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Porcelain Veneers in Turkey

Do you give up on your teeth showing smile because you think your foreteeth are unlikeable and regret about not having a Hollywood smile? With the assistance of Clinic Center you don’t have to! Clinic Center offers you porcelain veneers in Turkey, one of the most recently developed and progressed dental procedures, to solve the problems of strained, damaged, crooked teeth and open bite and have Hollywood smile of your dreams. Basically we offer you to keep smiling. Don’t miss anything from your smile, with us, with confidence. Click to see our porcelain veneers before and after gallery. 

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers have become popular with significant innovations and development of different bonding techniques and instruments in cosmetic dentistry. 

Porcelain veneers are ceramic materials that can chemically bond to bone structure and they are the primary method used in esthetic dental treatments.  Shortly, porcelain veneers are fast, aesthetic and secure ways of fixing bad looking foreteeth. Apparent permanent teeth stains, crooked, nonproportional, open bite, small or relapsed teeth can be fixed with this method. The material of porcelain veneers bonded to the surface of teeth has similar physical features as the natural tooth enamel, this gives a natural look to smile after porcelain veneers procedure. 

There is one porcelain veneers alternative: composit veneers. While composit veneer costs are known as more cheap then porcelain veneer costs, porcelain veneers are much more solid and enduring compared to composit veneers. Also, since you have to change composit veneers more often, that means it will cost you more than porcelain veneers. 

Porcelain Veneers in Turkey

Porcelain veneers in Turkey has become popular due to Turkey’s increasing success in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Turkey is a great destination to choose for fixing faded color, shape or size of teeth. Porcelain veneers Turkey offers wonderful cosmetic solutions for people planning to get porcelain veneers abroad to deal with these problems. 

Clinic Center partner dentists offer you trouble-free procedures including packages with very affordable porcelain veneers cost  for your best smile. 

Before your porcelain veneer procedure, Clinic Center team is happy to help you provide everything you need. You don’t have to worry about transfers, accomodation and any communication problem. 

To provide you a comfortable stay during your procedure, Clinic Center offers the best special discounts for accomodation. 

Your porcelain veneer procedure in Clinic Center assistance starts with a free consultation with a well experienced professional partner dentist. In this consultation, your dentist checks your mouth and informs you about the condition of your mouth and about the procedure needed. 

A porcelain veneer  procedure include two appointments. 

First appointment of your procedure starts with a dental check up. In this check up, your dentist decide the procedure, identifying your wishes and needs.  You are provided with general and detailed information about your procedure. 

Before designing your porcelain veneer, your dentist prepares your tooth for the veneer reshaping the surface of your tooth with a burr. Local anaesthesia may be required for this process to numb your teeth and gingina. 

After reshaping the tooth, your dentist shaves a little piece from the surface of your tooth with a special tool. This piece is supposed to be the same size as the veneer to be placed. 

Then the size of your tooth is measured with a dental putty to be sent to the laboratory. Your porcelain veneer design is formed according to this sample. 

During this waiting period for the porcelain veneer, your dentist provide you with a temporary veneer to prevent any possible damage. 

In the second appointment, newly designed porcelain veneer is temporarily fitted in your teeth for you to see your new smile. Once you decide to get it, your teeth are deeply cleaned and  adjusted for cementation. Cementation is the last step in your procedure. Prepared porcelain veneer is permanently bonded in your tooth with dental cement. 

And you have your smile back. 

After your procedure is done, you have a check up, which is an essential part of aftercare, by your dentist to see whether everything is going smooth. 

For this extensive procedure, Clinic Center guides you to have one of the best affordable porcelain veneers in Turkey for you. 

Porcelain Veneers Aftercare

Porcelain veneers are placed on the surface of your teeth as if they are your own teeth. So like for your normal teeth, routine daily care including regular brushing, flossing and cleansing and dentist check ups, your first one is assisted by Clinic Center, are enough for porcelain veneers aftercare. 

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers in Turkey by Clinic Center

  • General dental treatment 
  • USA trained professional partner dentist 
  • Free X-ray if required 
  • Best affordable price guarantee 
  • Private airport transfers 
  • Special discount if you are coming with your friend 
  • 24 hours reachable personal host during your stay 
  • Special rate for accommodation 

Porcelain Veneers Results:

  • Natural looking and natural feeling teeth 
  • Highly increased self esteem 
  • Your best smile 

Porcelain Veneers Cost in Turkey

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. No one should hide their smiles or get embarrassed to smile. Porcelain veneers are the best solution to deal with our bad looking teeth problems. It is true that dental procedures costs a lot, but with us don’t worry! 

Turkey is the favourite destination of the patients with strained, damaged, crooked teeth seeking for solutions at affordable porcelain veneers cost. With its comprehensive, internationally certificated professional partner dentists and professional host team, Clinic Center assists you to have the most advantageous all-inclusive package including your accommodation, transfers and personal host with a very affordable porcelain veneers cost in Turkey. 

Clinic Center will happily help you to have a good and comfortable stay in Turkey. Here are the details of our service and additional services that you can benefit.

  • USA trained professional partner dentists

    Clinic Center works with professional USA trained partner dentists. So you can trust us with whole heart when you decide to have your procedure.

  • Dental treatment

    Clinic Center will happily work for your best smile. With the assistance of Clinic Center, you will achieve the best smile with a successful procedure of porcelain veneer in Turkey.

  • Special discount if you are coming with your friend

    Smiling is beautiful when you are with your loved ones. Bring a loved one with you and achieve two smiles at affordable porcelain veneers cost in Turkey with Clinic Center’s special discounts.

