Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast Reduction in TurkeyBreast reduction is very popular among women who have big breast tissues due to age, weight, pregnancy or genetical factors etc. Women come to Turkey for their breast reduction procedure due to high quality and affordable costs. Breast reduction and also other cosmetic surgeries are performed at hospitals which are equipped with cutting edge technology. Women are complaining about back pains due to big breast tissues and those who had breast reduction surgery mention that they feel very comfortable with their movements and the surgery has improved their self confidence.

Clinic Center is very popular among Europe and Middle East thanks to our prior patients. One third of our patients choose us due to their friends’ high satisfaction from breast reduction surgery in Turkey. Breast reduction procedure in Turkey with Clinic Center is going to make you feel young again.

1. How do I know I am a candidate for breast reduction?
Breast reduction is surgical procedure women who have been suffering from their large, heavy breasts. The aim of the breast reduction is to reduce the size of the breast by removing the excessive tissue from breast area. Therefore, you are an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery, if you have low-self-esteem due to your big breasts or if you are having some physical problems such as neck or shoulder pain, backache, sagging and disproportioned breasts, grooves in shoulders due to tight bra straps.

2. When can I resume my normal life, if I have a breast reduction?

Usually, most patients are able to return work in one to two weeks. You can resume your daily activities in one week but you should avoid lifting heavy things or lifting arms over the head at least for three weeks.


3. Will I have remaining scars after breast reduction?
As in the all surgical procedures, breast reduction also requires incisions which will result in some remaining scars but. Clinic Center’s experienced doctors carefully keep scarring to a minimum level and locate them where they are less likely to be seen and they will fade over time.


4. Will I feel sensitivity in my nipples after the surgery?
The sensitivity may decrease in the nipples and areola areas after the surgery but this is not permanent and will return to normal in time.


5. How long do I need to wear surgical bras?
It is very crucial to support your breasts to adopt a natural new look. Therefore, you should wear your surgical bras until your swelling goes away since it will accelerate the healing process by holding the tissues together.


6. When will I be able to see the results?
You can notice the difference in your breast size immediately after the surgery. However, you will have some swelling for few weeks. Therefore, you will be able to see your final size when the swelling resolves a few weeks later the surgery.


7. Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?
Usually, most of women can breastfeed but the amount of the milk produced can change depending on the extent of the surgery.


8. How long the results last? Is there a possibility of my breast grow again?
In general, the size of the breasts remains permanent after reduction. However, if you gain too much weight or become pregnant, the size of the breast may become larger. The effects of aging and gravity may also affect their size in time.


9. Does liposuction works as a method of breast reduction?
Liposuction can be used as a method of breast reduction but it is only suitable for women who have medium-sized breast. Since in liposuction only fat is removed from the breast area not the tissue as in the breast reduction. Therefore, women consider to undergo a reduction due to their big boobs is not recommended to have reduction with liposuction.


10. Is it possible to have breast lift with breast reduction?
Breast reduction simply reduces the shape and the size of the breast which may result in the decreasing in sagging. Since for both procedures the incisions are nearly same, if it is found necessary by Clinic Center doctor’s on your consultation, you can easily add a breast uplift to your breast reduction surgery.