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Based in the UK, Clinic Center makes it possible for everyone to have a teeth makeover in Turkey at an affordable price. You can simply contact us through the online consultation form to get further information on teeth treatment in Turkey.

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    What is a Hollywood Smile Turkey?

    Hollywood Smile Turkey or cosmetic dentistry Turkey is a cosmetic dentistry term which defines several teeth treatment in Turkey to achieve the perfect shape, colour, and size of teeth to fit perfectly in your mouth. The most common smile design treatments are dental crowns or bridges, dental implants, gingivoplasty, and teeth whitening. Also, there are supportive teeth treatments in turkey such as root canal treatment, composite filling, and calculus removal (also known as teeth cleaning) for making oral condition as healthy as needed for the smile makeover process and to make sure that there isn’t any dental problem to be treated before the process.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Before After

    Main features of Hollywood teeth are their white colour and perfect shape. Hollywood smile veneers, dental crowns or Hollywood teeth whitening can be used to adjust the colour, size and position of the patient’s teeth. Sometimes an aesthetic gum surgery (such as gingivoplasty) may be needed to adjust your gum margins and align them to perfect your new smile. If you want to achieve your perfect smile turkey is among the best choices to travel to.

    Smile Makeover Turkey

    Smiling is our best makeup, every smile is unique, and every smile should be custom-designed to fit your unique facial features, so that your new smile fits you perfectly. It is possible to achieve a white smile with the smile design in Turkey that aims to ensure you have the smile of Hollywood stars. Getting your teeth done in Turkey at Clinic Center is one of the best decisions you can make since we provide excellent services, which you can find out more about below.

    Most people think that teeth makeover in turkey is performed for aesthetic purposes only. Although it is true that smile design is mostly performed for aesthetic purposes, it is also possible to combine it while dealing with some dental problems and treating them. A Hollywood Smile in Turkey can overshadow nearly any flaws to give a natural-looking smile. So whether you are here to get new teeth in Turkey or get fixed teeth in Turkey, you will get the best and long-time desired results, which is your perfect smile.

    Turkey has been a popular destination for Hollywood Smile abroad as the country offers great opportunities ranging from good results to affordable smile makeover prices. We also have highly-qualified partner dentists having performed cosmetic dentistry procedures for years.

    During the consultation, our partner dentist will treat every case individually. Since every patient has different needs, you may require a unique set of Hollywood smile dental procedure to transform your teeth. The procedures may include dental implants and crowns, gingivoplasty and teeth whitening.

    Once the treatment plan has been made, the procedure is carried out under high-standard conditions and completed only within 7-10 days.

    To get your new smile in Turkey , Clinic Center have some unmissable offers, for further information, you can simply get in contact with us online.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Before After
    Dentist Ebru Catal Hocaoglu

    Best Hollywood Smile Turkey Dentist

    Clinic Center is providing its patients with high-quality dental treatments thanks to its internationally recognised and certified partner doctors. All treatments offered by Clinic Center are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Clinic Center partner doctors are meticulously selected taking into account their careers and international experiences. As a result, Clinic Center partner dentist is the best dentist in Turkey considering the background, experience and specialisation in the field. You can check their backgrounds below,

    Clinic Center’s partner dentist Ebru and her team give the best Hollywood smile dental procedure with the help of Clinic Center Turkey to its patients with high-quality service at an affordable cost.

    With more than 20 years of experience, Dentist Ebru prioritizes the patient’s oral health and then focuses on the aesthetic part. Because an unhealthy mouth can’t stay pretty for long.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey

    The maintenance of Hollywood Smile in Istanbul depends on such factors as the medical team performing the procedure, the quality of the material used, and the aftercare of the patient. Smile makeover assisted by Clinic Center is a life-long procedure as our partner dental staff uses high-quality materials and technologies in a well-equipped dental clinic.

