Ariana Grande Transformation

Who Is She? Her given name is, Ariana Grande-Butera and her birthday is on 26/06/1993. She is an American musician and a film star. She has obtained many awards during her career, these are 2 Grammies, 1 Brit Award, 2 Billboard Music Awards, 3 AMA’s, 9 MTV Video Music Awards, and 27 Guinness World Records. She was born in Boca Raton, …

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Most Popular Plastic Procedures

Nowadays it is impossible not to hear anything about plastic surgery. People either get it done because they need it or because they just want to change the way they look. But how much are people influenced by the popular choices or did they find the procedure themselves(after a consultation with the doctor)? Plastic surgery …

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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Her birth name is Megan Denise Fox and her birthday is on 16/05/1986. She was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Her parents divorced when she was 3. She says she had a very strict upbringing and that she wasn’t allowed to have any boyfriends or to have a friend over to her home. Until she …

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Jessica Alves Plastic Surgery

Jessica Alves, has been in the center of magazine because of her plastic surgeries that she has been having for years and you can find many news about her transformation step by step. She has been having many cosmetic operations and has spent a fortune!She has visited many countries to have facelift, fillers, nose job, …

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