BBL Surgery in Turkey (Brazilian Butt Lift Prices & Procedures)

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BBL in Turkey

Clinic Center, recorded in Companies House, will assist you to reach the hourglass look you always wanted with Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey offering an incredibly special all-inclusive package with very affordable BBL cost. Please complete to form, your free personal treatment plan to be prepared.
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BBL in Turkey

BBL, Bum Lift & Vaser BBL in Turkey

The ideal body frame has changed over decades, becoming highlighted by different features. Especially under the influence of popular culture; mostly the celebrities, having prominent buttocks has become extremely popular among women. As it also has a significant impact on women’s self-esteem; Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, also knowns as BBL surgery, is now one of the most attractive plastic surgery operations abroad. BBL in Turkey is known to be the safest and the most affordable option with natural results. Being in the forefront; every year, the country welcomes a great number of women who want to have a Brazilian bum lift.


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What is Brazilian butt lift (BBL)?

Most of the women must have heard the abbreviation of BBL; but what is a BBL? BBL surgery or Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, is a procedure performed to increase volume, regain youthful appearance and lift the butt by injecting sucked fat from other parts of the body. BBL procedure can improve the appearance of sagging buttocks or give a rounder shape to the bum.


During a Brazilian Bum Lift in Turkey, the excess fat removed from the other parts of the body is injected to the butt, which is completely safe when carried out by a qualified BBL surgeon in Istanbul. Brazilian bum lift with fat injection technique is also the one that provides the most natural results. BBL surgery abroad is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2 hours.


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BBL with Vaser Liposuction

Brazilian Butt lift is a procedure based on removing fat from the body through liposuction and injecting it to the butt. Liposuction can be performed either with the traditional technique or Vaser Liposuction, which is a more advanced and new technology that enhances the BBL results. Being less traumatic on the tissue, Vaser Liposuction allows for a smoother surface on the buttocks after fat injection. Also, the liposuction areas are expected to get firmer as Vaser device spreads ultrasound waves to trigger skin renewal. Through Vaser BBL in Turkey, it is possible to achieve more natural results with a shorter and easier recovery period.


Celebrities with BBL

Butt lift exercises and everyday butt lift workouts do not help all the time. Sometimes you need a real help. Thanks to the celebrities everyone adores and opportunities made by technological developments, today butt lift especially BBL is among the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures all around the world.


BBL, also known as butt augmentation or Gluteoplasty, is an aesthetic surgical fat transfer procedure to provide fuller, rougher, and more beautiful looking buttocks. BBL is the most popular procedure compared to the other several types of butt lift procedures.


Brazilian butt lift is a procedure which is performed to shape the central body region that is waist, butt and upper legs. In case the buttocks and the hip line lack of tissue, this causes the buttocks sag over the legs resulting in an unpleasant appearance. If there is also fat deposition in waist and back area, this ruins body lines. In this kind of cases, BBL is the best solution to solve this deformation and it is an opportunity to get thinner while getting a butt that you desire.


Who doesn’t want to have voluptuous backsides like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez? Everyone does. If you also want to have tougher, rounder and uplifted buttocks  Check out Clinic Center assisted BBL before and after gallery and simply contact us


Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Nowadays, as in every other cosmetic surgery operation, more and more people go for BBL surgery abroad. They seek for a destination considering of such points as financing, operational results and safety. Among many, BBL in Turkey has been on the first rank as the country has the best BBL surgeons and achieves natural butt lift results at a quite affordable cost.


Thanks to the high-technology devices and techniques, Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is a completely safe and effective solution for women who have a figure without curves. After BBL surgery in Turkey women have naturally fuller and lifted butt, which significantly increases their femininity and self-confidence.


Techniques of BBL in Turkey

When it comes to Brazilian Bum Lift surgery, it is possible for the BBL surgeon to use different techniques. For sure, the surgeon should choose the most suitable technique particularly considering the needs of the patient. There are currently two main techniques used for BBL in Turkey:

  • Fat Grafting
  • Traditional Butt Lift


Fat grafting

It is a surgical intervention in which the surgeon removes the patient’s body fat from other parts of the body through small incisions and separates it from its chemical components to inject it into the buttocks. When compared to butt implants, Brazilian butt lift with fat grafting is a safer technique that provides the most natural BBL results in Turkey.


