Dental Implants in Turkey

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Dental Implants in Turkey


The mouth is a delicate area. Not only does it have a very important aesthetic impact when we interact with others, but also, health problems in this area can affect our global well-being. That is why, when the damage to the teeth is very serious, the possibility of using a remedy such as a dental implant in Turkey can be considered. Simply fill in the form and let us contact you to prepare your personalized treatment plan with Clinic Center.
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What are Dental Implants?

A tooth implant can replace a missing tooth, functioning as effectively as one’s own tooth. Dental implant procedure in Turkey is quite safe and smooth due to the qualified dentists and high quality of denture implants that are used. Also, the price of dental implants in Turkey is much more affordable than that of in the UK.


In general, dental implants are placed when a tooth is missing (due to illness or trauma) or when one needs to be removed (due to a great destruction of the tooth because of caries) and must be replaced by an artificial one. Dental implants in Istanbul are like an artificial root made of either biocompatible titanium or zirconium, which is inserted into the bone through surgical intervention. It is possible for the candidates to have single or multiple implants while there may be cases where they need full mouth dental implants.


Tooth implant process in Turkey is extremely smooth and painless when carried out by an experienced dentists and essential aftercare for dental implants is provided. Dental implants in Turkey is placed under local anaesthesia, which means the area will be completely numb.


Once the tooth implant is placed in the bone, a natural osseointegration process begins that will last a few months. When tooth implant process has been completed, an abutment will be placed that will serve as a union with the prosthetic crown.


Through our UK clinic, it is now possible to have a face-to-face consultation prior to your arrival and receive aftercare in your own country. To get further information and initiate the booking process for your dental implant in Istanbul, you can simply get into contact with us online.


Types of Dental Implants

Teeth implants in Turkey are generally made of biocompatible titanium although there is another, equally safe, material that is also used to make implants that is zirconium.


Titanium Implants:

Titanium is a metal with a colour similar to steel, but lighter and extremely hard. The properties of titanium allow its integration with bone to be very effective and its rejection very difficult. This dental implant process is known as osseointegration and is highly biocompatible. The technique used to place titanium implants, osseointegration, is a mechanical union through which bone cells adhere to the surface of the implant, progressively consolidating its attachment to the chin bone. Titanium implants is an effective an affordable option for dental implants in Turkey.


Zirconium Implants:

Zirconium is a very strong and durable ceramic material used in dental implants abroad. It is also used to make crowns, bridges and prosthetics for its colour similar to that of dental pieces. This type of material prevents the formation of plaque around it, reducing the probability of subgingival disease. This dental implant process is known as biointegration: unlike titanium implants, a chemical union occurs through a layer formed between the bone surface and the dental implant surface. This type of union is faster and more intense than that of osseointegration.


Short Implants:

Short dental implants or mini implants in Turkey, are one kind of dental implant that is shorter than a standard tooth implant. Short dental implants are manufactured for patients who have tooth-loss but can’t be a candidate for standard dental implants because of their bone and soft tissue level isn’t high enough to handle and support normal-sized implants. However, mini implants are still new in dentistry and don’t perform as often as standard dental implants in Turkey.


Being the leader cosmetic surgery clinic abroad, Clinic Center also offers mini implants in Turkey. Our Implantologist will chose the best dental implants suitable for your condition.


Click here to see our dental crown before and after gallery.


How Long do Dental Implants Last?

Having dental implants in Turkey is a treatment that can last for many years, although if they are not taken care of properly, they will last less than expected. Considering that other treatments are temporary solutions and likely to need repetition, dental implant cost will be much more affordable and the results are long-lasting.


To keep the implants in perfect condition, it is necessary to have a correct dental hygiene and go to check-ups periodically. Every 6 months it is necessary to go to the dentist for periodontal control and maintenance reviews. There are different risk factors that can cause inflammations or infections in the implant area. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain careful oral hygiene -brushing of teeth and interdental cleaning-. In addition, it is advisable to quit smoking if you have as a habit.


Carry out these three simple recommendations: hygiene, periodical check-ups and tobacco cessation; then, your dental implants will remain in good condition and last for years.
To get further information on dental crowns and crown prices in Turkey, you can simply contact us online.


Dental Implants in Turkey by Clinic Center

When the reconstruction of a piece is not possible and necessary removal, or directly when we have lost one or more teeth, dental implants abroad are a safe and durable solution to replace our original parts. We must bear in mind that teeth implants respond not only to an aesthetic function so that our smile looks beautiful and complete, but they are also functional, helping to maintain a good bite and good oral health.


The advantages of dental implants in Turkey over other treatments are clear and their success in maintenance is the key for them to last for many years or even a lifetime.
With its well-educated dentists and advanced technologies, Turkey offers the best dental implant results abroad at the most affordable dental implant cost. During the consultation, our dentist will evaluate how many and what kind of dental implants you need; standard or mini implants, titanium or zirconium, partial or full teeth implants. After a physical examination, you will be informed about your personalized treatment plan. To get further information about dental implants and prices, you can simply contact us online.


