Tooth & Dental Crowns in Turkey

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Tooth Crown and Dental Crowns in Turkey

Everyone is not lucky enough to be born with a flawless mouth, but it is not impossible to have one. Clinic Center, registered in the United Kingdom, will help those whose mouth needs some restoration and who seek solution for their mouth related problems with dental crown in Turkey. Fill the consultation form to get a personalized plan to achieve high-quality results after your treatment in Istanbul.

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What is Tooth & Dental Crown?

Thanks to advances in dental technology, our oral problems are increasingly being taken care of. Dental crowns in Turkey, fixed prosthetics that cover the tooth to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. Dentists recommend dental crowns and bridges for a variety of reasons, from protecting weakened or fractured teeth, to covering a dental implant, or to replacing missing teeth. It is also possible to perform a tooth crown replacement. Due to the latest technologies and techniques, tooth crowns in Turkey provide effective results. The country offers all type of dental crowns at affordable prices.


Through our UK clinic, it is now possible to have a face-to-face consultation prior to your arrival and receive aftercare in your own country. To get further information and initiate the booking process for your dental crown in Istanbul, you can simply get into contact with us online.


Dental crowns are prosthesis that allow us to fulfill the chewing functions and protect the inside of the tooth. Although, precisely because they are visible, they also have an important role in the dental aesthetics of our smile. Dental crowns in Turkey are very often used, not only to improve the appearance of the denture, but also to correct possible conditions in the teeth.
Dental crown in Turkey is used in various dental treatments to:


  • Recover the aesthetics of teeth affected by advanced caries
  • Support a dental bridge in cases of teeth loss
  • Cover a dental implant
  • To fix the shape, colour or position of the teeth


Tooth crown procedure is performed under local anesthesia and consists of shaving the patient’s own teeth into small pieces, taking measurements and then cementing the crowns prepared by the technician.


Types of Dental Crown

Made of different materials and with different characteristics, when deciding which is the best material for a dental crown in a treatment, it is important to know the specifications of each of the types. There are mainly four types of dental crowns in Turkey:

  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Zirconium-Porcelain crowns
  • Monolithic Crowns
  • Metal Crowns


Porcelain Crowns: The Most Affordable Crowns

Porcelain crowns have an appearance that closely resembles that of natural teeth and, in addition, they are a great opportunity for those looking for the most affordable dental crown cost.
Other characteristics of a porcelain tooth crown are color stability and maximum biocompatibility. Thanks to technological advances, the durability of this component has increased.


Zirconium-Porcelain Crowns: The Most Aesthetic Crowns

Zirconium is a material that is often used for a front tooth crown in Turkey. as they offer more aesthetic solutions. These materials allow to adapt to the tone of the adjacent teeth, so the result is harmonic and natural, with hardly any difference compared to natural teeth.


In addition, this material offers the patient a greater biocompatibility with the prosthesis, which minimizes the chances of allergic reactions or rejection by the body. Zirconium dental crowns abroad are in the forefront as they give the most natural results at a reasonable tooth crown cost.


Monolithic Crowns:

Also known as Monolithic Zirconium Crowns, these crowns are made just from zirconia in contrast to zirconium crowns which are covered by porcelain. Monolithic crowns in Turkey has an opaque appearance, thus expectedly look less natural than zirconium crowns. However, this feature also makes Monolithic Crowns more durable than those covered with porcelain. So, monolithic crowns in Turkey may be a feasible option especially for those suffering from grinding.


Metal Crowns: The Most Resistant Crowns

Manufactured in different metals such as platinum, gold or nickel, they offer great resistance to wear. Although they are very durable, they are not very aesthetic and, therefore, they are usually used on posterior teeth to increase their resistance against chewing or teeth grinding habits.
The dentists will always advise the patient the option that best suits their circumstances.


How Long Do Dental Crown Last?

Dental crowns in Turkey can be kept in good condition for more than 20 years, although their average duration under optimal conditions is set between 10 and 15 years. As long as the candidates pursue the recommended treatment plan by the professional without the concern of dental implant cost and follow the aftercare instructions; the results will be effective and long-lasting.


If the tooth on which it rests has cavities, inflammation or any disease, it is possible that the crown loses support and ends up falling out. A tooth crown works like a normal tooth and therefore requires the same care. In this way, the prosthesis can break due to severe trauma or if we eat very hard food. Although dental crowns in Turkey are made up of resistant materials, it is always advisable to be careful. It is important to visit a dental clinic periodically for pertinent check-ups and to do a deep oral cleaning that prevents any condition.


Dental Crowns in Turkey

One of the main risks you can have is to permanently lose one of your teeth, but having dental crowns in Turkey is one of the best options for you to keep them. It is also possible that a patient wants to wear a crown to modify some aesthetic aspects of their teeth.