Traditional Butt Lift

When the buttocks are severely sagging, fat grafting may not help in the first place. During a traditional butt lift surgery, making an incision along the lower back, the surgeon removes the excess skin on the butt, which gives it a firmer and more youthful look. After recovery, it is possible to enhance the results through BBL surgery with fat grafting technique.


Advantages of BBL in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

As in every other cosmetic surgery procedure, the candidates may have some hesitations about having BBL in Turkey. Apart from the surgery itself, being in a different country can make one even more nervous. However, it is now possible to be all at ease as Clinic Center will be there for help throughout the whole process, organizing everything the patients may need: Accommodation a in four- star hotel, VIP transfer, international patient host.

Clinic Center offers:

  • Free physical consultation in London, online & video consultations all over the world
  • The best BBL / Vaser BBL surgery
  • 5 nights of accommodation at a 4-star hotel
  • 1 night hospital stay
  • Transfers between airport and hotel with private car
  • Personal host
  • Special group discount
  • Check up and regular follow-up
  • Medical garment
  • Aftercare in London

To have a free consultation in UK and book your  Bum Lift surgery in Turkey, you can simply get into contact with us online.


Besides, leading you to the best BBL surgeons, Clinic Center provides fascinating BBL results. Those who would like have a fuller butt at an affordable BBL cost, Clinic Center offers great opportunities. To get further information on our treatments and Brazilian bum lift prices, you can simply get into contact with us online.


BBL Results

People opting for having surgery to get a fuller bum, for sure, expect to achieve satisfying BBL results. The success rate of Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey depends on such parameters as the amount of fat the patient has, use of the right BBL technique and of course, the operating BBL surgeon. It is essential for the candidates to have sufficient amount of fat to be injected in the buttocks. In cases where the buttocks are sagging as well as flat, the surgeon must remove the excess skin before fat grating. When carried out by highly-experienced surgeons in well-equipped facilities, it is possible to achieve fascinating butt lift results. Immediately after Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, patients will be able to notice the new shape and size of the buttocks.


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BBL Recovery in Turkey

BBL recovery period may be a little challenging mostly because patients have difficulty in sitting, which requires the use of a BBL pillow. It is common to experience moderate swelling on the liposuction areas that will completely go down within a couple of months as long as the patient keeps wearing a compression garment. The garment also helps the bum have a rounder shape after Brazilian Bum Lift in Turkey. Pain level is also moderate and can be relieved through the medications prescribed. Patients can go back to their daily routines one week after the procedure.


BBL Cost in Turkey

Comprehending all the details of the procedure, the final question for the candidates is probably: How much is BBL? BBL surgery cost in Turkey is much more affordable especially when compared to other countries. For women who have financial concerns, thus want to have an affordable BBL, the country offers a great opportunity, making it possible for the patients to have fuller buttocks at a quite affordable BBL price. To get further information about our treatments and find out how much Brazilian buttock lift costs, you can simply get into contact with us online.


Click here to enquire us for a cosmetic treatment, and please check out our BBL surgery before and after gallery.

BBL All Inclusive Package in Turkey

With this all-inclusive package, you have a trouble-free journey from your home to Turkey after having a successful butt lift. For your maximum comfort, Clinic Center will arrange everything you may need. Here are the details:


  • Best price guarantee

    We guarantee to assist you to have the best procedure with the most affordable costs.

  • Free consultation, Check up and Preoperative tests

    You will have some free preoperative tests before your Brazilian butt lift procedure. Clinic Center assists you to have your consultation before your BBL to talk with your doctor and be informed detailed about the process.

  • €100 discount for group bookings

    If you have other friends thinking about getting plastic surgery, make your plan and come together! Clinic Center offers €100 discount for group bookings.

