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Hi Def Vaser Liposuction in Turkey

Clinic Center, registered in the UK, welcomes thousands of patients who choose cosmetic surgery in Turkey to achieve natural vaser liposuction results at reasonable prices. If you’d like to get further information on how much vaser liposuction in Istanbul costs; you can simply get into contact with us online.
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What is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction Man Clinic Center TurkeyVaser liposuction in Turkey is a plastic surgery that is done to reshape the body by getting rid of stubborn fat cells. The meaning of V.a.s.e.r. is Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This is a specific ultrasound technology used to disintegrate fat cells by releasing ultrasonic frequency waves. To get further information on Vaser Liposuction, you can hear the experiences of our lovely patients on Youtube.


What are the Differences Between Vaser Liposuction and Hi-Def Vaser Liposuction?

In general, both do the same, you are usually put under general anaesthesia during the plastic surgery. A suction tube is used to suck out fat. But before this, one of the best plastic surgeons in Istanbul, Clinic Center partner plastic surgeons, has to break up the fat cells. This is where the two techniques differ.

The traditional method is a rough cosmetic procedure that gets rid of extra fat in the body and leaves a significant scar. It uses a hollow suction cannula inserted through an opening to remove fat from under the skin with a scraping motion that is quite rough and imprecise.

Vaser liposuction uses smaller opening during the cosmetic surgery, and sound waves to dissolve the fat before it is taken out from the body. Dissolving the fat has the potential to increase the precision of the surgery and make the fat effortless to remove. Additionally, it could also reduce the damage delivered to nearby tissues.

Fat cells removed during a vaser liposuction are specifically targeted which allows the surgeon to provide the patient with a smoother and more sculpted end result. So the patient will have a natural-looking vaser liposuction result.

There is also another type of vaser lipo, that is hi-def vaser liposuction, the difference between vaser liposuction and hi-def vaser liposuction is, Clinic Center surgeon doesn’t just take the fat out, he or she also sculpts the body. What does this mean? Clinic Center surgeon works to create a more athletic look.

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Vaser Liposuction in Turkey by Clinic Center

Vaser Liposuction Woman Clinic CenterCosmetic surgery in Turkey, has long since been the best country to get vaser lipo due to substantial advantages and opportunities the country provides. It is an indisputable fact that thanks to their extensive knowledge, plastic surgeons in Turkey achieve natural-looking vaser liposuction results.
After a vaser liposuction in Istanbul, a lot of the patients also enjoy exploring the city since the prices in Istanbul for food and traveling are also affordable, like the vaser liposuction cost.

Vaser liposuction surgery in Turkey usually takes about 1 to several hours, depends on how many areas are going to be done and is performed under general anaesthesia. Our patient services is available while you are in Turkey, in case if you experience any pain or discomfort after the surgery.


Incisions of Vaser Liposuction Turkey

During the Vaser lipo surgery, small incisions are made. Because of this, the patient has minimal scarring. The incisions after vaser liposuction fade away over time and get almost completely concealed. This process can be improved through a scar gel prescribed by the surgeon.


Advantages of Vaser Liposuction in Turkey with the Assistance of Clinic Center

Clinic Center is registered in the UK and offers all-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages abroad for patients who want to get an ideal body proportion. Working with the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, patients who choose Clinic Center receives natural-looking vaser liposuction results.

Vaser liposuction in Turkey with the cooperation of Clinic Center provides you the best price guarantee:


By choosing Clinic Center to help you with your vaser liposuction in Istanbul, you will feel and look better. You may book your physical consultation in London now, or if you are resident in another city you may book your video consultation clicking here.

Vaser Liposuction Results

The best way to determine if vaser liposuction is right for you is to meet with one of our best plastic surgeons for online consultation. Check out before and after gallery for results of the vaser liposuction surgery.

forward to see some results soon, usually after 6 weeks. Yet, patients should remember that the best results can be seen several months following the procedure since the body needs a considerable amount of time to recover. In certain cases, it could take up to 6 months, and results can vary.
Reasonable pain and discomfort are normal, patients would need to take 4-7 days off work. For 6 weeks (could change) the patients need to wear their compression garments.

The follow-up care will need organized lymphatic drainage massages within the first 2 weeks.

Please check our liposuction before and after gallery, and cosmetic surgeries patients’ reviews YouTube playlist to view results of the surgery, and to hear about the experiences of our patients.


Vaser Liposuction Recovery

Compared with traditional liposuction, recovering from vaser liposuction in Istanbul is quicker. Vaser liposuction is deemed a minimally invasive surgery, so recovery times are usually faster. However, this changes according to the area of the procedure, the number of areas operated on and how much fat is taken out. The procedure is not traumatic, so most likely patients won’t need strong painkillers. Feeling uncomfortable and pain is normal. Patients shouldn’t do any heavy lifting or arduous activity for at least 3 weeks. For a full recuperation, patients have to wait minimum 3 months, sometimes 4 months for the bruising and swelling of the surgery to go down.