Dental crowns in Istanbul can obviously modify the design of the smile if the shape, color or position of your teeth is not what you like the most. Besides, Turkey crown prices don’t put you in financial difficulty.


That is to say, having a bad set of teeth will not let you have a full life, because you will always be afraid to smile. If you really want to improve the appearance of your teeth, don’t think twice and go for dental crowns abroad. Having an evaluation with our talented dental staff is the first step to recover your smile in the best way and at an affordable dental crown cost.


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Advantages of Dental Crowns in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

Welcoming thousands of patients, Clinic Center is the leading cosmetic dentistry clinic in Turkey. Starting from your first contact, Clinic Center arranges every step of your dental crown procedure. All offered at an affordable dental crown cost, all these opportunities will give you the best results both functionally and aesthetically.
To get further information on dental crowns and crown prices in Turkey, you can simply contact us online.


Dental Crown Results

Although a dental crown procedure is completed after several appointments, the results are immediate. The results may differ in color, shape and size; all of which will be discussed between the patient and the dentist. You may either choose a white tooth crown or a more natural shade. For the best dental crown results, it is essential to choose a professional clinic as the dentist will guide patients about the number and type of dental crowns required for their conditions. When carried out by an experienced dentist, dental crowns in Turkey provide fascinating results that last a lifetime.


To see our dental crown results, you can simply check our website gallery.


Dental Crown Aftercare

Once a dental crown in Turkey is placed, it is essential to take care of the diet. Sticky or hard products like candy, ice, donuts, pacifiers, chewing gum and nutrition bars can cause discomfort and damage parts. Medical control is vital, especially if there is inflammation, chewing problems, feeling of crown mobility and slipping. The adaptation process of dental crowns can take a few weeks. On the first days, you can try to bite through the other side of the mouth. Sensitivity to cold and heat is a very common symptom, but it disappears over time. For a better use, the crown must be taken care of like the rest of the teeth.


Dental Crown Cost in Turkey

Comprehending all the details, it is common among candidates to ask: How much is a tooth crown in Turkey? Tooth crown prices vary depending on the material and number of the crowns placed. Turkey is known to offer cheap crowns for teeth when compared to the dental crown cost in the UK. To get your personalized treatment plan and find out about dental crown prices in Turkey, you can simply contact us online.


Dental Crown All-Inclusive Package

Having dental crowns in Turkey is a smooth and easy process especially when assisted by Clinic Center. Our all-inclusive packages will meet all your needs throughout your medical journey. You will have the following opportunities in your treatment package offered with the guarantee of a reasonable tooth crown cost:

Physical consultation in our London office, video consultation all over the world.
• Affordable dental crown price
• High quality of Dental Crowns placed in a well-equipped dental clinic
• 6 nights of accommodation at a 4-star hotel
• Transfers between airport and hotel with private car
• International personal host
• Special group discount
• Free check-up and regular follow-up
Aftercare provided by a qualified medical staff in the UK

To have a free consultation in UK and book your surgery in Turkey, you can simply get into contact us online.


Pre & Post-Op Instructions for Dental Crowns

  • Make sure that you have had your meal before the procedure.
  • Inform your dentist in case you have any chronic disease or there is any medication that you take on a daily basis.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid sticky or tough food as they may damage your crowns.
  • Do not open nutshells or bottles with your crowns.
  • Take a good care of your mouth; brush your gums and use dental floss.


Dental Crown All-Inclusive Package

Clinic Center will happily help you to have a good and comfortable stay in Turkey. Here are the details of service we provide you and additional services that you can benefit.

  • USA trained professional dentists

    You will have your dental crown procedure performed by professional USA trained partner dentists of Clinic Center. Your well experienced professional dentist will deal with your teeth problems carefully.

  • Dental treatment

    Clinic Center is here to make its best efforts to fight with your teeth problems. You will have a successful dental crown procedure in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center.

  • Special discount if you are coming with your friend

    Want to come together with a friend having dental problems as well? You can do it and together with your friend, you can benefit the special discounts Clinic Center offers you.

  • Free X-ray if required

    You will get a free X-ray before your procedure if needed.

  • Best price guarantee

    Dental crowns costs are dramatically high. However, Clinic Center guarantees to give the best affordable dental crown cost to you.

  • Private airport transfers

    Clinic Center team is happy to help you with your airport transfers for a trouble-free trip for your procedure.

  • Personal host, 24 hours reachable during your stay

    As Clinic Center we provide you with a 24-hours reachable host during your stay in Turkey. You don’t have to think about communication in the airport or in the hospital during your procedure.

  • Special rate for accommodation

    Clinic Center offers you special rates for a comfortable accommodation in Turkey during your procedure.