  • 1 night hospital stay

    You need 1 night stay in hospital after your BBL which is already arranged by Clinic Center before your arrival.

  • 5 nights of accommodation at a 4 star hotel

    Clinic Center cares about where you rest and sleep during your procedure. We provide you an accommodation for 5 days in a 4 star hotel for a peaceful and comfortable stay during your BBL in Turkey.

  • Transfers with VIP car

    You will not have any problem going to your hotel or going back to airport. All of your airport transfers will be done with a private car during your Brazilian butt lift in Turkey.

  • Personal host

    With Clinic Center, you are never a foreigner. We provide you a 24 hour reachable host during your stay to help you communicate better while you deal with your butt lift in Turkey.

  • Medical garment

    After your BBL, you will have to wear a garment for a while to do the aftercare for BBL. We provide it for you, so you don’t even have to think about it.

BBL Aftercare

The following instructions are general information to be followed before and after a Brazilian butt lift procedure. Clinic Center does not take the responsibility for the accuracy of these instructions. The instructions of your surgeon in Turkey after Brazilian butt lift procedure should be followed.

Pre-Operation Instructions:

2 Weeks Before:

  • Stop taking any medications or any vitamin supplements containing aspirin, ibuprofen (e.g. Advil, Motrin, Aleve etc.). Tylenol is okay.
  • Stop using all herbal medicines and all diet pills as a precaution for complications about blood clotting, blood pressure heart rate and respiratory.
  • Avoid from all kinds of nicotine products. Nicotine slows the healing period down.

1 Week Before:

  • Stop drinking alcohol at least 1 week before your surgery.
  • Do not use any kind of medication without your doctor’s permission.

Night/Day of Surgery:

  • Do not drink or eat anything after midnight including water, chewing gum, etc.
  • Take a light shower in the morning of your surgery.
  • Prefer loose fitting clothing (button-top and pull on pants, zipped shirt, sweatpants etc.) that does not need to be put over your head.
  • Leave your valuables at your hotel.
  • Do not wear contact lenses, do not wear make-up in the day of your surgery.


Post-Operation Instructions:

  • Some amount of bruising and swelling can be normally expected after BBL. They will disappear over time.
  • Do not smoke for at least 1 week after your surgery.
  • Take all medications according to the instructions by your surgeon.
  • Avoid sitting directly on buttocks, lying flat while sleeping and any traumatic action for at least six weeks. Sleep on your sides or your stomach.
  • Wear your compression garment for at least 6 weeks after your surgery to reduce swelling, to minimize discomfort and help the skin recover faster.
  • Avoid any stretchy and high impact activities for at least 6 weeks.
  • Keep away from any activities that cause you pain or discomfort.
  • You may resume your activities and exercises after at least 6 weeks. You should begin slowly.
  • Sex is not recommended for at least 2 weeks after your BBL procedure.


BBL Fast Facts

Length of procedure: Approximately 1 – 2 hours
Recovery period: 7 – 10 days to go back to work
Complications: Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots, heart attack or stroke and death)
Exercise: After 2 – 3 weeks
Stay: 1 night in hospital, 5 nights in hotel
Fat transfer: Fat will be removed from hip and tummy area
Comparison to butt implant: Healing process is easier
Scars: No
Pain: No due to general anaesthesia
Potential candidate: Patients unhappy about the shape and size of their buttocks
Results: Permanent (with 98% success rate)
Combination of surgeries: Mostly liposuction, breast surgeries, tummy tuck and fillers

April, USA

From when I first made contact with the clinic, the communication was excellent, always responding promptly to any questions and reservations I had. The surgeon we had, Dr. Ihsan Basaran is a magician. I am thrilled with the results so far. The Koc University Hospital is wonderful, they give you a full medical review before your op and are quite attentive throughout your stay. The only negative I have is the pain management after the op. It was a bit tough for me. They are not big in pain killers here so if you are sensitive like I am, I’d strongly advise you to bring your own as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Was not enough for me having had a lot of Liposuction and a BBL. Over all I’m very happy with the experience so far. I have had cosmetic surgery elsewhere and it was nowhere near as good as the service I received. I’ll definitely be back as I have my other works done.
Thank you to all of the staff that helped me whilst I was in Istanbul.

