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Ivanka Trump and Plastic Surgery

Who Is She? Her birth name is, Ivana Marie”Ivanka” Trump Kushner. Her birthday is on 30/10/81 and she was born in Manhattan. She is an American businesswoman. She worked under the ex-President Donald Trump’s(her father) administration. Her mother is Trump’s first spouse. She is the first Jewish member of a first family, she converted before …

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Britney Spears Nose Job

I guess everyone who was born in 80-90s know well Britney Spears since those people have grown up with her songs and style! Her appearance was so inspirational for young population. She is still known well and followed but since she is not that young girl anymore, people are couriius about her cosmetic surgeries. As …

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Madonna’s Transformation

We all know Madonna is super famous. She is flawless from every angle, the greatest entertainer of all time with the voice of an angel, painfully striking, and her beauty can’t be questioned. However, one of her Twitter videos garnered lots of attention and controversies concerning the stunning songstress’ facelift after her fans said she …

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Tyra Banks Boob Job

Tyra Bank has changed people’s minds about modelling. People used to think that models only drink water and slept and that is how they stayed the way they did. In her new memoir she revealed that at the beginning of her career, she had plastic surgery. She wasn’t happy with her body. Her breasts, nose a …

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Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery

When it involves trying to look your best, Patricia Heaton is bushed. We have been asked to administer some data relating to her history of plastic surgeries which are known as tummy tuck and breast implants, what was the reason for her to pick that route, and also the means it affected her mentally, emotionally …

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Nicole Kidman Cosmetic Secrets

You may think that a steady dose of injections, lasers and light helps some celebrities to look younger than ever or just stop their ageing. Once you accept celebrities who get cosmetic procedures, the first one that comes to mind is perhaps Nicole Kidman. Nicole once said “I am completely natural,” in 2007. “I don’t …

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Celebrity Scope: ADELE SURGERY!

Hello, It’s Me! Adele, who is considered one of the foremost notable singers on earth, not long ago, shocked her fans with photos that showed off a substantial weight reduction that left many of us questioning how she managed to achieve this transformation in her look. Whereas alternative singers and celebrities were super acutely aware …

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The Friends Cast:Then and Now

As we know FRIENDS have been the most popular series in the world and probably 9 people over 10 around you have watched the whole 10-season series and probably still watching in their free time. People love the series and have been watching it over and over again. You never get bored and it never …

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