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Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size and reshaping the breasts. Commonly referred to as a boob reduction, this surgery not only addresses aesthetic concerns but can also alleviate physical discomfort, such as back pain. The procedure often includes a breast lift to achieve a more youthful appearance. Recovery time varies, with patients typically experiencing healed results in the weeks following surgery. Breast reduction and uplift options and the recovery process are crucial for those considering this transformative procedure to enhance both physical and emotional well-being.

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    Breast reduction surgery or Mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgery done to decrease the size and volume of the breasts, being indicated when the woman has constant pain in the back and neck or presents with a bent trunk due to the weight of the breasts. However, boob reduction in Turkey can also be performed for aesthetic reasons, mainly when a woman does not like the size of her breasts and her self-esteem is affected.

    Embarking on a breast reduction journey involves both the operation and the crucial recovery phase. Clinic Centers specialising in breast reduction surgery provide a comprehensive approach to address various aspects of the procedure. Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, is not merely about cosmetic enhancement but also alleviates discomfort and enhances overall well-being.

    The breast reduction procedure typically includes a breast lift for a harmonious result. Post-operation, patients undergo a breast reduction recovery process, witnessing healed results over time.

    Boob reduction and uplift options contribute to both physical and aesthetic improvements, with recovery times varying for each individual. Mammoplasty reduction, commonly known as boob reduction, involves a meticulous surgical process with considerations for breast reduction scars.

    Watch Safiyya Vorajee’s full medical journey for her Breast Surgery from UK to Clinic Center.

    The nuances of recovery from breast reduction are vital for informed decision-making. Clinic Center offers guidance on breast reduction recovery time, ensuring patients are well informed about the journey, from the breast reduction surgery itself to the final healed outcomes. Exploring the breast reduction and uplift options available at reputable Clinic Center provides a roadmap to enhanced physical comfort and confidence for those contemplating this transformative procedure.

    Breast reduction is the best surgery that offers a solution for women experiencing medical complications by decreasing the disproportionate size. Surgery removes glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breasts, making them firmer, better contoured and smaller. Breast reduction and breast lift can also reduce the size of the areola, the dark area around the nipples. Breast reduction surgery results, and body image change can be observed immediately. By choosing breast reduction surgery in Turkey, assisted by Clinic Center, you will finally recover from the pain and discomfort caused by large breasts and achieve a better-proportioned body.

    In addition to reducing the breast volume, the woman undergoes a breast uplift during the same procedure, which is another type of plastic surgery in Turkey that aims to lift the boobs.

    breast reduction turkey

    Breast reduction in Turkey is performed under general anaesthesia and takes an average of 2 to 4 hours. Surgery may be performed using three incisions: one made around the areola, one that vertically follows the bottom edge of the areola to the underneath breast crease and one that follows the natural curve of the breast crease. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will:

    • Make an inverted T incision to remove excess breast fat, tissue and skin;
    • Relocate the breast and decrease the size of the areola;
    • Put sutures to avoid scarring and achieve a natural-looking boob job.

    In most cases, the patient must stay hospitalised for 1 day to check if she is stable.

    The breast reduction surgery recovery period lasts around 2 weeks, and scarring will fade away progressively. Patients must wear a medical support bra provided during the breast reduction surgery recovery. Return to work is around 1 to 2 weeks, and physical activities should be avoided for at least 2 to 3 weeks during the recovery to achieve the best results.

    Pain after boob reduction is generally moderate. It is important to lie on your back and wear a medical bra with good support both during the day and at night.

    In some cases, patients may have drains for around 3 days after boob reduction to remove any excess blood and fluid that may accumulate in the body, which can cause complications, such as infection or seroma. Heavy exercise after breast reduction must be avoided for 6 months, especially those involving chest and arm muscles.

    Breast Reduction At Clinic Center

    Having cosmetic surgery abroad has always been the most popular solution to big breasts, as in other cases where women are not satisfied with any part of their bodies. Every year, thousands of women especially opt for breast reduction in Turkey to relieve them from the difficulty of having huge breasts.

    Before having plastic surgery abroad, one may have concerns about the results of the operation. For sure, the choices made by the patients play a key role in achieving the expected boob reduction results: Which country is the best place for a boob job? Who is the best plastic surgeon, or which plastic surgery clinic should I choose? What will be the cost of breast reduction? Will there be breast reduction scars?

    When performed by an experienced specialist under sufficient conditions, breast reduction results will be highly satisfying. While choosing a clinic, it may be of great help to check their breast reduction reviews and their breast reduction pictures.

