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Dental Implants in Turkey

You could wish to have your missing tooth back and solve your chewing and biting problems but at the same time not to spend a fortune for these problems. Clinic Center will assist you to solve your problems with dental implants Turkey, lifelong solutions for dental problems. With our professional and affordable dental implant offers, we offer you a flawless mouth. 

What are dental implants?

Millions of people have the problem of tooth loss in the world, mostly caused by periodontal diseases, tooth decay, or injuries. Until recently only dental bridges and dentures were possible to solve the problem of tooth loss, but now there are more different options to restore missing teeth. Today dental implants are the most popular and common methods due to the fact that they are long lasting, natural-looking, functional and aesthetical. 

A dental implant is the replacement tooth root located in jaw bone to provide function and aesthetics of a missing tooth. An implant to be located in mouth with surgical methods may sound scary at first, but this is not real. On the contrary, a missing tooth may cause sagging in mouth and this may result in changing the look on face, giving the face an old look and some other problems such as atrophy. Dental implants protect bone structure preventing these deformations. 

Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants are among the most preferred dental procedures all around the world. Turkey is one of the most successful countries in dental implants, achieving the success rate of up to %98. 

Clinic Center is one of the best, most successful and trustworthy medical tourism companies in Turkey for those thinking about getting a dental implant abroad. 

Thanks to our well experienced, professional dentists we meet all of our patient’s needs and gain full confidence in dental implant procedures. 

Your dental implant procedure starts with several x-rays. Due to these examinations, your professional dentist decides the suitable implant design for your mouth and informs you about your dental implant procedure. 

The operation is done with local anaesthesia unless general anaesthesia is needed in special cases. Either way there will be no pain you should be afraid of. 

Your professional dentist starts the procedure cutting the gum which the titanium implant will be placed into. The implant is mostly fabricated with titanium. This material helps the implant integrate adjusting to the bone structure. Then s/he drills a small hole and places the implant which will serve as a tooth root, into your jaw bone. 

After this operation, a healing period is needed between 6 weeks and 6 months. During this period you are provided with a temporary tooth by your professional dentist. 

Your healing period is examined by your dentist and if everything goes smooth, a dental crown is placed in the root. And your dental implant procedure is done. 

At the end, you have your missing tooth back. 

Dental Implant Aftercare

Dental implant aftercare is the most important thing to prevent any kind of trouble and to help the implant last longer. Unless your dentist gives you some other directions depending on your procedure, daily care and routine dentist check-ups are enough for dental implant aftercare. For daily care, dental implants require brushing regularly, flossing and rinsing with mouthwashes, the same care as real teeth. Your dentist check-ups are done by your professional partner dentist of Clinic Center according to your dental implant procedure. 

Advantages of Dental Implants in Turkey by Clinic Center

  • Overall dental treatment 
  • USA trained professional partner dentist 
  • Free X-ray if required 
  • Best price guarantee 
  • Private airport transfers 
  • Special discount if you are coming with your friend 
  • Personal host, 24 hours reachable during your stay 
  • Special rate for accommodation 

Dental Implant Results

At the end of your dental implant procedure in Turkey, you will have achieved: 

  • A natural looking and natural feeling tooth 
  • Increased self-esteem 
  • Complete and unproblematic mouth 

Click here to see our dental implants before and after gallery. 


Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

You may have one or more missing teeth. This may irritate you causing problems while eating and biting and also lower your self-esteem. Though solutions for dental problems are pretty high priced, you are not desperate. 

Turkey offers you a very affordable dental implants cost due to its well experienced dentists, increasing number of successful procedures, amazing results and affordable prices. Generally the prices vary depending on the number of implants and the patient’s teeth condition. With the assistance of Clinic Center, supported by Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, your personal treatment plan is prepared while taking every personal detail about you into consideration and by offering you the best possible all-inclusive package with an affordable dental implants cost in Turkey. 

Clinic Center will happily help you to have a good and comfortable stay in Turkey. Here are the details of our service and additional services that you can benefit.

  • USA trained professional dentists

    You will get your procedure in Turkey done by USA trained partner dentists of Clinic Center. Your well experienced professional dentist will fix your problems victoriously.

  • Dental treatment

    Clinic Center will happily help you deal with your mouth-related problems. You will have a successful dental implant in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center.

  • Special discount if you are coming with your friend

    Have another friend also with dental problems? Then you can come together and benefit from special discounts Clinic Center provides you and your loved one. Be better, together.

  • Free X-ray if required

    You will have the opportunity to get a free X-ray before your procedure of dental implant in Turkey if needed.

  • Best price guarantee

    Dental implants cost a fortune, not with the assistance of Clinic Center. Clinic Center guarantees to offer the most affordable dental implant costs for you.