First day after the vaser liposuction surgery, some liquid will come out; this is the tumescent fluid. Patients will have pads on their skin to collect the fluid. These will be kept under the compression garment.

First 24 hours patients can feel tenderness and pain. During this time, healing could vary depending on whether or not the patient has been asleep with a general anaesthetic. Patients can feel sick after a general anaesthetic.


Vaser Liposuction Recovery Time:

First Week Recovery: The skin will usually be discoloured, as in purple or blue, and this can change quite a bit between patients. There could be soreness and bruising. It is normal for the skin to feel numb for some time.

After 2 Weeks Recovery: Every patient is different at this point. Patients can start to drive during the second stage of the healing and some patients are able to return to work. Hard exercise should not be done in the first 2 weeks of healing from Vaser liposuction in Istanbul. Some patients will have completely healed. Other patients might still have some bruising.

3-5 Weeks Recovery: Usually around this time, patients do not feel pain or soreness. Patients may still see swelling, but this is normal. Swelling can take months to fully heal. After 5 weeks, patients can usually see visible results. Patients should remember that; their results will get better as the swelling and bruising continues to heal.
4 weeks later, most patients are able to continue light exercises, but any heavy exercise or activity should still not be done.

6+ Weeks Recovery: Most of the bruising and swelling should have gone, but remaining swelling can last a bit longer for some.


Vaser Liposuction Cost in Turkey

There are many reasons why patients choose Turkey to have vaser liposuction. One of the reasons is, the vaser liposuction cost compared with their country is very affordable. Another reason is, Turkey, specifically Istanbul has a lot of good plastic surgeons and because of this, patients who come here will get the best vaser liposuction and natural-looking vaser liposuction result.

Nowadays, women and men want to have the body they desire and sometimes, after going to the gym and dieting for some time, they can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn fat they have. So, they decide to have the vaser liposuction procedure. So that they can feel confident about themselves and love their bodies.

Even though, a vaser liposuction surgery may seem costly, don’t let this put you off from having the body that you’ve wanted for a long time.

Turkey is the one of the most respected countries to have the vaser lipo surgery thanks to its experienced surgeons, a considerable number of procedures done every year, successful results, economical prices, and government incentives for medical tourism. Vaser liposuction cost depends on different factors like the practice of the medical team, the type of vaser lipo, and all the extras included within the prices. Each patient has a customized treatment plan depending on the age, body structure, surgery availability, type of natural tissue, and proportion preferences. Because Clinic Center is assisted by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, we hold the privilege to provide comprehensive all-inclusive packages at an economical vaser liposuction cost.

Hi-Def Vaser Liposuction All-Inclusive Package

With this all-inclusive package, the patient will have a relaxed trip from their home to Turkey after having a successful vaser liposuction. For the patient to feel maximum comfort, Clinic Center will arrange everything they may need. Here are the details:


  • Internationally Certified Doctors

    Clinic Center associate plastic surgeons are selected after a close examination and they belong to the respected EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS societies.

  • Check-up

    Depending on when the doctor thinks it is suitable and your departure, you will have your check-up and during you discharge, aftercare instructions will be given to you.

  • Special Group Discount

    A friend or a family member you bring will benefit from a special discount in the case you want to bring them a long!

  • Medical garments, support bra etc.

    After your procedure, if you need a garment, our surgeon will provide it.

  • Accommodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Clinic Center makes sure you stay in one of the best and comfortable hotels in Istanbul until you go away.

  • Airport transfers with VIP car

    For a more convenient journey, from the moment you arrive to Turkey your until your departure Clinic Center will provide your transfers.

  • International Patient Host

    Either you’ve come on your own or not, every patient gets a host. Your host will also help you with translations and will be there to answer all of your questions.

Pre&Post-Op Instructions for Vaser Liposuction

The upcoming instructions are general information that should be stuck to before and after a vaser liposuction surgery. Clinic Center isn’t liable for the accuracy of these instructions. The instructions of your surgeon in Turkey after vaser liposuction should be followed.

Vaser Liposuction Pre-Operation Instructions

Important Note: If the patient is pregnant or if the patient isn’t healthy enough to have the operation, (will be checked by the anaesthesiologist) the operation will be cancelled.

Two Weeks Before Surgery:

Stop taking alcohol or nicotine products; cigarettes, nicotine gum, pipe tobacco. Nicotine changes the healthy circulation of the body and could affect the outcome of the patients’ vaser lipo surgery and increase the risk of problems with anaesthesia.

One Day Before Surgery:

Patients SHOULDN’T EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER 12 AM. A fasting is needed to get sedation for surgery.

