Intragastric Balloon Operation in Turkey

IntraGastric Baloon in Turkey

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Intragastric balloon operation is the new non-surgical weight loss treatment technique in medicine that is performed for patients who wants to lose their excess weight without any prime surgery.


What is an Intragastric Balloon?

Intragastric balloon is a new non-surgical weight-loss procedure that involves temporarily placing a saline-filled and inflatable medical silicone balloon in your stomach and then filling it to decrease the amount of gastric space to reduce weight. It limits how much you can eat and makes you feel full quicker. The balloon can be left in the stomach for a maximum of 6 months. The intragastric balloon may be used prior to another bariatric surgery in order to assist the patient to reach a weight which is suitable for surgery. It can also be used on several occasions if necessary.

Like other weight-loss procedures, an intragastric balloon in Turkey requires commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You need to make permanent healthy changes to your diet and get regular exercise to help ensure the long-term success of the procedure.


How is Intragastric Balloon Operation Done?

The intragastric balloon procedure in Turkey is done as an outpatient procedure. Patient will be sedated for the procedure.

Procedure usually takes a 20-30 minutes. The unfilled gastric balloon is placed into the stomach through the mouth with the guidance of an endoscopic camera and then doctor fills it with using a thin tube (catheter), afterwards, the tube gets removed.


Who is a Candidate for Intragastric Balloon Operation?

Intragastric balloon procedure can perform if patient have:

BMI is 30 to 40 and must not have had prior weight loss surgery.

Having one or more serious weight-related health problem that can improve with weight loss. Some of these problems are sleep apnoea, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

The device may not be recommended for people who have: Any inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, a hiatal hernia, a gastric mass, liver failure a bleeding disorder or severe clotting, had bariatric or gastrointestinal surgery in the past, an esophageal motility disorder, a psychiatric illness.

A How to Calculate Your BMI Index

Metric system: Formula: weight (kg) / [height (m)]2: Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. If height has been measured in centimetres, divide by 100 to convert this to meters.

Imperial: Formula: 703 x weight (lbs) / [height (in)]2: When using English measurements, pounds should be divided by inches squared. This should then be multiplied by 703 to convert from lbs/inches2 to kg/m2.


How to Get Ready for an Intragastric Balloon?

Our Clinic Center surgeon may ask the patient to have a complete physical exam, blood tests, ultrasound of gallbladder and visits with other health care providers before the patient has this procedure to make sure the patient is healthy enough to have surgery. Patients have to visit their doctor if they have some medical issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart or lung problems to make sure they are under control for having surgery. Also, if the patient is a smoker, they should stop smoking several weeks before surgery and after the procedure, they shouldn’t start smoking again. Smoking slows the recovery process and increases the risks for problems.

Patient have to inform to Clinic Center medical staff about possibility of being pregnant and what medicines, vitamins, herbs, and other supplements are taking.

Before surgery: Patient have to follow instructions about when to stop eating and drinking before procedure time, and take pre-operation the drugs if surgeon required.


What are the Risks of Intragastric Balloon?

Pain, nausea affect and vomiting in the first few days after placement can be experienced. Fortunately, these symptoms usually only last for a few days after the balloon placement. These symptoms can usually be managed with oral medications at home.

-Abdominal discomfort

Serious side effects after intragastric balloon placement and removal are rare. It is possible that the balloon could deflate. If the balloon deflates, there’s also a risk that it could move through your digestive system. This can cause a blockage that may require an additional procedure or surgery to remove the device.


Intragastric Balloon Results in Turkey

The most important thing that any weight-loss surgery candidate should know is that weight loss is individual. The amount and speed of weight loss varies from person to person.

Most patients lose about 30 pounds (14 kilograms) at the end of the six-month process after surgery, weight loss will decrease over time by sticking to your diet and exercise from the beginning, you lose more weight.

Intragastric balloon in Turkey usually results in weight loss of 20-50 pounds. The amount of weight you lose also depends on how much you can change your lifestyle habits including diet and exercise. Patients who have the gastric balloon, feel a reduced desire to eat. The procedure is temporary and completely reversible. It may be possible to lose 30-47% of excess weight but you must also be willing to make permanent changes to lead a healthier lifestyle, to lose weight and avoid complications from the procedure, the patient has to follow the exercise and eating guidelines that your doctor and dietitian have given you. Researches still ongoing for intragastric balloon placement but there are still some studies about success rate of intragastric balloon that shows 60-65% of intragastric balloon patients lose their 30-47% excess weight successfully.

Intragastric balloon in Turkey can make it much easier for you to move around and perform routine daily activities, which could help improve your quality of life with the help of Clinic Center.


What to Expect After Intragastric Balloon Operation? (Optional)

Patient may go to home 2 hours after the procedure. Before being discharged, medical staff will provide the patient with information on how to avoid complications and when the patient can resume certain activities and how their eating plan should change.


Advantages of Intragastric Balloon in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center

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In addition to that, weight loss procedures such as intragastric balloon may improve some of these conditions that often related to being overweight such as;  gastroesophageal reflux disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnoea, type 2 diabetes, stroke, infertility, asthma.