  • Free X-ray if required

    Before your porcelain veneer procedure, you will have a free X-ray. Then our professional partner dentist checks your mouth and decides about the procedure.

  • Best price guarantee

    You deserve the smile of your dreams. Clinic Center guarantees you this smile with the most affordable porcelain veneer costs in Turkey.

  • Private airport transfers

    We are here to help you not only in your procedure, but also about your transfers, accommodation and communication.

  • Personal host, 24 hours reachable during your stay

    We provide you a 24-hours reachable host during your stay for your procedure. With Clinic Center, you will never be alone and have a communication problem.

  • Special rate for accommodation

    Clinic Center cares also about where you stay in Turkey during your porcelain veneer procedure. You can sleep well while you try to achieve your best smile with our very special rate for accommodation.

Length of Procedure: approximately 3-5 days depending on the number of porcelain veneers
Recovery Period: 1 – 2 days
Cavity probability: Low, veneers are not likely to decay
Anesthesia: Local anaesthesia
Diet: Avoid hard foods, hot and cold drinks for a week or two
Potential Candidate: Patients with chipped, misaligned and spaced teeth
Pain: No pain due to local anaesthesia
Post dental care: The same care as your normal teeth
Long lasting: Yes, if well cared can last for many years.
Result: Achieved immediately
Combination of treatments: Mostly dental implants, root canal treatment and teeth whitening

Nina, Germany

I came to get porcelain veneers with my cousin. Clinic Center was really helpful with everything. They welcomed us in the airport with smiling faces, helped us transfer to the hotel and hospital the other day. Dr. Ebru was super professional with his knowledge informing us about the procedure. Of course, it was a successful procedure for both of us. Results are amazing. We can’t stop smiling. Thank you Clinic Center!

Steffi, UK

I had 4 porcelain veneers done in Clinic Center. The doctor, Ms. Hocaoglu and the team were very professional and kind. I am amazed by the results, can’t believe who is smiling in the mirror. Clinic Center is the place to go.

Chiara, Italy

I was so unhappy with my smile because of my yellowed teeth. I wanted to give myself a present and at the end Clinic Center was a present for me. Couldn’t imagine I could get a smile like the people in toothpaste ads. Dr. Hocaoglu did a great job. Definitely will recommend to all my friends.

Heloise, France

Best place to go! I was searching for getting veneers almost for a year than I found Clinic Center on internet. They offer exactly what they promise. They made everything easier for me and my husband. Ms. Hocaoglu was professional. The procedure was smooth, easy and successful. Definitely will come back for plastic surgery soon! Thx for everything.

Jasmine, Ireland

I remembered to smile again! I was always hiding my smile because my fore teeth were yellow and crooked. Dr. Ebru in Clinic Center gave me my smile back with a successful process in the most gentle way. Everything was great. Thank you for everything.

Am I a good candidate for porcelain veneers?

Anyone having discoloured, dull and improperly shaped teeth or bite problems can be a good candidate for porcelain veneers. 

Why do I choose to get porcelain veneers?

Not everyone is born with a fully great mouth but everyone deserves a great smile. If you have strained, damaged, crooked teeth and open bite problems in your mouth, porcelain veneers are the best solutions for you. 

What is a porcelain veneer?

A porcelain veneer  is a thin material made up of ceramic layers to be placed on the surface on a tooth to fix colour or shape related problems of a tooth. 

What are the advantages?

They stand up to stains for a long time. Porcelain is similar to tooth enamel in the aspect of shining, so veneers give a natural look among other teeth. In addition, porcelain veneers are durable just like your natural teeth. 

Is there any age limit for getting porcelain veneers?

Average age recommended for veneers is 18 years old for men and 16 years old for women. 

Is porcelain veneer procedure painful?

You don’t feel any pain in porcelain veneer procedure, because just like filling, your dentist numb the area with a local anaesthesia. 

How long does procedure take?

The procedure consists of two appointments, one is for preparing the porcelain veneers for your teeth and the other one is to place them in your teeth. 

Will I be with a shaved tooth during the waiting period?

Your dentist places temporary veneer in your tooth in your first appointment after your tooth size is measured. You will be waiting for about a week to get your permanent porcelain veneer. 

How long does healing period take?

There is not an exact healing period of. This procedure is a lot similar to filling procedure. So you can go on your daily life after the procedure. It could only take some time to adjust your newly designed mouth when you look in the mirror since now you have the smile of your dreams. 


How long does a porcelain veneer last?

Most dentists estimate that veneers last between 10 and 30 years. Of course, dental care is a significant factor regarding the lifespan. 

What should I do for porcelain veneer aftercare?

There is not a lot for you to do for porcelain veneer aftercare. The most important recommendation is you should be careful about your diet for a little adjustment time. You shouldn’t let your teeth expose to hard stuff and you should prefer softer food right after the porcelain veneer procedure. 

Why should I choose porcelain veneers in Turkey?

Turkey have become one of the most popular and successful countries in plastic and cosmetic surgery with its professionals and affordable offers. Porcelain veneers Turkey offers great solutions for most of your dental problems. And porcelain veneers are among those mostly preferred procedures in Turkey due to the increasing success of procedure. 

Why should I choose porcelain veneers in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center? 

Clinic Center is one of the most successful medical tourism companies in Turkey. With its well experienced professional partner dentists and the most affordable offers, Clinic Center is happy to help you solve your dental problems and work with you for your best smile at very affordable porcelain veneers cost. 

What is the porcelain veneers cost in Turkey?

There is no question that veneers are expensive like other cosmetic dental procedures. That’s why Turkey is one of the best destinations. Porcelain veneers Turkey offers high quality procedures with affordable porcelain veneers cost due to its cheap living costs and local healthcare system. 

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