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Clinic Center

Clinic Center, internationally awarded, offers hair transplant, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and dental treatments. Registered in the UK and incorporated reputable and best-trained surgeons / specialists, our belief is to provide high-quality services with affordable costs. All of the treatments are performed at internationally accredited hospitals. All the equipment used, all staff including the doctors and caretakers and general hospital conditions are inspected and authorized by international medical bodies and the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Why Choose Clinic Center

Clinic Center is offering the opportunity to have an end-to-end patient experience with full medical support with a one-year follow-up, being the only healthcare company providing free consultation and aftercare services in the UK. Having a patient-oriented approach, we offer all-inclusive packages to cover all your needs and wishes during your medical journey, some of which are accommodation at a luxury hotel, all transfers with a VIP car, an international personal host, private hospital room, check-ups and medical garments.

How Does It Work

Checking on our website, you can find detailed information about your procedure and everything you want to know. Once you decide, you can contact us for further and personalized information about your current health condition evaluated by our highly-experienced partner doctors. Paying a small amount of deposit, you can secure your treatment and have it anytime you want. Once you decide on the time, Clinic Center team arranges all the process from airport transfers, hotel bookings to personal host. You will be taken by a VIP car from the airport to the hotel and hospital, and you will have a free consultation with your doctor to ask everything.

Clinic Center Partner Clinics

As Clinic Center, it is our mission to provide our clients with the best services available in the medical field. This is why we only work with the best doctors, hospitals and clinics in Turkey. Our partner surgeons are chosen after a detailed evaluation of their backgrounds and acknowledgements. We can guarantee you that we only work with the well-trained and highly-experienced surgeons in Turkey in order to provide the best possible experience and results.

Ambassador Guide

We want your experience and your journey to be heard and witnessed to inspire others. If you want to share your journey, our ambassador program is just what you need. Please follow the following steps: share a brief explanation about the reason you go to Clinic Center and your expectations before your visit. Share your whole medical journey on your social media account and tag Clinic Center only. Post your post-operative picture to show your result and tag Clinic Center.


As well as informative articles about the procedures, you can also find articles in our blog about interesting and actual topics, celebrities and their transformations, current medical discussions, medical tipps and advices, news in health tourism and everything about the medical field and developments within.

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