    The consultation involves a detailed examination with the help of an X-Ray in order to detect which treatments are required to give you a long-lasting Hollywood Smile in Turkey. Especially, the treatment plans including dental implants or crowns rather than fillings or veneers expectedly last longer. Once the procedure has been done, our medical staff will inform you about aftercare in detail. As long as you follow these instructions, you are likely to keep your Hollywood smile for more than 20 years.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Before After

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Clinic

    In order to have a smile like a Hollywood star, Clinic Center has specialized treatments within dental aesthetics to achieve the desired perfect smile, like that of a Hollywood star. Based in the UK, Clinic Center is the leading smile clinic in Turkey. After your smile is designed by Clinic Center, you will have the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.

    Every step of your treatment is arranged prior to your arrival, so all you need to do is to enjoy your medical journey and fascinating amazing smile in Turkey results. The advantages Clinic Center offers include:

    • Well-qualified dental staff
    • Personalized treatment plans
    • Best materials and latest technologies
    • Transfers between the airport, hotel and clinic
    • Guarantee of an affordable Hollywood Smile cost
    • Aftercare provided in the UK

    To get further information on smile clinic Turkey and our smile makeover cost, you can simply contact us online, or you can directly book a video consultation or a physical consultation in our London Office. 

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Results

    One of the best investments you can do yourself is in your smile. A smile makeover in Turkey improves the look and feel of your teeth to give you the confidence boost you’ve been missing. Teeth treatment in Turkey can improve your life in a number of important ways. The results of these treatments extend beyond an improved smile. While you will enjoy the way you look after your smile makeover, you will also enjoy renewed self-confidence. In fact, teeth makeover in Turkey might even lead to a promotion at work or a new relationship with a potential significant other.

    As for the time required for the results, smile design in Turkey is generally carried out approximately in 2-4 appointments. Still, this may vary depending on which treatments the candidate needs to have. For example, patients have to wait at least 2 months before dental crown placement on implants as the gum needs to heal in the first place. Dental crowns without implants typically require replacement after 10 to 15 years. Gummy smile improvements may also require enhancement over time.

    To see the results of Smile design assisted by Clinic Center, you can simply visit our website gallery. 

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Before After

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Cost

    How much does a Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey?

    Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey is a significant concern for people, especially considering the smile makeover price in the UK. Turkey has been a popular destination for those who seek an affordable Hollywood teeth price, yet with satisfying results. Being the best Hollywood smile medical center, Clinic Center provides dental makeovers abroad at a reasonable cost. We guarantee our clients that the results of our procedures are totally worth the Hollywood Smile price Turkey.

    Thanks to our highly-experienced dental staff, a teeth makeover in Turkey is the best option that will meet all your expectations throughout your medical journey. To get further information on our smile makeover prices, you can simply contact us online. This is the best opportunity to fix teeth in Turkey!

    Hollywood Smile CostsHollywood Smile Cost TurkeyHollywood Smile Cost UKHollywood Smile Cost EuropeHollywood Smile Cost US
    Hollywood Smile£2,500 – £3,000£8,000 – £9,500€5,900 – €8,000$9,000 – $11,000

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Recovery

    Teeth treatment in Turkey procedures requires regular oral hygiene care, same as you do on your own teeth. It may also require maintenance over time. For example, teeth whitening must be repeated on occasion in order to keep the teeth white. In addition to brushing the teeth and gums, it is also recommended for the patients to use dental floss and mouthwash. Having at least one dental cleaning a year in a specialized centre eliminates tartar accumulations that do not disappear with brushing and prevents diseases.

    Registered to the Companies House, Clinic Center provides aftercare in the UK by guiding and answering all of the questions of our patients in our London Office . If patients can’t come to our London office, we also provide video consultations. To get further information on our treatments, you can simply fill in the online consultation form .