Dental Crowns Fast Facts

Length of Procedure: approximately 3-5 days depending on the number of dental crowns
Recovery Period: 1 – 2 days
Cavity probability: Low, dental crowns are not likely to decay
Anesthesia: Local anaesthesia
Diet: Avoid hard foods, hot and cold drinks for a week
Potential Candidate: Patients with chipped, misaligned and spaced teeth
Pain: No pain due to local anaesthesia
Post dental care: The same care as your normal teeth
Long lasting: Yes, if well cared can last for many years.
Result: Achieved immediately
Combination of treatments: Dental implants, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, root canal treatment and teeth whitening

Dental Crowns Patients’ Reviews

Nick, Germany

I have a problematic teeth structure since my childhood but in the last years they reached the peak, but I couldn’t afford this much problem. I’m very thankful that I found Clinic Center. Was a beautiful journey. My dentist, Dr. Ebru was super nice and professional. I had 3 crowns and bridges, and only paid the half of what I would pay in my country. Finally I solve my problem in my mouth. Highly recommended. Best regards

Sylvia, UK

It was a very efficient performance. Special thanks to Ms. Hocaoglu for being so gentle and informative during the process. And the other members of Clinic Center were so friendly, made everything for me to feel at home. Thanks a lot guys. I will sure recommend your clinic.

Jan, Germany

I had 3 crowns in Clinic Center without any pain and any complication. My doctor, Dr. Hocaoglu gained my all trust informing me about everything she does and with her professional knowledge. Procedure went easy and I’m really satisfied with the results. Thank you Clinic Center.

Shane, Ireland

I had dental problems since my adolescent years for about 10 years. I was told that I needed extensive dental repair but was impossible to afford it. Then I heard about Turkey and Clinic Center from my colleague. It was a miracle, they solved almost all of my problems with the price that I could afford. I feel more okay than any time in my life. I will recommend to everyone. Thanks a lot.

Colin, UK

If you have a phobia of dentists, Clinic Center is best place to go. Really the first time it wasn’t a nightmare. I had a dental bridge procedure with no pain, unbelievable. Ms. Hocaoglu was very professional and kind. All steps of the procedure was successful. Results, perfect. Thanks a lot. Clinic Center is the one!

Dental Crowns FAQ

Am I a good candidate for dental crown?

Anyone having severe tooth decay or severely damaged teeth is considered as a good candidate for dental crown. 

Why do I choose to get dental crown?

There are several different reasons to choose to get dental crown. If you have severe tooth decay, critically damaged filling or weak teeth to be protected, implants to be covered, improperly shaped or discoloured teeth you can think about getting dental crown. 

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a process of covering teeth with tooth shaped materials to save and protect them due to different reasons. 

What types of dental crowns are available?

Dental crowns are fabricated with different materials and there are different types of dental crowns such as all-metal, metal fused porcelain and all-porcelain dental crowns. 

Most preferred types of dental crowns are all-porcelain and metal fused porcelain. The only difference between them is all-porcelain dental crowns look more aesthetical than metal fused porcelain dental crowns. 

What are dental bridges?

Most frequently dental crowns are used for dental bridges. Dental bridge is a method of filling the space caused by one or more missing teeth by getting support of the adjacent teeth. 

Is dental crowns procedure painful?

No. Like the other dental procedures, a local anaesthesia is applied in dental crowns. So you will feel no pain during dental crown procedures. 

How long does dental crown procedure take?

A dental crown procedure consists at least two appointments. This depends on your mouth condition and whether you need dental bridges or not. In your first appointment your doctor will checks your mouth and deeply cleansed it removing decayed parts to prepare your mouth for the crown. After waiting period you get your crown placed in your mouth. 

Will I be with without teeth during the waiting period of dental crown procedure?

No. After measuring the size of your tooth in your first appointment, your dentist will provide you with a temporary tooth until your dental crown is prepared. 

How long do dental crowns last?

A dental crown lasts between 5 and 15 years. This life span depends of how you do your dental care, your diet, and personal habits. Taking proper care of your teeth can expand the life span of the dental crowns. 

What should I do for dental crown aftercare?

Dental crowns require only a normal teeth routine care. Once you get your dental crown, you should brush, floss and cleanse your teeth regularly. In addition, you should keep on your routine dentist check-ups. 

Why should I choose dental crown in Turkey?

Dental crowns are among the most needed procedures all around the world. Turkey is one of the most popular and successful countries in dentistry with its experienced professional dentists and affordable offers. Dental crown Turkey offers the best and most affordable solutions for your dental problems. 

Why should I choose the assistance of Clinic Center for my dental crown procedure? 

Clinic Center is one of the most successful, trustworthy and affordable medical tourism companies in Turkey. With its experienced professionals and affordable offers, Clinic Center is here to deal with your dental problems. 

What is the dental crown cost in Turkey?

Dental crown cost varies in price depending on the material of the crown, number of crown to be placed and also countries. It is true that dental procedures cost a fortune most of the time. That’s why Turkey is one of the best destinations to choose for dental crowns. Dental crown Turkey offers you a smooth procedure with the most affordable prices. 

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