Clinic Center Patient Titania May’s Medical Journey

MARCH 1, 2022-Hearth London Magazine Titania May says: I couldn’t walk past a window – so had FOUR operations at once to change my looks.  ‘I remember it so vividly, ‘there goes Gonzo’ – the other kids would say. They were referring to my nose. It was big and hooked, and I couldn’t stand it. I

Clinic Center, awarded for excellence in patient service by

Clinic Center, awarded for excellence in patient service by Clinic Center has been recognised with the WhatClinic Patient Service Award 2021, an annual award based on patient experience ratings from the worldwide healthcare search engine WhatClinic. WhatClinic analysed 12 months of data from users of its website including patient reviews and feedback, and communication

Things to Know About Breast Uplift Operation

As we are all aware, the size, shape of the breasts change from women to women.  Also, ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes also can affect the  firmness and the size of the breasts. Therefore, the breasts may start to sag.  So what happens during a boob lift operation? The surgeon cuts the skin that is 

Exercise and Hair Loss

Exercise and a healthy diet have a wonderful outcome on the body’s general health, together with health of the hair. It is obvious that hair loss problem is increasing every day especially for men and trick and tips to help this issue are very important as well as hair transplant operation.  It is vital to

Anemia and Hair Loss

Hair Loss Due To Anaemia Everyday we lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair in our head, that small loss isn’t noticeable at all. Hair loss happens when new hair doesn’t grow after the hair that has fallen out. Non-hereditary hair loss is known as low anaemia and iron deficiency. These are quite


Maybe some of you guys never heard this technique before. We will speak about a new technique of hair treatment today. At Columbia University, a team of researchers have developed a system for 3d printing soft strands of realistic hair. The hair will even be brushed, cut, curled and adorned. They will then transplant the

Did Robin Wright Have Plastic Surgery?

About Robin Wright Robin Wright is associate degree yank role player United Nations agency is round her 50s recently shared it all for a magazine and unconcealed the secrets behind her young trying face. The wonderful fashion shoot left many of us in shock concerning her having an incredible and excellent trying body and she

Darcey Bussell’s Nose

When you have a look at the social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, there are a lot of photos of people, either with friends, or just selfies. As you might notice people have different shapes of noses, some people even do a before and after of their nose surgeries. If you are a person

Ideal Breast Sizes Through Time

Every decade or year brings a new fashion sense, whether it is hair, clothes, surgery, or all of it at once, it tends to have an effect so that a lot of people want to get it. The Shapely 1950s For instance, back in the 1950’s the beauty standards for body and breasts was to

Thinning Eyebrows

We’re researching the foremost common causes of dilution eyebrows—some of these causes are anxiety, stress, hereditary illnesses. Here’s some information that patients need to know before seeing a doctor concerning their brows. A bit like hair on our head, eyebrows can skinny out, or simply stop growing, You will experience thinning eyebrows or eyebrow baldness

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