    Cosmetic surgery in Turkey has been extremely popular among those who would like to have a boob job abroad. Clinic Center, the country’s leading plastic surgery clinic, is preferred by thousands of women every year to get the breast reduction results they have dreamed of for affordable breast reduction costs in Turkey.

    The best plastic surgery clinic in Turkey, Clinic Center offers all-inclusive plastic surgery packages. Every year, thousands of women choose to have breast reduction assisted by Clinic Center. In addition to satisfying boob job results with the best price guarantee, we also provide everything that you don’t need to think of through your breast reduction in Turkey.

    • Physical consultation in London, online / video consultation all over the world
    • Best breast reduction surgery
    • 4 nights of accommodation at a 4-star hotel
    • 1-night hospital stay
    • Transfers between airport, hotel and hospital/ clinic
    • International personal host
    • Special group discount
    • Check-up and regular follow-up
    • Medical garments, support bra, etc.

    By choosing breast reduction Turkey, you will feel and look better.

    Choosing Clinic Center for your breast reduction journey ensures a seamless blend of expertise, care and exceptional results. Our commitment to excellence in breast reduction and lift procedures sets us apart, focusing on the holistic well-being of our patients. At the Clinic Center, we understand that breast reduction is not just about size; it’s about achieving the right balance between aesthetics and comfort.

    Our skilled surgeons specialise in breast reduction surgery, incorporating advanced techniques for optimal results. The process includes a breast left, harmonising the overall appearance. Witness the transformations with healed breast reduction surgery results that speak to our dedication to precision and patient satisfaction.

    Recovery from breast reduction is a crucial phase, and at Clinic Center, we prioritise post-operative care. Our tailored approach ensures a comfortable recovery period after the breast reduction and lift, with guidance on breast reduction surgery recovery and aftercare.

    Opting for breast reduction with a lift at Clinic Center means choosing a trusted partner in your journey to enhanced well-being. Our personalised attention, experienced medical team, and focus on patient-centric care make Clinic Center the preferred choice for those seeking a reduction in breast size and a holistic transformation with lasting confidence.

    Breast Reduction Prices In Turkey

    When considering breast reduction, understanding the cost is crucial to decision-making. Clinic Center offers unparalleled expertise at competitive prices, making it a top choice for those seeking the best breast reduction clinic in Turkey.

    Wondering How much does breast reduction cost in Turkey? At Clinic Center, our transparent pricing ensures you clearly understand the financial investment involved. The cost of breast reduction surgery, including breast lift if desired, is tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach not only focuses on the procedure’s cost but also guarantees exceptional service and postoperative care.

    Clinic Center provides cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Boob reduction cost considerations are addressed with clarity, giving you confidence in your decision. Our dedicated team understands that the cost of a boob reduction is a significant factor, and we strive to provide affordability without compromising the excellence of our services.

    Offering all-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Turkey, Clinic Center also provides quite satisfying boob job results achieved by the best plastic surgeons in highly developed health facilities. To get further information on breast reduction surgery costs in Turkey, you can simply get in contact with our medical consultants online.

    Various factors affect the cost of breast reduction in Turkey. Breast reduction costs include pre-operative tests, anaesthesia, medication, medical bras etc. Clinic Center assists in providing competitively affordable breast reduction costs with its all-inclusive package that covers treatment costs, accommodation, personal host, and transfers. Although breast reduction may seem expensive, Clinic Center will not let the cost discourage you from having your dream body come true.

    Click here to view ours before and after gallery. For more information on breast reduction turkey procedures, contact us here.

    Breast ReductionBreast Reduction Cost TurkeyBreast Reduction Cost UKBreast Reduction Cost EuropeBreast Reduction Cost US
    Breast Reduction Costs£3,400 – £4,300£5,500 – £6,500€6,000 – €7,500$7,500 – $9,000

    Best Breast Reduction Surgeons In Turkey

    At the Clinic Center, our breast reduction surgeons are pillars of expertise, guiding patients through transformative journeys towards comfort and confidence. All treatments offered by Clinic Center are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Meet our distinguished surgeons, each with a unique profile showcased below and find links to their dedicated pages for in-depth information about their qualifications, experience and patient testimonials.

    The significance of skilled breast reduction surgeons cannot be overstated. Beyond technical proficiency, these professionals are pivotal in shaping patient experiences. Breast reduction surgery demands precision to achieve both aesthetic and functional goals. Surgeons at Clinic Center bring their expertise and a commitment to personalised care, ensuring each patient’s unique needs are addressed.

