BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) Surgery

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has gained popularity as a transformative cosmetic procedure, enhancing the contours of the body. This surgery involves liposuction to remove excess fat from areas like the stomach, creating a natural BBL appearance. BBL can also include implants for added volume and fuller, lifted buttocks. Commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, the procedure reshapes and enhances the buttocks, offering a sculpted physique. Despite its widespread acceptance, some individuals consider BBL removal procedures due to personal preferences or health reasons. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to explore options and understand the BBL procedure thoroughly. Most women must have heard the abbreviation BBL, but what does BBL mean? BBL surgery, or Brazilian Butt Lift, is a procedure performed to increase volume, regain a youthful appearance and lift the butt by injecting sucked fat from other parts of the body. BBL procedure can improve the appearance of sagging buttocks or give a rounder shape to the bum.

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    The Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) surgery has become a sought-after BBL cosmetic surgery, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their natural contours and achieve a fuller, lifted buttocks. This transformative surgery typically involves lipo BBL, targeting areas like the BBL stomach to harvest fat for transfer to the buttocks. The result is a natural-looking augmentation that reshapes the body. BBL can be performed with implants for those seeking additional volume and enhancement.

    During the BBL procedure, excess fat is removed from areas like the stomach through BBL lipo, providing a dual benefit of slimming one area while augmenting another. This combination makes BBL popular for those desiring a more sculpted appearance. Some individuals opt for a Brazilian Lift with implants to achieve a customised outcome.

    It’s essential to note that BBL surgery, while widely accepted, may not be suitable for everyone. Some individuals may consider BBL removal procedures due to personal preferences or medical considerations. Consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon is crucial to understanding the various options and ensuring that the chosen procedure aligns with individual goals and expectations.

    Clinic Center is a leading destination for BBL plastic surgery, offering top-tier services for those seeking transformative buttock enhancement. Renowned for expertise and innovation, Clinic Center specialises in delivering natural-looking results through Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. Our skilled partner surgeons prioritise patient safety and satisfaction, utilising state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the highest quality care. Choose Clinic Center for a premier BBL plastic surgery experience, where a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge practices combine for exceptional outcomes. Elevate your confidence and contours with Clinic Center’s trusted and renowned BBL services.

    BBL in Turkey

    Nowadays, as in every other cosmetic surgery operation, more and more people go for BBL surgery abroad. They seek a destination that considers financing, operational results, and safety. Among many, BBL in Turkey has been on the first rank as the country has the best BBL surgeons and achieves natural butt lift results at quite affordable cost. Thanks to the high technology devices and techniques, the Brazilian Buttock Lift in Turkey is a completely safe and effective solution for women who have a figure without curves. After BBL surgery in Turkey, women have naturally fuller and lifted butts with affordable BBL in Turkey costs, significantly increasing their femininity and self-confidence.

    During a Brazilian Bum Lift in Turkey, the excess fat is removed from the other parts of the body (stomach, lower back and love handles). It is injected into the butt, which is completely safe when carried out by a qualified BBL surgeon in Istanbul. Brazilian bum lift with fat transfer technique is also the one that provides the most natural results. BBL in Turkey is carried out under general anaesthesia and takes about 2 hours.

    The ideal body frame has changed over decades, becoming highlighted by different features. Especially under the influence of popular culture, mostly celebrities, having prominent buttocks has become extremely popular among women. As it also has a significant impact on women’s self-esteem, Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, also known as BBL surgery, is now one of the most attractive plastic surgery operations abroad.

    Regarding Brazilian Bum Lift surgery, the BBL surgeon can use different techniques. The surgeon will choose the most suitable technique, particularly considering the patient’s needs. There are currently three main techniques used for BBL in Turkey:

    • BBL with Vaser Liposuction
    • Fat grafting
    • Traditional Butt Lift

    The BBL recovery period may be primarily challenging because patients have difficulty sitting, requiring a BBL pillow. It is expected that moderate swelling on the liposuction areas will completely go down within a couple of months as long as the patient keeps wearing a compression garment and has the assistance of the right BBL clinic for aftercare. The garment also helps the bum have a rounder shape after the Brazilian Bum Lift in Turkey. The pain level is also moderate and can be relieved. Patients can return to their daily routines one week after having the operation.

