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Hair Transplant Treatments

For those who suffer from hair loss, hair transplant is the most effective way of having ticker hair with a natural hairline. Registered in the UK, Clinic Center offers international patients such treatments as hair transplant, beard transplant, female hair transplant, FUE hair transplant and PRP treatment carried out by highly experienced trichologists with the latest techniques and affordable prices in Turkey, İstanbul.

Clinic Center also provides patients with the opportunity of having a free consultation in our London office with the help of a medical consultant using the Norwood scale and offering before- after hair transplant photos from the thousands of patients that we’ve had.

Hair Transplant Turkey


Hair Transplant aims at increasing one’s self-esteem as well as enhancing one’s physical appearance or just simply supporting hair growth. Whatever the specific reason might be, Clinic Center is at your service to offer a hair loss cure and a permanent solution for thinning hair. It also maintains its support that requires hair transplant after care.


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Hair transplant in Turkey
Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard Transplant


Loss of beard occurs for such reasons as burns, injury, ageing, scarring or simply genetics. Being the most popular procedure among men with thin beard, beard transplant is successfully performed by Clinic Center in Turkey. You can simply get into contact with us to get further information regarding the procedure, how much beard transplant costs or to see more before after beard transplant photos.


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Female Hair Transplant


It is widely believed that only men experience hair loss. However, more than %50 of women tend to notice balding for a number of reasons including giving birth, heredity, harsh chemicals or hairstyles. Luckily, as the best hair loss treatment for women, female hair transplant is offered by our clinic with great opportunities and affordable prices in Turkey. If you are interested in hair growth treatments for women, you can simply get into contact with our medical team online.


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Female Hair Transplant in Turkey
FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE Hair Transplant


Men who seek for way to restore their hair loss are likely to end up with lots of materials on FUE hair transplant, but what is actually FUE hair transplant? FUE is a method of hair transplant by which individual follicular units are removed one-by-one and then transplanted to the recipient area. If you are planning to go for a permanent solution with FUE method, Clinic Center is only one click away to provide all the details about the procedure including FUE before and after photos and costs in Turkey.


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PRP Treatment


PRP hair loss treatment is a non-surgical option for men and women that experience hair loss. It uses the patients’ own blood platelets to stimulate hair growth and can enhance the results when combined with a hair transplant. As for hair transplant, a great number of people prefer Turkey to have PRP treatment for hair loss every year. If you’d like to gather further information, see before after PRP treatment photos or find out about all-inclusive package prices; you can simply get into contact with Clinic Center online.


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PRP treatment in Turkey
What to do before and after hair transplant operation

What to do Before and After Hair Transplant Operation

Before and after having hair transplant, patients would like to know more about how to get ready for the operation or how to deal with hair transplant aftercare. Clinic Center always provides patients with a variety of materials including pre-operation and post-operation hair transplant instructions. Also, during your follow-up examinations, our medical team will tell you about do’s and don’ts and show you how to take care of the transplanted region. In case you need further information; you can simply check our website or get into contact with your medical consultant.


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Norwood Scale


The Norwood Scale simply represents hair loss stages as well as different types of receding hairlines. Using the Norwood Scale of hair loss, it is possible to get an idea of what type of hair loss one is experiencing: female or male pattern baldness. As the leader hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Clinic Center makes use of the Norwood Hair Loss Scale in the diagnosis and planning of the patient’s treatments. To have a free consultation with our medical team, you can simply get into contact with us online.


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Norwood Scale
Hair transplant cost in Turkey all inclusive

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?


When it comes to hair transplant, the main question is mostly: How much does a hair transplant cost? With a highly experienced medical team and well- equipped facilities, Clinic Center is also preferred by many due to the affordable prices it offers. To get further information regarding DHI and FUE Hair Transplant costs, you can simply get into contact with us.


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Hair Transplant FAQ


If you are considering of a hair transplant and in the need of some answers: Here are the frequently asked questions about hair transplantation.


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Hair Transplant FAQ
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