Vaser Liposuction in Czechia

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Clinic Center, registered in the UK, welcomes thousands of patients who choose cosmetic surgery in Turkey to achieve natural vaser liposuction results at reasonable prices. If you’d like to get further information on how much vaser liposuction in Istanbul costs; you can simply get into contact with us online.

Clinic Center has helped thousands of patients to this day with successful cosmetic operations such as Vaser liposuction. Thanks to Clinic Center’s skilled specialists, our patients can lead healthier lives with excellent liposuction Vaser outcomes. Contact us via the consultation form on our website to learn more about the Vaser surgery procedure and other offers. 

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    What is Vaser Lipo?

    Vaser liposuction is a procedure utilised to extract unwanted fat from some areas of the patient’s body to reveal natural structures. The word is an abbreviation for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance; an approach utilised to eliminate fat cells by radiating ultrasonic waves at a precise frequency.

    Areas of vaser lipo

    Surgeons can apply this method anywhere on the patient’s body to eliminate fat saturation and provide a healthier appearance. Patients’ arms, neck, trunk, belly, back, and upper legs etc., can be enhanced and reconstructed, provided that the patients are qualified for the Vaser lipo. The procedure does not include an invasive intervention and necessitates hardly any vaser lipo incisions; many patients request the method for effective fat removal vaser fat transfer

    Stomach Liposuction Cost Prague

    Candidates who carry stubborn fat and pursue an option to avoid their problems generally see Vaser liposuction operation as a successful alternative. For candidates struggling to lose regional fat regardless of the number of methods, they have tried, possibly the best resolution for their problems is the Vaser liposuction operation. 

    But the costs of cosmetic operations in the candidates’ homelands may become an issue as the prices can be pretty high for most people. Yet, Clinic Center offers cost-effective options for cosmetic surgeries such as Vaser lipo

    Clinic Center delivers the best service for its patients at reasonable Vaser lipo prices Czechia, thanks to its accomplished experts. Also, Clinic Center’s patients are given the best price guarantee for their operations. Clinic Center is a renowned company for its awarded patient service and high-quality operations. In addition, we help thousands of candidates to reach their desired body structures and enhance their beauty with affordable procedures. 

    Clinic Center is the most reliable company for cosmetic alterations abroad. Thanks to its internationally recognised specialists and splendid service, its patients acquire life-changing operations for budget-friendly vaser Prague costs. 

    To learn more about Clinic Center’s offers for Vaser hidef procedure, contact our team of consultants or book a video consultation. 

    Best Back Fat Removal Surgeons In Czechia

    Through Clinic Center’s trained and experienced professionals, our patients obtain the most satisfactory Vaser liposuction outcomes. Clinic Center’s medical professionals are gathered by choosing the best vaser hi def surgeons according to their experiences, backgrounds and global accomplishments. Clinic Center has served numerous patients with excellent Prague Vaser liposuction operations with their assistance. The achievements of our professionals are acknowledged by well-known institutions such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS.

    Our surgeons can reach hundreds of patients to offer life-changing cosmetic adjustments such as Vaser Lipo with Clinic Center’s assistance. Thanks to our experienced surgeons, patients can acquire the most satisfactory results after their successful Vaser liposuction surgery operations. 

    Clinic Center’s high achieving operators create the most suitable designs for their patients according to their conditions. They will guide their patients by thorough explanations of the operations and detailed instructions after their procedure during vaser lipo recovery

    Dr. Věra Šatánková, an accomplished partner of Clinic Center, states that the successful results for a Vaser Lipo Czechia solely depend on the surgeon. For Dr. Šatánková, an excellent lipo vaser Prague is performed when the surgeons are experienced and familiar with the up-to-date methods in the field. 

    Dr. Patrick Paulis, an experienced specialist, emphasises the importance of proper aftercare vaser lipo recovery guidance by the clinic. For Paulis, clinics should guide patients even after the operation with the appropriate aftercare assistance to keep their results in good condition.  

    Fortunately, patients can enjoy Clinic Center’s aftercare services during their recovery periods. Our aftercare team will provide proper guidance to assist our patients in the healing process.

    Best Liposuction Clinic in Czechia

    Once the patient decides on their Vaser hi def lipo and fills out the consultation document provided on our website, their treatment procedure begins. Shortly, our consultants will reach the candidates and inform them of the Vaser liposuction approach. In addition, candidates are encouraged to ask any questions regarding their procedure during their video consultations with Clinic Center’s consultants. 

    Clinic Center offers video consultations for our international patients to provide accurate information before deciding on their hi-def Czechia journey. Also, with our all-inclusive packages, candidates can enjoy numerous benefits during their treatment process. Contact Clinic Center’s consultants or book a video consultation to learn more about your case and the operation process. 

    Czechia Vaser Liposuction Results

    After our surgeons evaluate their cases and make certain that the candidates are qualified for the operation, patients’ treatments begin. Yet, the main concern regarding their procedure is commonly the Vaser Lipo Czechia results

    The final results of the operation can only be observed after the complete recuperation, which generally takes between six weeks to four months. For rare cases, to achieve full recovery from the swelling left on the operated area, the recuperation process can last up to six months.

    Some pain and discomfort are expected after the HD liposuction surgery as common responses. The procedure generally requires a week of rest. After the operation, patients are advised to wear the garment provided by Clinic Center. Massages on the area to promote lymphatic drainageis suggested for the first two weeks following the hi def vaser lipo Czechia operation. Contact our consultants to learn more about the recovery period or aftercare services for Clinic Center’s patients. 

