Breast Uplift in Turkey

Breast Uplift in TurkeyBreast uplift surgery is the most appropriate solution for the sagging breasts. Breasts can sag due to gravity, age, breast feeding or genetical factors. Women who had breast uplift surgery in Turkey at Clinic Center are very happy with their results due to undergoing breast uplift procedure at internationally certified hospital. Those who had breast uplift surgery express that they can wear every cloth they want, their appearance and self esteem has improved a lot.

Some of the breast uplift patients preferred to have breast reduction surgery at the same time due to their back pain and to achieve a better appearance. Whereas some of them had breast enlargement procedure with breast uplift since they would like to have bigger boobs.

Breast Uplift in Turkey

The goal of the breast uplift or mastopexy is simple. They can help restore a firmer, shapelier breasts and as a result provide women who undergo the procedure with a more youthful appearance. The fact is women’s breasts can often sag over time due to the aging process, the effects of gravity, genetics, pregnancy and breast feeding, weight gain and loss and even fluctuations on hormones. That’s why so many women turned to a breast lift to help combat that many forces of nature.

During a breast lift procedure your plastic surgeon will likely to administer a general anesthetic,that will remove loose excess skin and then tighten the remaining skin. As a result the overall shape of the breasts has improved into a lifted new more upright position.

There are several breast uplift procedures a qualified plastic surgeon can perform and which one is best for you depends on the degree of the sagging you may have. Here are the four basic breast uplift techniques your doctor will consider.

The first two are minimally invasive techniques that are ideal for those with small breasts or minor sagging. The periareolar or crescent technique involves a half moon shaped incision that’s made around the top of the areola. The second type of breast lift is known as the circumareolar or doughnut technique. It involves a circular incision that’s made around the areola. It does achieve a small amount of lift too.

For those with large breasts and moderate to severe sagging the vertical technique is used. This involves a V-shaped incision that extends around the top of the areola and down the midline of the breasts. This procedure is slightly more invasive than the previous two, but in the end provides large degree uplift. And finally the most common techniques performed today is known as the anchor technique. It involves an anchor shape incision that goes around the top of the areola and laterally across the lower portion of the breast. This is the most invasive type of breast lift but provides the greatest amount of uplift. This type of procedure is appropriate for those with large breasts and severe sagging.

The procedure can take anywhere from one to four hours depending on the complexity of the procedure and whether an additional procedures such as breast augmentation is performed at the same time. You may need to wear compression garment following your breast lift likely for several weeks to help reduce swelling and this will provide comfort while you heal. If surgical drains are used along with the other bandages will likely to be removed within just a few days. While any non dissolvable stitches may stay in place for a week or two.

You may experience some minor pain, bruising and swelling as well as numbness around the areola. All of which should subside in several weeks. Although you may feel well enough to return to work in about a week or so, you should definitely stay away from any exercise or strenuous activity for three to four weeks to allow your body enough time to heal.

1. What is the difference between breast enlargement and breast uplift?

Breast enlargement is a procedure only for making your breasts bigger in size and being done or small breasts.  For breast uplift the size of the breast is not important and it is for having more natural esthetical appearance. However you can have both surgeries together which is more preferable many times to have a better result.


2. How mastopexy is being performed and how many hours does the surgery take?

It is performed by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape the new breast, nipples are also being reshaped during the surgery according to your new breasts. Breast Uplift Surgery, which is called also mastopexy, takes one to four hours, depends on the complexity of your breast and the operation.


3. How I can be sure that I need breast uplift surgery?

If you are considering having breast uplift surgery you can make a simple test. If a pencil drops after you put a pencil under your breast, you are a potential candidate for breast uplift surgery.


4. Which breast lift technique leaves the minimal scar?

In Clinic Center we provide 4 types of breast Uplift Surgery depending on cases,


This technique is the most common and preferable way today to reshape breast by doctors since it gives the best result about the amount of uplift. The name T incision comes from the shape of the scar that goes around the top of the areola and laterally across the lower portion of the breast. This technique is more appropriate for woman who has big and sagging breasts.


Crescent technique can only be used for patients who have small breast and minor sagging. It leaves a small scar after the surgery which will be top of the areola and the shape gives the name. This technique is not being used very often; however it is usually apply to patient who has breast augmentation too.


Doughnut technique can be done if you need minimal sagging problem or nipple asymmetry about your breast. It also takes its name due to the minimal scar after the surgery which is around the areola. This technique is also used for patients who get breast augmentation at the same time li crescent technique.


Lollipop technique is commonly used by doctors for removing the excess fat and reshaping the breast. The other reason that makes it preferable is easily hidden scars which are vertical line from the nipple through under the breast and around the nipple.


5. Can Breast Lift be performed with Breast Enlargement or Breast Reduction?

Yes, we provide both surgeries together in Clinic Center for our patients to have better results in case. However, it is important to have the surgery by an experienced surgeon.  And you will get benefit of multiple surgery discounts if you want to have breast lift and enlargement or reduction together.


6. Will I be able to breastfead after breast lift surgery?

Yes, it is possible to breast feed after breast lift as long as the nipple is left attached to the underlying breast tissue.


7. What is the possible to have sagging problem again after I have breast lift?

A patient who has breast lift surgery will have long term satisfactory result. In some conditions after the surgery, breasts tend to be sagging again like after pregnancy, aging or gaining weight. That is why we suggest our patients to have breast uplift after pregnancy in order to decrease the possibility of having sagging problem again.