    BBL at Clinic Center

    A BBL in Turkey is a popular BBL cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance the shape and contour of the buttocks. This natural BBL surgery involves liposuction to extract excess fat from areas like the stomach, creating a more sculpted body. Some individuals opt for BBL with implants for additional volume. The BBL procedure, also known as a Brazilian lift, has gained popularity for its ability to provide a fuller and lifted appearance to the buttocks. While BBL plastic surgery is sought after for aesthetic reasons, it is essential to research and choose reputable professionals to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

    When it comes to achieving the desired curves through a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Clinic Center stands out as the premier choice for exceptional results and unparalleled care. Our commitment to excellence and a team of highly skilled partner surgeons make the Clinic Center the preferred destination for buttock enhancement procedures.

    BBL in Turkey

    At Clinic Center, we specialise in BBL procedures, offering a comprehensive range of services that cater to various needs. Whether it’s a buttock lift, BBL Brazilian butt lift with BBL implants or addressing concerns about a sagging buttock, our experienced partner professionals deliver transformative outcomes. Our partner surgeons possess the expertise to create natural-looking results that enhance the body’s contours, providing patients with the confidence they deserve.

    What sets Clinic Center apart is our dedication to patient satisfaction and safety. We prioritise quality in every aspect of the BBL process, from the initial consultation to the post-operative care. Our state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to using the latest technologies ensure that patients receive the best possible care throughout their BBL journey. Choosing Clinic Center means choosing a trusted partner in your quest for a more sculpted and confident you. Experience the difference with Clinic Center, where expertise, innovation and patient-centric care converge to make your BBL journey truly exceptional.

    Every woman deserves that perfect hourglass-shaped look to improve their appearance and the confidence they deserve. Whether it is to shape your figure or to get rid of your hip dips, Clinic Center is here to assist you with our years of experienced and well-respected establishments and staff.

    For more information about BBL in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center, contact us here.

    Click to view Clinic Center’s BBL before and after gallery.

    Best BBL Surgeons in Turkey

    All treatments offered by Clinic Center are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Discover the expertise of the best BBL surgeons in Turkey at Clinic Center, where transformative results meet unmatched skill. Explore the profiles of our accomplished partner surgeons who specialise in Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey procedures, offering a glimpse into their experience and success stories. Click on the links to access individual pages for a comprehensive overview of their qualifications and patient testimonials.

    Skilled surgeons play a pivotal role in achieving optimal results in buttock enhancement. The artistry and precision demonstrated by our partner surgeons at Clinic Center are crucial for sculpting natural-looking contours and ensuring patient satisfaction. BBL surgery demands a delicate balance of aesthetic sensibility and medical proficiency, making the choice of surgeon paramount. Their expertise and advanced facilities at the Clinic Center ensure a safe and successful BBL experience. When achieving the desired BBL before and after in Turkey transformations, trust the best BBL surgeons in Turkey at Clinic Center for a journey towards enhanced confidence and a more sculpted you.

    Clinic Center provides its patients with high-quality cosmetic surgeries thanks to its internationally recognised and certified partner BBL doctors. Clinic Center partner surgeons are meticulously selected, taking into account their careers and international experiences. As a result, Clinic Center partner doctors are the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, considering their backgrounds, experiences and specialisations in their fields.

    Our skilled and experienced partner surgeons are experts in their fields and will be with you during the consultation to determine your custom treatment plan before the surgery based on what kind of look you want for your Brazilian butt lift and help you get the best results you want.

    As stated by Clinic Center’s partner, Dr Daghan, the success of a bum lift surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon operating and the competence of the team. According to Dr. Daghan, the more skilled procedures performed with appropriate methods, the more satisfactory the results will be.

    Another partner, Dr Celalettin, agrees with Dr. Daghan. Dr. Celalettin, who has performed Brazilian butt lift surgery for thousands of people until today, emphasises that it is more possible to achieve successful results with the right aftercare. Clinic Center and our honoured partner surgeons will be with you during your checkups and even after you return to your country with our aftercare department to assist you with any questions you might have.

    BBL Prices in Turkey

    Navigating the landscape of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) prices in Turkey can be simplified with Clinic Center, recognised as the best BBL clinic in the country. How much does a BBL cost in Turkey? Clinic Center offers competitive BBL prices that cater to diverse preferences. Explore our gallery to witness the transformative results achieved by our skilled partner surgeons, providing insights into the value of a BBL in Turkey.