    With the intricacies of recovery after breast reduction, our surgeons guide patients through the post-operative period with diligence. Their expertise is not just in the operating room but extends to providing compassionate support, making them indispensable partners in pursuing a more comfortable and confident life. Trust the proficiency of Clinic Center’s breast reduction surgeons to lead you on a journey towards transformative and lasting results.

    Clinic Center provides its patients with high-quality cosmetic surgeries thanks to its internationally recognised and certified doctors. Clinic Center partner surgeons are meticulously selected, taking into account their careers and international experiences. As a result, Clinic Center partner doctors are the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, considering their backgrounds, experiences and specialisations in their fields.

    Clinic Center’s partner surgeons provide breast reduction surgery to our patients with the assistance of Clinic Center Turkey, providing high-quality service at an affordable cost.

    Our skilled and experienced partner surgeons are experts in their fields. They will be with you during the consultation to determine your personalised treatment plan before the surgery based on what kind of look you want for your breast reduction and help you get the best results you want.

    As stated by Clinic Center’s partner, Dr. Daghan, the success of a breast reduction surgery depends on the surgeon’s experience performing the operation and the team’s competence. According to Dr.Daghan, the more skilled procedures performed with appropriate methods, the more satisfactory the results will be.

    Another partner, Dr. Aydın, agrees with Dr. Daghan. Dr. Aydın, who has performed thousands of breast removal and reduction surgeries until today, emphasises that it is more possible to achieve successful results with proper aftercare. Clinic Center and our honoured partner surgeons will be with you during your checkups and even after you return to your country with our aftercare department to assist you with any questions you might have about your breast reduction.

    Breast Reduction Turkey Reviews

    Discover the real stories behind breast reduction experiences in Turkey through Clinic Center reviews. Our patients share unbiased insight into the recovery process, breast reduction results and the safety of cosmetic breast surgery. Whether discussing how long it takes to recover from breast reduction or the cost of boob reductions, these impartial testimonials provide a reliable guide for those considering a bilateral breast reduction or breast liposuction. Clinic Center’s commitment to transparency ensures that ladies seeking reduced breath size can make informed decisions based on genuine experiences, reaffirming our dedication to safe and satisfactory outcomes.

    Our real patients wrote these breast reduction surgery turkey reviews explaining and sharing their experiences about getting a boob reduction in Turkey impartially and reliably. You can find the same breast reduction Turkey reviews on online platforms.

    As for the women who have had breast reduction surgery, the difference will be easily noticeable right after the surgery, being free from the heavy burden on the shoulders and back. However, due to the post-operative swelling, it takes 6 months to 1 year before the patient can see the final breast reduction results.

    Boob Reduction Turkey Before and After Gallery

    Here you can examine the breast reduction turkey before and after our successful breast reduction operations.

    breast reduction turkey before after
    breast reduction turkey before after
    breast reduction turkey before after
    breast reduction turkey before after
    breast reduction turkey before after
    breast reduction turkey before after

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Breast Reduction Turkey All-Inclusive Package

    With this all-inclusive package, you have a trouble-free journey from your home to Turkey after having a successful breast reduction. For your maximum comfort, Clinic Center will arrange everything you may need. Our breast reduction Turkey all inclusive packages are very beneficial for our patients. Here are the details:

    breast reduction turkey doctors

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Clinic Center partner plastic surgeons are selected after a close screening and hold reputable EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships. With us, you can be certain that you are in good hands

    breast reduction turkey support bra

    Medical Garments, Support Bra etc.

    Clinic Center will provide you with the necessary garment to be used after breast reduction turkey surgery.

    breast reduction turkey group discount

    Special Group Discount

    The more the merrier! You and your friend will benefit from a special discount in the case of bringing them along with you for breast reduction turkey or any other surgery.

    breast reduction turkey hotel

    Accommodation at a 4-Star Hotel

    Having surgery whether it is small or big requires efficient resting for a full recovery. For this reason, Clinic Center will make sure you have one of the most comfortable stay till your departure by providing

    breast reduction turkey transfers

    VIP Transfers

    For a more convenient journey, from the moment you arrive in Turkey, your transfer will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel.

    breast reduction turkey patient host

    International Patient Host

    A day after your surgery you will have your check-up and aftercare instructions for a successful healing process. We also assist you to have your regular follow-ups to make sure you have the best breast reduction before and after results in Turkey.