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Before After

    Hollywood Smile Turkey All-Inclusive Package

    Having a Hollywood smile dental procedure abroad may be stressful for some people as, in most cases, they will need to find a professional clinic, a place to stay and means of transport. In the all-inclusive packages offered, Clinic Center provides everything you will need during and after your Hollywood Smile in Turkey. Your treatment package will include the following opportunities:

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Dentist

    USA-trained Professional Dentists

    You will get your procedure in Turkey done by USA-trained partner dentists of Clinic Center. Your well-experienced professional dentist will fix your problems victoriously.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Dental Treatment

    Dental Treatment

    Clinic Center will happily help you deal with your mouth-related problems. You will have a successful Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Special Group Discount

    Special Group Discount

    Have another friend also with dental problems? Then you can come together and benefit from special discounts Clinic Center provides you and your loved one. Be better, together.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Free X-Ray

    Free X-Ray

    You will have the opportunity to get a free X-ray before your procedure at Hollywood Smile in Turkey if needed.

    Best Price Guarantee

    Hollywood Smile procedure costs a fortune – but not with the assistance of Clinic Center. Clinic Center guarantees to offer the most affordable smile for you.

    VIP Transfers

    The Clinic Center team is here to provide you with airport transfers for a trouble-free trip for your dental implant procedure.

    Personal Host

    You’re never alone. Clinic Center provides you with a 24-hour reachable host during your stay. So you never have to worry about any communication problems in our country when you are concerned about your dental implant procedure.

    Accommodation at a 4-Star Hotel

    You will get your dental implant and also stay in comfortable accommodations with very special rates.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Fast Facts

    Length of Procedure:It may change depending on the procedure to be performed.
    Recovery Period:A day to a week depending on the procedure to be performed.
    Anaesthesia:Some procedures can be performed without anaesthesia and some can be performed with local anaesthetics.
    Pain: All procedures are pain-free because of anaesthetics, but still mild discomfort-sensitivity can be experienced.
    Results:Achieved immediately.
    Combination of treatments:  Mostly dental crowns-bridges, dental implants, teeth whitening, gingivoplasty, root canal treatment, nose job, hair transplant

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Patients’ Reviews

    Naomi, Ireland

    Myself and my partner came over to turkey to get both veneers and crowns done we had a done a lot research so we felt good about this clinic we contacted them and they very good to us they helped us organise hotels and transfers they answered any messages and kept in contact with us during our stay ..they were very nice people and very welcoming our experience couldn’t of gone any better 🙂 in total during our 6night stay we had two appointments in the clinic so the Monday and Friday fitting 🙂 ❤️ The people we dealt with were amazing in the clinic and in our hotel and expecially to buse our trip advisor who checked up on us regularly and was there for everything we needed also emal who took us back and forth from the clinic ..Lovely people to deal with and I would 100% recommended to any one to take the leap 🙂 all in all it was great value and there was no pain at all so we’ve also had a holiday out of it 🙂 I myself aren’t a fan of dentists but they were great and very accommodating they put you totally at ease ..We are both in love with our new teeth 🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️ I Would recommend 100%

    Callum, UK

    After having a Hair Transplant with this company last year, I decided to go for dental crowns. The communication has again been fantastic and the hosts have been very helpful. I originally made the booking with Buse but unfortunately, she left the company I was passed to Çağlar and he’s been brilliant. I was promptly picked up at the airport and taken to the Ramada Encore hotel which was very good! I couldn’t fault the hotel at all. I was picked up by my host from my hotel which took her 2 hours to get there, so credit where it’s due! She was always smiling and happy to answer my questions. At the consultation, I had to pay an extra £500 due to my bite and gum line, although I wish they told me this before I went… I understand the consultation was subject to change due to them actually examining my mouth – it was still worth it! The procedure itself was pain-free and the team are outstanding, they explained things very clearly and ensured I understood before they began. I honestly cannot recommend Clinic Center enough and they haven’t let me down yet! I’m still smiling thanks to you and the dentist! Very, very happy!

    Roza, UK

    High-quality service. Fantastic effect. Good organisation.

    Hollywood Smile Turkey Patient Review Videos

    Ed’s Medical Journey

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