    Clinic Center in Turkey offers top-notch services at competitive prices. Wondering how much does a BBL cost in Turkey? With our affordable BBL prices, you can achieve your desired silhouette without breaking the bank. Explore impressive BBL Turkey transformations to witness the expertise of our skilled partner surgeons. Clinic Center stands out as the best BBL clinic in Turkey, providing exceptional results and a personalised experience. Discover the allure of a Brazilian buttock lift at a fraction of the cost compared to other locations. Transform your silhouette, and check our BBL prices in Turkey now.

    At the Clinic Center, we understand the significance of transparency regarding cost. Our BBL prices in Turkey encompass various factors, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Whether you’re curious about the price of a BBL, Brazilian buttock lift cost near you or bum implant Turkey price, Clinic Center provides a detailed breakdown. We prioritise delivering exceptional outcomes at a reasonable BBL cost, making the journey towards a more sculpted you accessible.

    Clinic Center’s commitment to excellence extends beyond surgery. We prioritise patient satisfaction, offering the best BBL prices in Turkey. To get further information about our treatments and find out how much Brazilian buttock lift costs, you can simply get in contact with us online.

    BBLBBL Cost TurkeyBBL Cost UKBBL Cost EuropeBBL Cost US
    BBL Costs£3,500 – £5,500£5,000 – £6,800€5,900 – €7,400$8,000 – $10,000

    BBL in Turkey Before After Gallery

    BBL in Turkey Before After
    BBL in Turkey Before After
    BBL in Turkey Before After
    BBL in Turkey Before After
    BBL in Turkey Before After
    BBL in Turkey Before After

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    BBL Turkey Reviews

    Clinic Center stands out as a trusted destination for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures in Turkey, supported by a wealth of positive BBL Turkey reviews. Our commitment to transparency and patient satisfaction ensures that the comments and reviews are impartial and reliable. Patients share their experiences, highlighting the professionalism of Clinic Center’s staff and the exceptional results achieved through BBL procedures. Explore BBL in Turkey reviews to gain insight into the transformative journeys of individuals who have chosen Clinic Center for their buttock enhancement needs. Trust in the reliability of these reviews to make an informed decision about your BBL experience.

    BBL in Turkey

    These Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey reviews were written by our actual patients explaining and sharing their experiences about getting a BBL in Turkey. The Brazilian Bum Lift pictures tell a story of artistic precision and patient satisfaction. You can find the same BBL Turkey package comments on online platforms.

    People opting to have BBL in Turkey expect to achieve satisfying BBL results. The success rate of Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey depends on such parameters as the amount of fat the patient has, the use of the proper BBL technique and, of course, the operating BBL surgeon. You can also look at our other patients’ satisfying results and experiences under BBL Surgery Turkey reviews.

    BBL in Turkey All-Inclusive Package

    With this all-inclusive turkey bbl package, you’ll have a trouble-free journey from your home to Turkey after having a successful butt lift. For your maximum comfort, Clinic Center will arrange everything you may need. Here are the details:

    BBL in Turkey Best Price Guarantee

    Best Price Guarantee

    We, Clinic Center, the right Brazilian buttock lift clinic, guarantee to assist you with the best procedure at the most affordable cost.

    BBL in Turkey VIP Transfers

    VIP Transfers

    You will not have any problem going to your hotel or going back to the airport. All of your transfers will be sorted by us during your Brazilian butt lift in Turkey.

    BBL in Turkey Special Group Discount

    Special Group Discount

    If you have other friends thinking about getting plastic surgery, invite them and come together! Clinic Center offers special discounts for group bookings.

    BBL in Turkey Hospital Stay

    1-night Hospital Stay

    You need to stay in the hospital one night after your bum lift which Clinic Center already arranges before your arrival.

    Accommodation at a 4-Star Hotel

    Clinic Center cares about where you rest and sleep during your procedure. We provide you with accommodation for 5 days in a 4-star hotel for a peaceful and comfortable stay during your BBL in Turkey.

    Free Consultation, Checkups and Preoperative Tests

    You will have some free preoperative tests before your Brazilian butt lift procedure. Clinic Center assists you to have your consultation before your BBL to talk with your doctor and be informed in detail about the process. With the best bbl clinic in turkey, you are never alone.

    Personal Host

    Whilst checking in and out of the hospital and during your consultation, discharge and check-ups, you will have a host with you to help you with paperwork and if necessary communicate with the hospital personnel.

    Medical Garment

    After your BBL, you will have to wear a garment for a while to do the aftercare for BBL. We provide it for you, so you don’t even have to think about it.