Intragastric Balloon Cost in Turkey

When it comes to treatments, people usually seek for the budget friendly place to get a treatment, especially if they need to have it, but can’t afford it where they live. So, they wonder how much does a Intragastric Balloon procedure cost in Turkey? This can change from hospital to hospital. However, we can give the guarantee of an affordable intragastric balloon procedure price. For more information please fill the online form


Intragastric Balloon All Inclusive Package

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Intragastric Balloon Recovery and Aftercare

Patients are free to eat as soon as they get home and can have small amounts of clear liquids starting about six hours after the procedure. The liquid diet generally continues until the start of the second week, when you can start eating soft foods. Patient will probably be able to start eating regular food around three weeks after the procedure.

Intragastric balloons can stay in stomach for a maximum 6 months and then it has to be removed. Then a new balloon may be placed, or not, depending on patient’s goal.

You may experience changes as your body reacts to the rapid weight loss in the first three to six months after sleeve gastrectomy such as; body aches, feeling tired like if you have the flu, feeling cold, dry skin, hair thinning and hair loss, mood changes. These reactions will also disappear when your body tolerates speed of your weight loss. You can always reach your Clinic Center medical consultant lo learn more.


All Inclusive Package


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Fast Facts About Gastric Plication

Procedure:Limits patient’s eating-drinking volume
Duration:20 to 30 minutes
Stay:No hospitalization
Recovery:No hospitalization, 1 week to back to work (depending on each patient’s medical condition)
What to bring:Comfortable clothes that are easy to slip on or off as needed, (sweatshirts, button-down or zipped shirt, flip-flops, slippers or socks with tread etc.)
Side Effect:Abdominal discomfort, pain, nausea affect and vomiting in the first few days
Exercise:After 2-4 weeks
Scars:No incisions
Pain:Mild (depends on the patient)
Results:No hospitalization, patient should be able to move around without too much problem.
Combination of Surgeries:Excess skin removal surgery (panniculectomy), is a very common surgery people undergo after extreme weight loss.

Intragastric Balloon FAQ

How long does gastric balloon procedure take?

The intragastric balloon in Turkey usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

Will I feel any pain?

The procedure is usually performed under sedation and there is no possibility of having pain during the procedure.

Will I need special care when I arrive home?

You should be able to function completely on your own after your discharge. A small number of patients with physical disabilities before surgery sometimes require extra assistance.

When can I go back to work after surgery?

After surgery, most patients return to work after 1 week.

When can I start exercising again after surgery?

You will start exercising even in the hospital with slow short walks. You can slowly start exercising after 2-4 weeks.

How long should I wait to get pregnant after surgery?

Seeking to achieve significant weight loss during these periods can threaten the growth of your baby, so intragastric balloons (and other weight loss therapies) should be avoided until after pregnancy is concluded. If you fall pregnant with a balloon in place, the balloon is removed when it is safe to do so, typically in the second trimester. Otherwise, there have been no known problems to the mother or the baby from the presence of a gastric balloon.

How do I know if I am successful with my weight loss? 

Success is not getting to your goal weight; it is getting to a “healthy” weight. If you have achieved a weight within approximately 40 pounds of your ideal body weight and maintain your weight, you are considered a success.

How will I know when to stop losing weight? 

Your body knows how much weight it needs to lose. As long as you stick to your nutrition and exercise program, your body will adjust to the weight loss and stabilize at its appropriate weight.

Is it possible to regain my weight after gastric balloon?

Remember, your gastric balloon is only a tool. It is not a cure for obesity. Snacking, drinking with meals, drinking caffeinated and carbonated beverages, not drinking enough water in between meals and not exercising are common behaviours that may cause you to regain your weight.

Does gastric balloon guarantee permanent weight loss?

No. A small percentage of patients will regain a substantial portion of the weight that is lost. This is happens usually when the patient does not follow the dietary guidelines in the months and years following the procedure.

What do I do about excess skin after weight loss? 

Most people can minimize excess skin by maintaining healthy nutrition, aerobic exercises and weight training. But if you need to have excess skin removed, we can help you to get a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Must I be in good health to qualify for the surgery?

No, many of potential weight loss surgery patients aren’t in good health. Because of illnesses generated by their obesity. These illnesses include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, lung problems, and kidney difficulties.

Will I need any preoperative tests?

Yes. To make sure the best possible outcome, your surgeon will administer specific blood tests, a chest x-ray, and an electrocardiogram (EKG) and more.

Will I need to take vitamins? 

There is no malabsorption with the gastric balloon and because of that you will not require the same types of supplements as gastric bypass patients. Usually, taking a daily multivitamin with minerals along with eating a balanced diet is sufficient for most patients. Women may sometimes require a calcium supplement as well.

How will the gastric balloon be removed?

Gastric balloon procedure is temporarily weight loss solution and completely reversible. The gastric balloon is removed through the mouth like same way as it placed. The procedure is done under sedation and is over quickly.

How long should the gastric balloon stay inside the stomach?

Intragastric balloon is a temporary procedure. This balloon can stay in place for six months. It is not recommended to leave it in the stomach longer than six months. If a longer period is desired, removal and insertion of a new unit is recommended.

Will the gastric balloon limit my activities?

The gastric balloon weight loss process is essentially an outpatient procedure done in about 20-30 minutes monitored by professional nursing staff in our recovery area. No surgical procedure is required. The first 2 to 4 days you should not plan any heavy activity. After your body has adapted to the gastric balloon, you can continue your normal activities. We are going to emphasize regular exercise plus steps to enhance your health and help you look your very best.

Will I be able to feel the balloon in my stomach?

Some discomfort during the first few days after the procedure is common. However this should dissipate if you follow the portion size recommendations provided by your doctor and dietitian. You may be able to feel the balloon when you palpate (gently press down) your stomach.

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