  • Private airport transfers

    If you wish, you can forget all about the transfer problems in your trip. Clinic Center team is here to provide you airport transfers for a trouble-free trip for your dental implant procedure.

  • Personal host, 24 hours reachable during your stay

    You’re never alone. Clinic Center provides you a 24-hours reachable host during your stay. So you never have to worry about any communication problem in our country while you are concerned about your dental implant procedure.

  • Special rate for accommodation

    You will get your dental implant and also stay in comfortable accommodations with the very special rates.

Length of Procedure: 30 – 60 minutes
Recovery Period: 1 – 2 days to feel normal, integration of the implant and jaw bone 6 weeks – 6 moths
Anesthesia: Local anaesthesia
Diet: Avoid hard foods, hot and cold drinks for a week or two
Potential Candidate: Patients with missing teeth
Pain: No due to local anaesthesia
Post dental care: The same care as your normal teeth
Long lasting: Yes, if well cared can last even a lifetime
Lifetime guarantee: Yes
Multiple treatments: Mostly dental veneers, dental crowns and teeth whitening

James, UK

I was very miserable missing some teeth for a long time when I first meet Clinic Center and Ms. Hocaoglu’s team, now I can’t explain how pleased I am with the results of my implants. Having 2 implants, now I have my self-esteem and missing teeth back. Thank you Clinic Center.

Rishita, Ireland

Everyone is so warm and friendly. They did everything to make me feel comfortable. It was a great process even for me with a dentist phobia. Looking at my results, I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Ms. Hocaoglu and all members of Clinic Center. Thank you for everything.

Giselle, France

It was a real smooth journey for me. I was informed about every step of my procedure and everyone did everything to ease the process. Dr. Hocaoglu and her team were super kind and friendly. Clinic Center, highly recommended.

Ann, Germany

I’m from Germany and spent my whole summer looking for an affordable place to get my teeth problems done. Then I was told by a friend that Turkey offers really good dentistry. I can’t be thankful enough to Clinic Center, specially Dr. Ebru. All my problems solved with 3 implants by very friendly and professional people with a suitable price. Thank you for everything.

Arnau, UK

I had to get a tooth extracted 3 months before my journey to Istanbul and was so sad about it. Ms. Hocaoglu gave me my tooth back with her professional work while informing me all about the steps of my process. Recommended to anyone thinking about implants. Thank you.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Anyone having healthy gums and trouble-free jaw bone development and not having diabetes, excessive smoking habit, hypertension, heart diseases, blood coagulation disorders is a good candidate for dental implants. 

Why do I choose to get dental implants?

If you have missing teeth or problems with chewing or biting, or if you lost your self-esteem because you don’t want to have missing in your mouth, you can choose dental implants and get rid of all of these problems. 

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement tooth, mostly produced with titanium and surgically positioned in jaw bone to carry a missing tooth. 

What are the advantages?

You will have a natural looking and natural feeling tooth in the place of your missing one. Dental implants protect your bone structure preventing potential future problems. They are long lasting, even lifelong, as well as they are functional and aesthetical. 

Is there any age limit for getting dental implants?

Dental implants are directly related to jaw bone quality and quantity. Therefore, they can only be performed in patients who completed bone development. This refers to 15-16 years old for women and 17-18 years old for men. There is no up limit, even quiet elderly people can have dental implant procedures. 

Is the procedure painful?

No. A dental implant procedure is not a treatment to be afraid of. Implants are performed easily and painlessly with local or general anaesthesia in a hygienic environment. Only small pain can be expected in the first and second day. 

How long does the procedure take?

A dental implant procedure normally takes less than an hour. There may be time extensions depending on special cases, the patient and the number of implants to be placed. 

What is the healing period?

Healing period of dental implants can be defined as a waiting process for the implant to integrate with the jaw bone. This period is important because the implant will support your dental crown afterward. 

Will I be without teeth during the healing period?

No. After your dental implant is placed, your dentist will provide you with a temporary tooth during your healing period. 

How long does healing period take?

Healing period can vary from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the patient.

How long does a dental implant last?

Dental implants last for long years, even lifelong if well cared.

Why should I choose dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implants Turkey offers one of the best implant procedures regarding price/performance ratio. Well experienced professional dentists work with cutting edge technology and give you the best results in your treatment without you spending a fortune for the procedure. 

Why should I choose dental implants in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center? 

Clinic Center makes its difference by giving among the best affordable and high-quality services to its patients all around the world. Clinic Center has won over 1000 patients’ confidence and keeps having increasing number of patients offering a package including successful a dental implant procedure, advantages of dental treatments, special discounts for accommodation and transfers with affordable costs. 

What is dental implants cost in Turkey?

Although missing tooth is a very common problem around the world, dental implants cost is very high. In Turkey, on the other hand, dental implants cost is relatively more affordable with high quality service due to its local healthcare system and cheap living costs compared to European countries. 

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