Rochelle, USA

I just got back after Lipo and BBL.

My experience from the initial contact with Merve and Tolga was really good. Their customer service skills are world-class and empathy towards me at moments when I was unsure or needed support was so much appreciated.

My Surgeon Dr. Ihsan Basaran I must say is a highly regarded professional in his field and instantly put me at ease by firstly calling me in a London (arranged by Merve) before I travelled to discuss the procedure and then seeing him in person, I knew I’d made the right choice. He was so reassuring and promised to give me the stomach and bum of my dreams within reason!

The aftercare at the hospital was brilliant with lovely nurses especially Busra.

The only disappointment which is mentioned for the firm to possibly improve on was not being contacted by my host post-surgery to check on me and to arrange my transport to the hotel and prescriptions. This was explained to be as a result of the host having many other patients to cater for. Being alone in a different country didn’t feel nice. I must say, this was resolved rather quickly and my recovery began in earnest.

My check-up went perfectly well and I cannot wait to see the final results in the coming weeks.

Isabelle, UK

Thank you very much for everything. I’ve always dreamed of a firm and well-shaped butt. It was a wonderful service provided for me. All staff was so supportive and paramedics, especially Dr. Kul were so professional.

Josh, USA

The procedure went perfect, even if I couldn’t sit for two weeks after the operation. I knew that before, so right now I am only happy with my new butt. Clinic Center is the best for BBL. Dr. Basaran and his team was great, they did everything for me to feel comfortable during all process. I loved you guys. I recommend to everyone!

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) FAQ

Am I a good candidate for BBL?

Anyone having a good general ad psychological health to be given general anaesthesia and willing to get their butts shaped can be a good candidate for BBL.


What is BBL?

BBL is an aesthetic surgery which is performed in order to enhance the shape and size of buttocks for people with sagging or flat buttocks for a rounder and uplifted look.


How long is butt lift procedure?

Butt lift procedure includes 2 phases. The first phase is getting rid of unwanted fat from some parts of the body through liposuction. And the second phase is injection of that unwanted fat back into buttocks after processed and purified. This procedure lasts approximately 1-2 hours depending on the procedure itself.


What is the difference between BBL and butt implants?

Brazilian butt lift is the most preferred procedure for buttock augmentation. Since, BBL in Turkey is performed through liposuction; the results will appear both in volumed buttocks and slimmed body parts such as waist, stomach area, etc.  That’s why BBL is more natural looking and beneficial. Implants, on the other hand, are placed only in specific area so they result in only one part.


How long is the recovery period?

Recovery period may take 7-10 days.  Generally you can return your work and daily activities in one week. Some local discomfort may be expected but can be solved with medication.


How long do BBL results last?

BBL results are long lasting if the patient takes good care, follows the instructions of aftercare for BBL and leads a healthy lifestyle. Excessive weight gain may affect the shape of buttocks.


When can I sit after the procedure?

It is very important to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks after your procedure. You will be given a medical compression garment for at least a month to protect your operated area, also special pillow or cushion should be placed under the back of thighs when sitting.


How much fat can be injected into my buttocks?

There is no an exact maximum or minimum fat amount for BBL. The amount ranges from 200cc to 1000cc for each buttock depending on the fat volume to be extracted from your body through liposuction.


Will I have scars?

You will not have any scars after the procedure, because it is performed with tiny injections and the marks will be hidden within your natural body structure.


How long does it take to see the BBL results?

BBL results may be seen right after the procedure, but after you fully recover and your swelling is down, you will meet with the real new you.


Why should I choose Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most popular and successful countries in plastic surgery. With its professional doctors and very reasonable BBL cost, Turkey has become patient’s favourite destination for Brazilian butt lift.


Why should I choose Brazilian butt lift in Turkey by Clinic Center?

We provide you the best opportunities for your procedure offering you very affordable BBL prices with high quality services.

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