Day of The Surgery:

Patients can shower and shampoo the morning of surgery.
Patients shouldn’t wear makeup, their hair shouldn’t be sprayed or have gel in it, they shouldn’t also have nail polish or false eyelashes.
Patients should wear loose fitting clothing and avoid anything that must be pulled over the head.
Patients shouldn’t wear jewellery or bring valuables to their surgery.

Vaser Liposuction Post-Operative Instructions

  • Patients should NOT put ice-packs or a heating pad on the operated areas.
  • Patients should NOT put hydrogen peroxide or plastic Band-Aids on the incision areas.
  • Patients should NOT go in a bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, or the ocean for at least 7 days after their surgery for the purpose of minimizing the risk of infection.
  • Menstrual anomalies could happen for a month or so after vaser liposuction surgery.
  • For the first 48 hours after surgery having a slight temperature is normal.
  • 2 weeks later, depending on how the patient feels, they can start to drive. Some patients can go back to work.
  • Patients should NOT do any hard exercises in the first 2 weeks.
  • 4 weeks later, most patients are able to continue light exercises, but any heavy exercise or activity should still not be done.
  • Patients should NOT smoke or drink for couple of weeks.
  • Drink lots of fluids (fizzy drinks don’t count).
  • Patients should make sure that they take all the necessary medication (Clinic Center surgeon will give them the instructions).
  • Don’t take shower till the doctor says okay to it.

We need to stress that nothing can stop the aging process of your body. Weight fluctuations and pregnancies may affect your results over time.

Vaser Liposuction Fast Facts

Procedure: Vaser Liposuction
Duration: 1 to several hours
Stay: 4 nights at the hotel
Anesthesia: General
Recovery: Take 4 to 7 days off work.
What to bring Comfortable clothes.
Side effects Bruising, soreness, discomfort, excessive blood loss, Vein thrombosis.
Complications Form asymmetry. skin may appear bumpy or wavy or because of uneven fat removal, bad skin elasticity, numbness, infection, interior puncture, fatty embolism, kidney and heart problems.
Exercise 3 – 4 weeks later light exercise.
Scars Yes but very small.
Pain Depending on the patient, it could be slight or major.
Results Some can be seen 6 weeks later. End result can be seen 6 months later. But it can take a bit longer than that.
Multiple Surgeries Breast lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job), tummy tuck, BBL, Botox and fillers.


Andre Lohan Guerrero

My experience with Clinic Center has been more than amazing. Their staff members (precisely Asli, my coordinator) have been extremely, patient, dedicated and caring since day 1.
Once you land in Istanbul you are welcomed at the airport by your driver, who takes you to your hotel. The hotel (4 stars) was actually really nice.
You are later on assigned to a “host” (my host was Emel, who was just amazing. She has been extremely helpful). Hosts are basically available 24/7, they help you get to/at/from the hospital! You are basically being taken care of, kind of a retreat.
I also had a very good experience at the hospital: the doctor was super friendly, he double-checked with me what I wanted to have done, and he even added to the surgery some last-minute details (I had vaser liposuction done). All the staff members were just helpful and available (I do recommend you get a local SIM CARD, though, so you have personal data in case you need to translate something to the nurses, or else your host will be ready to help – I just didnt wanna bother them, too much!!).
I also ended up staying for an extra week in Istanbul (for personal reasons) and still Clinic Center was there for me arranging an extra check-up with the doctor, the transfer for my return flight and simply asking how I was doing.
Definitely happy with the experience and also with the results which are showing already!!!!

Samuel Perkins, UK

I returned to the clinic from the A-Class service I had received on my previous visit. I returned for my second hair transplant and also a further treatment, abdominal sketching and vaser lipo.

Again the clinic has exceeded my expectations and again given me back my confidence in my appearance. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone wanting to beat their demons and have a new start in life.

It’s always daunting going abroad but from my experience, the speed, services, communication, accommodation, cleanliness and aftercare has always excelled that of my native country.

