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How we lead the field

You don’t pay for our services

Patients do not pay for consultation, treatment plans and medical travel arrangements. Why not get in touch and get a no obligation treatment plan?

Free Consultation in London
We offer free physical consultations at our London office in Victoria. Contact us now to book your free face to face consultation.
Guarantee Certificate
You are provided with a legal document obtained from our partner hospitals in case any malpractice occurs during your treatment procedure.
Transparent Quote
Our quotes include all the medical charges related with your surgery and your inner transfer expenses. There is no hidden charge
Hand Picked Surgeons
Exclusive team of the country’s leading surgical and aesthetic talent to guarantee that you will always see one of the country’s leading specialists at brand new hospitals



4-5 star reviews

Patient service

Clinic Center Celebrities

My overall experience was amazing! The stuff is really supportive, really friendly as well. They all really look after you even in the hotel! There is an aftercare nurse at the hotel and she is really friendly so I had no complains at all.
The communication was really good, all of the staff were available whenever I needed them and basically, they all answered my questions. The hotel was very clean and very cozy. I feel really good about my results at the moment.
I definitely recommend people to go for it to have it done. I was very nervous and waited for about 10 years but trust me they look after you here and everything goes so smoothly. Go for it!

Daniyal’s Medical Journey

I choose Clinic Center with a recommendation of a friend of mine. When I researched I’ve seen that they were doing all the arrangements for you so I wouldn’t have to worry about my stay, flights, transfers. My overall experience was great, everything was well organized, Communication was great and they were in touch with me during my whole stay explaining the steps and so on. The hotel and the food were amazing, they have room service 24/7 which makes your stay easier since you don’t quite want to go out to grab some food while you are recovering. I had 3 procedures which were hair transplant, dental treatment and plastic surgery and none of them were painful. I’m really happy with my results and i would highly recommend Clinic Center!

Neil’s Full Medical Journey

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