    Vaser Liposuction Before and After Gallery

    >> Click here to see more before after pictures

    Back Fat Removal Surgery All Inclusive Packages

    Thanks to Clinic Center’s all-inclusive packages, our patients can benefit from numerous advantages. Our organisational team takes care of the necessary adjustments for our patients’ visits, such as their transportations, stays or hospital visits. You can see the details of our all-inclusive packages below. 

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Clinic Center associate plastic surgeons are selected after a close examination and they belong to the respected EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS societies.

    Special Group Discount

    A friend or a family member you bring will benefit from a special discount in the case you want to bring them along!

    Medical garments, support bra etc.

    After your vaser surgery, if you need a garment, our surgeon will provide it.

    Accommodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Clinic Center makes sure you stay in one of the best and comfortable hotels in Istanbul until you go away.


    For a more convenient journey, from the moment you arrive in Czechia, until your departure Clinic Center will provide your transfers between airports, hotel and hospital/ clinic.

    International Patient Host

    Either you’ve come on your own or not, every patient gets a host. Your host will also help you with translations and will be there to answer all of your questions.

    Vaser Liposuction Recovery Time

    Compared to the traditional liposuction technique, Vaser Lipo is less intrusive and necessitates a shorter time for candidates to return to their daily lives. Nevertheless, the Vaser lipo healing time may vary with the regions to be worked on and the extent of the operation. Candidates do not need strong medication since the expected discomfort is slight after the procedures.

    Slight pain and tenderness in the operated regions after the vaser tummy tuck procedure are normal responses. Candidates must abstain from excessive movements during their recovery to heal ideally. Also, swelling and bruises on the operated area take several months to heal completely. Therefore, we advise being cautious during this period. 

    Surgeons conclude the operation while the patients are under general anaesthesia. That is why the patients can experience sickness on the first day of the recovery.

    There may be slight blood leakage on the incisions, so patients will notice surgical pads on their vaser liposuction scars to collect blood. These pads will be covered under the compression garment provided by Clinic Center to support and promote healing for pleasing Vaser Lipo results

    Czechia Vaser Liposuction Recovery Time

    • During week one of the Vaser lipo healing: Patients may notice swellings or bruises on the operated areas. The degree of the swelling depends on the patient’s case. Also, a certain level of numbness on the skin is normal and generally disappear after a while. 
    • During week two of Vaser Lipo healing: At this stage of their healing, patients are generally able to drive or get back to work. It primarily relies on the patient’s situation. Excessive body movements are forbidden at this point. However, bruises may fade in some instances.
    • The period between weeks three to five: The patient’s discomfort is typically healed at this stage. There may be some swelling on the operated areas. Definitive Vaser liposuction outcomes may begin to appear in some cases at this stage. Patients can engage in soft movements and resume bypassing extreme activities.
    • Sixth or more weeks following a Vaser lipo: Bruises and tenderness are mainly gone on or near the incisions. Swelling is faded; yet, these changes depend entirely on the patient’s body capacity.

    Vaser Liposuction Fast Facts

    Procedure:Vaser Liposuction
    Duration:1 to several hours
    Stay:4 nights at the hotel
    Recovery:Take 4 to 7 days off work.
    What to bringComfortable clothes.
    Side effectsBruising, soreness, discomfort, excessive blood loss, Vein thrombosis.
    ComplicationsForm asymmetry. skin may appear bumpy or wavy or because of uneven fat removal, bad skin elasticity, numbness, infection, interior puncture, fatty embolism, kidney and heart problems.
    Exercise3 – 4 weeks later light exercise.
    ScarsYes but very small.
    PainDepending on the patient, it could be slight or major.
    ResultsSome can be seen 6 weeks later. End result can be seen 6 months later. But it can take a bit longer than that.
    Multiple SurgeriesBreast lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job), tummy tuck, BBL, Botox and fillers.

    Vaser Lipo Operation Reviews

    The patients’ remarks provided below are written by our former patients regarding their experiences with Clinic Center during their Vaser liposuction procedure. The reviews are shared within the knowledge of our patients and can be found on other online platforms.

    Vaser Liposculpture Surgery FAQ

    How long do the effects of vaser lipo Prague last?

    Unless the patient gains or loses a certain amount of weight, any liposuction methods will show their effects for long years. However, as long as the candidate leads a healthier lifestyle with adequate dieting and exercise, their results will be permanent. Also, it should be noted that the final results of the operation can be observed after three to six months. 

    Which areas of the body are suitable for vaser lipo Czechia?

    As long as the candidate meets the requirements, the procedure can be applied to any body parts. The HD vaser method is especially effective in areas where the stubborn fat is restored. 

    Is vaser liposuction Prague safe?

    The procedure has been proved to be effective and safe by various studies. The application of the method is widespread, and many patients request the method for safe operations. Also, any chances of side effects are pretty low.

    Do candidates experience pain after vaser HD lipo Czechia?

    Candidates can experience slight pain after the lipo vaser HD procedure as the method is not an invasive approach. However, mild pain killers are enough to relieve the pain, but the swelling is a typical response after the operation and generally takes longer to heal. 

    Vaser Liposuction Patient Review Videos

    Bernadette’s Medical Journey

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