Advantages of Dental Implants in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

Being the best cosmetic dentistry clinic abroad, Clinic Center provides all kind of dental treatments including teeth implants in Turkey. Also based in the UK, Clinic Center provides consultation and aftercare services in the London office. The candidates have the opportunity to book either a face-to-face or video consultation with our medical consultants.
With its highly experienced dental staff, Clinic Center also achieves the best dental implant results which are available for the candidates in our website gallery.


Dental implants in Turkey with the assistance of Clinic Center offers you great opportunities at an affordable dental implants cost.


Dental Implants Results

Dental Implants in Turkey are the most aesthetic solution to replace tooth loss. It will improve your appearance and you will have a more rejuvenated appearance, since the absence of dental pieces causes bone loss, with the consequent facial aging. A tooth implant has the stability and sensation identical to that of a natural tooth. You will be able to smile, eat, talk without worry, without conditions, or discomfort, and count on a lot of security, since denture implants not move. As it is a permanent treatment, no matter what dental implant price is, the results will be long-lasting. To see before and after photos of our patients, you can simply visit our website gallery.


Dental Implants Aftercare

Dental implants in Turkey, despite having an outpatient nature, requires an invasive surgery. The doctor will establish a series of guidelines necessary so that the discomfort is less and that the operation is successful. To keep dental implants in good condition, it is important to keep in mind that proper hygiene in these “false” teeth is still essential because, as with normal teeth, they can suffer pathologies if they are not given essential care.


The risk of infection is higher in smokers. Brushing your teeth after a meal is a must, preferably in addition to a dental floss.


Clinic Center provides aftercare services in the United Kingdom and our dental staff will always be ready to guide you after the dental implant procedure in case you need any assistance.


Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

There is no clear-cut answer to the question of: How much are dental implants? Dental implant cost varies according to your particular case and depends on a prior assessment by the Implantologist of Clinic Center. Once a diagnosis is made, we will give the exact price of dental implants adapted to your needs and to solve your particular case. Dental implant cost increases along with the number of dental implants required, which means the cost of full mouth implants will be expectedly higher.


Clinic Center guarantees an affordable tooth implant cost in addition to the fascinating results achieved by highly-experienced dentists in a well-equipped dental clinic.


All-Inclusive Package

Clinic Center offers all-inclusive packages for your dental implant procedure in Turkey. In addition to an affordable tooth implant cost, Clinic Center provides everything that patients do not need to think of. You will have the following opportunities during your dental implant surgery in Istanbul:



To have a free consultation in UK and book your surgery in Turkey, you can simply get into contact us online.


Pre & Post-Op Instructions for Dental Implants

  • It is advisable to wait at least 2 hours after the dental implant procedure to start drinking or eating something.
  • Although you should drink plenty of fluids and cold drinks are recommended, it is important that you do not drink alcohol.
  • It is normal for the intervened area to bleed during the first and even the second day after having dental implants in Turkey. It would help to use gauze pads that absorb blood and change them from time to time.
  • Do not rinse your mouth or spit immediately after the procedure. This can dissolve the clot or damage the stitches, which eventually causes bleeding. From the day after dental implant procedure in Turkey, rinse your mouth gently with a mouthwash prescribed by the doctor.
  • The same day of the intervention you should not brush your teeth. After 24 hours, you can brush them in a very soft way, and always avoiding the area of the mouth that has been operated on.
  • Do not lie down to sleep on the first night as keeping your head as high as possible reduces bleeding.
  • Some home remedies to relieve inflammation involves applying a cold compress to the affected area.
  • It is advisable to eliminate, or at least reduce smoking for a week before and after your dental implant surgery abroad.

Dental Implants All-Inclusive Package

Clinic Center will happily help you to have a good and comfortable stay in Turkey. Here are the details of our service and additional services that you can benefit.

  • USA trained professional dentists

    You will get your procedure in Turkey done by USA trained partner dentists of Clinic Center. Your well experienced professional dentist will fix your problems victoriously.

  • Dental treatment

    Clinic Center will happily help you deal with your mouth-related problems. You will have a successful dental implant in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center.

  • Special discount if you are coming with your friend

    Have another friend also with dental problems? Then you can come together and benefit from special discounts Clinic Center provides you and your loved one. Be better, together.

  • Free X-ray if required

    You will have the opportunity to get a free X-ray before your procedure of dental implant in Turkey if needed.

  • Best price guarantee

    Dental implants cost a fortune, not with the assistance of Clinic Center. Clinic Center guarantees to offer the most affordable dental implant costs for you.

  • Transfers with VIP car

    If you wish, you can forget all about the transfer problems in your trip. Clinic Center team is here to provide you airport transfers for a trouble-free trip for your dental implant procedure.