    Breast Reduction Turkey Fast Facts

    Procedure:Performed with incisions on the breasts by removing excess fat, breast tissue and skin to reshape and resize the breasts proportional to the body
    Duration:3 to 4 hours
    Stay:4 nights hotel
    Anaesthesia:General anaesthesia
    Recovery:1 to 2 weeks to return to work
    What to bring:Comfortable clothes (sweatshirts, button-down or zipped shirts etc.)
    Side Effect:Temporary swelling, bruising, discomfort, soreness, numbness, nipple sensitivity
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction, Loss of blood supply to skin, fat, breast tissue or the nipple
    Exercise:3 to 4 weeks after
    Pain:Slight (depends on the patient)
    Results:After 4 to 6 months (May change due to pregnancy, gravity, weight or age)
    Multiple surgeries:Breast lift, liposuction, nose surgery, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, porcelain veneers

    Breast Reduction Patient Reviews

    These breast reduction surgery turkey reviews were written by our real patients at their own request explaining and sharing their experiences about getting a boob reduction in Turkey in an impartial and reliable manner. You can find the same breast reduction turkey reviews on online platforms

    Chantella, Africa

    I am eight weeks post-operation and very satisfied with the results. Clinic Center surgeons are well qualified and experienced, and have no hesitation in choosing them- their medical team is friendly as well. The price charged was reasonable given the outcome of the procedure. I would recommend them to anyone – although you are away from home, you will be given very good care.

    Anna, Germany

    I always had backaches because of my breast size and eventually decided to have a reduction. I searched for the best clinic abroad and found Clinic Center, with no regrets at all. Everything is worth it. The team is amazing and lovely. Totally recommend.

    Jitka, Belgium

    I came to Istanbul for breast reduction and my experience was just like I expected! From the moment I arrived till the day I was leaving, I felt safe and the quality of care was second to none. Prof Aydin is amazing.I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about plastic surgery. 

    Emma, USA

    I had been wanting a breast reduction for many years, and I finally found the people who actually listen and make me feel really comfortable. After a couple of really horrible consultations with other well-known clinics, I chose Clinic Center and knew immediately I had found the one. The surgeon and the team are so unbelievably caring. I’m now 6 weeks post-op and thrilled with the results. So happy with my chosen people!

    Jordan, UK

    I strongly recommend Clinic Center. It was quite an experience for me and most importantly I am really happy with the results of my operation.

    Hannah, UK

    I had Breast Reduction and from start to finish the experience was great! Coming to another country can feel daunting but I was in contact with my coordinator who organised everything from the moment I stepped off the plane including transfers, taxis and hotel. My doctor was great and explained everything. The best part was the aftercare provided after the surgery!!! Thank you Clinic Center, I highly recommend them to anyone!! 

    Breast Reduction Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is breast reduction surgery?

    The cost of breast reduction surgery can vary widely depending on various factors such as the surgeon’s expertise, the geographic location of the clinic, facility fees, anaesthesia costs, and any additional services included in the procedure.

    What is a breast reduction?

    Breast reduction, medically known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size and reshape the breasts.

    How long is recovery from breast reduction?

    The recovery time from breast reduction surgery varies from person to person, but generally, patients can expect several weeks for the initial healing process.

    Can breast reduction in Turkey be performed with a breast lift?

    Yes, the best result of breast reduction is achieved when the breast is lifted as well. Breast lift, in most cases, is applied in conjunction with breast reduction. However, if the liposuction technique is used, breasts may not be lifted.

    Are breast reduction turkey scars permanent?

    Breast reduction scars are unfortunately permanent; although they fade a lot in time, modern techniques ensure that they are minimal.

    Will my nipples be repositioned?

    No, in most cases, the nipples are not repositioned unless the patient has very large breasts.

    What if I get pregnant after the breast reduction?

    Your breasts will naturally change with pregnancy, but it does not mean the condition will affect the results. Expect some changes in the size and position of the breasts.

    Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

    You should be able to breastfeed, but breast reduction surgery goes across the milk ducts. Please discuss all possible outcomes with your surgeon during your consultation.

    How long do the results of breast reduction last?

    The results of breast reduction surgery are long-lasting. Surgery will help you relieve pain and physical conditions. Your better-proportioned body will improve your self-image and boost your self-confidence. Although, in time, your breasts can change due to ageing, gravity, weight fluctuations, and hormonal factors.

    How many cup sizes can you go down with breast reduction?

    How much the breasts can be reduced depends on the patient’s size and breast composition. Our partner surgeons will help you decide the best plan during your consultation. Numerous patients who undergo a breast reduction procedure normally choose to go down one or two cup sizes.

    Breast Reduction Turkey Patient Review Videos

    Breast Reduction Patient Review Videos

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