I will see you soon for my new smile 😬

Gillian Pryor, UK

Hi everyone.🤗
I have planned and done my research for the last year I live in the UK, I have always wanted to have vaser liposuction to my flanks back upper and lower abdomen bbl lift bingo arm and inner knee surgery.. so you can imagine it was a big procedure and and i wanted to make sure that I got the best surgeon to do my procedure…
This journey took me to Istanbul the Clinic centre, the first person i spoke to was Yigit who was a true gentleman and very helpful nothing was to much trouble for him he gave me a reasonable price and recommended me the top surgeon in my eyes! Dr Cagri Sade
Once I was happy with the price hotel and surgeon he put me in touch with my coordinator Aykut who has been amazing right through my surgery..
My flights were at Gokcen Airport and were then picked up on Monday 2nd of September 2019 at 8.35 in the evening I was taken to the volley hotel which was absolutely amazing! staff were so helpful.. I had a day to rest and enjoy the relaxation at the hotel on Tuesday.. Wednesday 4th of September was my surgery day I was a little nervous, I was picked up by my host Emel she was funny and always had my back she was amazing to love her 🤗😘Emel came with me to the clinic centre 6.30 am where I met my surgeon Sade he was lovely and explained everything to me, everything ran very smoothly I stayed in the clinic for one night the nurses were amazing and was always there to hand if I needed anything..
The next day Dr Sade came in to see me before I left and to make sure everything was ok.. Emel came in the Clinic Center and assisted me and explained everything to me what was going to happen next.. I went back to my hotel room with the drains still attached to me, until I was due to go back on Saturday to have them removed..the only hiccup I can say to the clinic centre is that two-night stay in the hospital would of been better especially if you are travelling alone I would have gladly paid for that extra stay. I went back to the clinic centre to have my drains removed on Saturday I was amazed by my results although it was only 4days, I was still very swollen I could see what Dr Sade had done, Dr Sade was very pleased with the results. I then went back to the hotel with week extra antibiotics I was due to go back home on the 9th of September.. I arrived home and it is now 3weeks since my procedure and the transformation is incredibly I won’t see the true results for another 6 months etc so looking forward to the final result.
All I can say it was worth getting it done and I can highly recommend the clinic centre to anyone considering going for vaser liposuction and bbl surgery, go for it🤗 you will be so amazed at the results, and for such a little price and excellent service from start to finish. The aftercare is excellent knowing that you are not alone and someone’s there to answer any questions of concerns that you may have about your procedure.. I am planning coming back next year to have a rhinoplasty and a breast lift has of lucky everyone..go for it you won’t be disappointed..🥰🤗 charm xx

Shanice Clotworthy, UK

This review is based on my own personal experience with Clinic Center.
Surgical procedures:
1. Breast Uplift with Implants
2. Vaser Liposuction (3 Areas lower back, flanks, and abdomen.
3. Tummy Tuck
My surgeon was Professor Dr. Aydin Gozu. I travelled with my husband, 2 kids and mum, we had a late flight but everything ran smoothly all down to my amazing patient co-ordinator Aykut, locating my pick up was so quickly I was barely waiting 5 minutes, it took around 45 minutes to get to the hotel from the airport but check in was really quickly done, only downfall was that there wasn’t anyone to help bring in our luggage from the taxi to reception, I settled in quickly as Aykut told me I would be meeting my host Emel at 7:00am, so I hardly had any sleep but was still buzzing to get my surgery done, everything moves at a fast past pace you have to just keep up with everyone, the first time I met Prof Dr Aydin Gozu, he was so nice, reassuring and very professional, listens to exactly what you want and also why you want, and off you go to prepare for surgery, after payment of course, I was in surgery roughly 8 hours, i was in recovery and I was hardly in pain, I highly recommend this clinic and surgeon to anyone and everyone, Ian so happy with my turn out.

Donna Rolfe, UK

I actually never write reviews. But after contacting Clinic Centre in the beginning I relied on reading the reviews on here, so I thought it was only fair that I shared my experience. I dealt with two ladies prior to my surgery, Maja and Selin. Both spoke perfect English and gave me lots of info and answered every question I asked, nothing was too much, and they were both very polite and helpful. Was very anxious traveling abroad for surgery, Id read a lot of horror stories! Once I arrived in Istanbul got picked up as arranged and taken to the Volley Hotel. Surgery was the next day. All pick-ups and drop-offs were as arranged. Had no issues whatsoever. All my worries were completely diminished once I met my surgeon, Dr. Hakan Gungodan. He spoke perfect English and was just a lovely man. So kind and caring and also quite funny… my surgery went very well…I’m 10 days post-op and I am elated at what has been achieved my this man, it’s just amazing! I’m still swollen and bruised but already I can see that I’m definitely going to get more than I wished for. Dr. Hakan is fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back in the future for more. The hospital I went to was like something out of the future.  Certainly a step up from even the private hospitals in the UK. Absolutely spotless. Yes, there was a language barrier with the nurses, but they understand certain words, so it really wasn’t that difficult. Have to thank Talha, he picked me up and saw over my admission for hospital and translated. Lovely guy with impeccable manners. It’s still early days for my recovery. I wish id worried less prior, I turned up very scared and there really wasn’t any need. Everything ran like clockwork with Clinic Centre, I was never let down once and I always knew what would happen next. I huge thanks to them and an even bigger thank you to Dr. Hakan whos made me a very happy lady. My only regret is that I didn’t do it 5 years ago! Don’t be put off by the things you read..feel free to contact me if you want to ask any questions… I would do it all again tomorrow!

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