Direct Hair Implantation, DHI in Turkey 2022

Reviewed and Approved by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oguz Kayiran

Many people go abroad, especially to Turkey to have DHI hair transplant. Clinic Center is the best DHI clinic in Turkey for transplant and also cost efficient. People choose Turkey for DHI because it is both qualified and affordable. Turkey as a popular destination also has the best surgeons in their field. If you want to get it done right, Clinic Center is the right choice for you. You can contact us simply filling in the form. 

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    What is DHI?

    During DHI hair transplant in Istanbul, the surgeon transplants each follicle one by one to the recipient area, using a special DHI tool. The advantage of DHI is that your surgeon can regulate the depth, angle, and direction of the follicles implanted. The newly transplanted hair will not fall and it is for a lifetime. Also, with DHI transplant in Turkey, your results will be %100 natural.

    There will be no scars on your recipient area or the donor area. Another advantage of DHI in Istanbul is that in some cases you do not need to shave the transplant area, however shaving the donor area is a must. DHI method enables more density in the transplant area, but the numbers of grafts are less than the FUE method.

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    What are the differences between DHI and FUE method?

    In both the DHI method and FUE method, grafts are extracted one by one from the donor area, which is the back of your head by using a device called micromotor. For both methods, there are no scars or permanent skin damage. The difference between DHI and FUE is the transplantation step. During the transplantation, surgeons have to open channels (holes) on the recipient area for the FUE method in order to implant them, for that they have to make extremely tiny incisions.

    For DHI it is different, it is not necessary to open channels with this technique. Extracted grafts with DHI transplants are ready to be transplanted immediately. This method requires a special device called the DHI pen also known as Choi pen.

    Extracted grafts will be put into this device and transplanted directly to the recipient area. Another advantage of a DHI transplant in Turkey is that your surgeon will not need to open more channels than necessary. FUE can be considered just a bit more invasive because of the tiny channels that need to be opened. You can visit our office in London for consultation.

    DHI in Turkey by Clinic Center & Results

    Easiest way to see if you are a candidate for DHI hair transplant in Turkey is to get in contact with us, so that our surgeons can evaluate your situation. Check out before-after gallery to have an idea about the final result.

    • Restored Hair
    • No Need to Shave Recipient Area (Situational)
    • Fast Recovery
    • No Scars
    • A younger and fresher look

    Balding was a problem for a long time, however, with experienced specialists you can restore your hair to how it was before. It takes up to 1 year to see the final result. Patients can go back to work in three to five days after the DHI transplant in Istanbul.

    Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

    Clinic Center is registered in the UK and offers the best treatment plans and prices along with experienced staff for the best DHI transplant in Istanbul.

    • Physical consultation in the UK.
    • 3 nights of hotel stay at 4-star hotel.
    • Inpatient procedure (no need to stay at the hospital).
    • All transfers with VIP car
    • PRP session
    • International personal host
    • Group discounts
    • Check-up and follow-ups
    • Aftercare in the UK

    You will look 100% natural with your new hair if you choose Clinic Center for your DHI hair transplant in Istanbul.

    DHI Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

    Deciding to have DHI hair transplant in Turkey may sound expensive, but when it comes to affordability, Turkey is one of the best options with its modern and fully equipped hospital. Istanbul is a cost-efficient city with many places to visit. Since Istanbul is considered the capital for hair transplant, surgeons are really experienced in DHI hair transplant. Choosing Turkey and Clinic Center will give you the best and also 100% natural results. You can contact us now to see how affordable a DHI transplant in Istanbul is.

    You probably heard before that Turkey is the most popular destination for DHI hair transplant. With Clinic Center, DHI hair transplant in Istanbul is no longer a luxury and it is available for all if you are a suitable candidate. As Clinic Center we have aftercare service in UK, which means if you have any issues you can get yourself checked. Each and every patient gets a unique treatment plan for them, for that all you have to do is to contact us and send us necessary information to evaluate your situation.

    All-Inclusive Package

    We provide All Inclusive Package, so that you can have trouble-free journey from UK to Turkey and back. Everything will be arranged by Clinic Center before you arrive.


    One or two days after your procedure, our medical staff will see you again for your check-up

    Special Group Discount

    If you bring your friends with you for DHI hair transplant in Turkey, you can have special discounts.

    Headbands, Shampoo, Gel, etc.

    All the necessary items will be provided by Clinic Center.

    Accommodation at a 4-Star Hotel

    Recovery is an important part of your journey, in the 4-star hotels we provide you can rest until you feel like you can enjoy the city.

    VIP Transfers

    Your driver will pick you up from the airport. Your all transfer from airport to hotel, and to hospital will be with private car.

    International Patient Host

    Your host will be with you during your journey to help you communicate.


    Pre&Post-Op Instructions for DHI

    Pre-Operation Instructions

    Do not take and blood thinners (aspirin etc.) at least 3 days before DHI hair transplant in Istanbul.

    Do not consume any alcohol for at least 1 week, it may interfere with local anesthetics and may cause pain during the procedure.

    One Day Before Surgery:

    Do not smoke, Smoking prevents the blood flow which is important for your procedure, it also affects recovery.

    Day of The Surgery:

    Wear a shirt with buttons.

    Do not touch or scratch your grafts after the procedure.

    Procedure takes around 4-8 hours depending on the number of grafts you need.

    Bring your passport with you.

    Post-Operation Instructions

    Use the medications as instructed by your surgeon.

    Do not drink alcohol for 2 weeks.

    Keep your bandages on until your check-up day.

    Avoid smoking, which may affect the result negatively.

    Do not touch or scratch the recipient area.

    Drink lots of water.

    Wash your hair as instructed (it will be explained on your check-up day)

    Swelling is completely normal.

    Keep your head dry to prevent infection.

    Recovery process is important, so follow all the post-operation instructions carefully.

    You can contact our aftercare team if you have any issues or questions.

    Procedure:DHI Hair Transplant
    Duration:4-8 Hours
    Stay:3 Nights Hotel Stay
    Anesthesia:Local Anesthesia
    Recovery:3-5 Days to return to work
    What to bring:Loose clothes
    Side Effect:Numbness, Discomfort, Swelling, Bleeding
    Complications:Inflammation, Infection of Follicles, Necrosis
    Exercise:One month
    Pain:Only during anesthetic injections
    Results:1 Year for the final result
    Multiple surgeries:Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant.


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