Kylie Minogue: Ageless Beauty

Born as Kylie Ann Minogue, her birthday is on 28/05/1968. Her birthplace is in Melbourne. 

From her birthday we very well know that she is well over her 30’s. But how does she look so ageless? What is the secret to her youthful glow?? 

She looks the same as she did when she became famous thanks to the TV series called “Neighbours” and that was close to 5 years ago.

In the TV series “Neighbours”, she played the character called Charlene Robinson, and was a mechanic.

After this series, she became a singer. Since she became a singer, every decade she had hits. 

Keeping that success must have been very stressful. But how did she manage to look the way she does? 

Some surgeons say she may be using cosmetic surgeries. She doesn’t seem to be using them as much, because some of her fine wrinkles have come back. Because once you stop using them, the results won’t stay. Muscles on the face will move freely.

These are generally used so the brows can be lifted and to produce a more defined look. But because Kylie has stopped using them, this look has gone a bit. 

She may have also have had cheek fillers. This is generally used to have more prominent looking cheeks.

Another suggestion was that, she may have had a mini facelift and liposuction. For her age she has very tight skin. So it is either because of the mini facelift. Or she could possibly have had fat injections to her face.

What are your thoughts? When you are 50+ would you want to look ageless. Or, are you comfortable with the way you look? 

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