  • Personal host, 24 hours reachable during your stay

    You’re never alone. Clinic Center provides you a 24-hours reachable host during your stay. So you never have to worry about any communication problem in our country while you are concerned about your dental implant procedure.

  • Special rate for accommodation

    You will get your dental implant and also stay in comfortable accommodations with the very special rates.

Tooth Implants Fast Facts

Length of Procedure: 30 – 60 minutes
Recovery Period: 1 – 2 days to feel normal, integration of the implant and jaw bone 6 weeks – 6 moths
Anesthesia: Local anaesthesia
Diet: Avoid hard foods, hot and cold drinks for a week or two
Potential Candidate: Patients with missing teeth
Pain: No due to local anaesthesia
Post dental care: The same care as your normal teeth
Long lasting: Yes, if well cared can last even a lifetime
Lifetime guarantee: Yes
Multiple treatments: Mostly dental veneers, dental crowns and teeth whitening

Tooth Implants Patients’ Reviews

James, UK

I was very miserable missing some teeth for a long time when I first meet Clinic Center and Ms. Hocaoglu’s team, now I can’t explain how pleased I am with the results of my implants. Having 2 implants, now I have my self-esteem and missing teeth back. Thank you Clinic Center.

Rishita, Ireland

Everyone is so warm and friendly. They did everything to make me feel comfortable. It was a great process even for me with a dentist phobia. Looking at my results, I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Ms. Hocaoglu and all members of Clinic Center. Thank you for everything.

Giselle, France

It was a real smooth journey for me. I was informed about every step of my procedure and everyone did everything to ease the process. Dr. Hocaoglu and her team were super kind and friendly. Clinic Center, highly recommended.

Ann, Germany

I’m from Germany and spent my whole summer looking for an affordable place to get my teeth problems done. Then I was told by a friend that Turkey offers really good dentistry. I can’t be thankful enough to Clinic Center, specially Dr. Ebru. All my problems solved with 3 implants by very friendly and professional people with a suitable price. Thank you for everything.

Arnau, UK

I had to get a tooth extracted 3 months before my journey to Istanbul and was so sad about it. Ms. Hocaoglu gave me my tooth back with her professional work while informing me all about the steps of my process. Recommended to anyone thinking about implants. Thank you.

Tooth Implants FAQ

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Anyone having healthy gums and trouble-free jaw bone development and not having diabetes, excessive smoking habit, hypertension, heart diseases, blood coagulation disorders is a good candidate for dental implants. 

Why do I choose to get dental implants?

If you have missing teeth or problems with chewing or biting, or if you lost your self-esteem because you don’t want to have missing in your mouth, you can choose dental implants and get rid of all of these problems. 

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement tooth, mostly produced with titanium and surgically positioned in jaw bone to carry a missing tooth. 

What are the advantages?

You will have a natural looking and natural feeling tooth in the place of your missing one. Dental implants protect your bone structure preventing potential future problems. They are long lasting, even lifelong, as well as they are functional and aesthetical. 

Is there any age limit for getting dental implants?

Dental implants are directly related to jaw bone quality and quantity. Therefore, they can only be performed in patients who completed bone development. This refers to 15-16 years old for women and 17-18 years old for men. There is no up limit, even quiet elderly people can have dental implant procedures. 

Is the procedure painful?

No. A dental implant procedure is not a treatment to be afraid of. Implants are performed easily and painlessly with local or general anaesthesia in a hygienic environment. Only small pain can be expected in the first and second day. 

How long does the procedure take?

A dental implant procedure normally takes less than an hour. There may be time extensions depending on special cases, the patient and the number of implants to be placed. 

What is the healing period?

Healing period of dental implants can be defined as a waiting process for the implant to integrate with the jaw bone. This period is important because the implant will support your dental crown afterward. 

Will I be without teeth during the healing period?

No. After your dental implant is placed, your dentist will provide you with a temporary tooth during your healing period. 

How long does healing period take?

Healing period can vary from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the patient.

How long does a dental implant last?

Dental implants last for long years, even lifelong if well cared.

Why should I choose dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implants Turkey offers one of the best implant procedures regarding price/performance ratio. Well experienced professional dentists work with cutting edge technology and give you the best results in your treatment without you spending a fortune for the procedure. 

Why should I choose dental implants in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center? 

Clinic Center makes its difference by giving among the best affordable and high-quality services to its patients all around the world. Clinic Center has won over 1000 patients’ confidence and keeps having increasing number of patients offering a package including successful a dental implant procedure, advantages of dental treatments, special discounts for accommodation and transfers with affordable costs. 

What is dental implants cost in Turkey?

Although missing tooth is a very common problem around the world, dental implants cost is very high. In Turkey, on the other hand, dental implants cost is relatively more affordable with high quality service due to its local healthcare system and cheap living costs compared to European countries. 

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