations negatively affect the results, and after a weight loss, the specialist will see the extent of saggy skin. 

    What happens if I get pregnant after a belly tuck?

    Tummy tuck operations do not have any adverse effects on pregnancies. But the results of the belly tuck can change after pregnancy. The skin on the stomach may loosen again, causing saggy skin to appear.

    How long should I wait after a weight loss to get operated on?

    Candidates are advised to postpone their tummy tuck after Prague operations until they reach their targeted weight for better outcomes of the tummy tuck operations.

    What is tummy tuck cost in Czechia?

    Before a detailed consultation, the exact price for a tummy tuck cannot be given. However, for its patients, Clinic Center offers cheap tummy tuck in Czechia. Thanks to our experts, our patients can enjoy successful results for affordable tummy tuck Prague costs.

    Can the candidates get a tummy tuck for men in Czechia?

    Yes, they can. Although the general use of the operation is requested by women, male patients get tummy tuck cheap operation after a weight loss or to achieve a better structure on their abdomens. Therefore, the only requirement is being suitable for the procedure. 

    The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. It is not advice on your specific needs and circumstances. It does not replace the need for you to have a thorough consultation, so you should get advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner. Please bare in mind that as with all operations, there are risks involved in having cosmetic surgery.

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