    BBL Fast Facts

    Length of procedure:Approximately 1 – 2 hours
    Recovery period:7 – 10 days to go back to work
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots, heart attack or stroke and death)
    Exercise:After 2 – 3 weeks
    Stay:1 night in the hospital, 5 nights in a hotel
    Fat transfer:Fat will be removed from the hip and tummy area
    Comparison to butt implant:The healing process is easier
    Pain:No due to general anaesthesia
    Potential candidate:Patients unhappy about the shape and size of their buttocks
    Results:Permanent (with 98% success rate)
    Combination of surgeries:Mostly liposuction, tummy tuck, fillers, breast augmentation, breast uplift, breast reduction, mommy makeover, porcelain veneers

    BBL in Turkey Patient Reviews

    These Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey reviews were written by our real patients at their own request explaining and sharing their experiences about getting a bbl turkey finance operation in Turkey in an impartial and reliable manner. You can find the same bbl turkey package comments on online platforms.

    Mary, UK

    I always wanted to have more curvy butts since I was a teenager. When I grew up I started searching for BBL-Brazilian Butt Lift operation online. After a long time, I decided to undergo with Clinic Center which is the best decision ever. After the operation, I’m just in love with my results. I’ve had concerns about post-op but I get relaxed after when find out that I am able to contact with patient service coordinator anytime the best thing is Clinic Center provide me with an aftercare service in London too which other companies do not. I would definitely recommend the Clinic Center and its amazing team. 

    Britney, Turkey

    As this was my first plastic surgery, I needed a surgeon who will listen carefully to my needs and concerns and also provide detailed suggestions on what would be the best solution for me. One friend of mine recommended me Clinic Center, I filled out the online consultation form and the rest is history. Dr Cagri did a great job. Also, the staff and my host were incredibly kind and attentive. 

    Danielle, UK

    I booked my butt lift with Clinic Center because they had the best reviews and I felt confident with my choice after speaking to them. Even though I’m still in the healing process, I’m very happy with the results and would definitely recommend the clinic. 

    It was amazing. Very nice people and a really clean clinic. There’s just some bruising, but I was never in any pain. Everything went smoothly. I’ve been in touch with them through WhatsApp (just sending the surgeon pictures so they can monitor everything). The service and the people you deal with are excellent!

    Lara, Germany

    Had my BBL with Clinic Center by Dr. Cagri and the result is amazing. The doctor answered my questions carefully and listened to what I wanted. The surgery went well and the doctor answered my questions even after the surgery. The nurses took care of me well and my host was always there. Loved the team of Clinic Center and my doctor, and I recommend them. 

    “I had a hair transplant done. The treatment has been professional up until now. One has the important feeling to have a competent team, which knows what to do and they do it in a very professional manner. Communication with the team is always very fast and reliable. The doctor knows what to do and there is a very friendly and cooperative atmosphere.”

    Claudia, Ireland

    I have chosen Clinic Center for my BBL. I am fully satisfied with my experience with the Clinic Center, very professional people. They took care of us from the beginning until the last day. Thank you for all. “Highly recommend” 

    BBL Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is BBL?

    The cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can vary widely depending on several factors, including the geographical location, the experience of the surgeon, facility fees and additional expenses such as anaesthesia and post-operative care.

    Am I a good candidate for BBL?

    Anyone having good physical and psychological health to be given general anaesthesia and willing to get their butts shaped can be a good candidate for BBL.

    How long is the butt lift procedure?

    The butt lift procedure includes 2 phases. The first phase is getting rid of unwanted fat from some parts of the body through liposuction. And the second phase is the injection of that unwanted fat back into the buttocks after it is processed and purified. This procedure lasts approximately 1-2 hours but can take longer, depending on the procedure itself.

    What is the difference between BBL and butt implants?

    Brazilian butt lift is the most preferred procedure for buttock augmentation. Since BBL in Turkey is performed through liposuction; the results will appear both in volumed buttocks and slimmed body parts such as the waist, stomach area, etc.  That’s why BBL is more natural looking and beneficial.

    How long do BBL results last?

    BBL results are long-lasting if the patient takes good care, follows the instructions of aftercare for BBL and leads a healthy lifestyle. Excessive weight gain may affect the shape of the buttocks.

    When can I sit after the procedure?

    It is very important to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks after your procedure. You will be given a medical compression garment for at least a month to protect your operated area, also a special pillow or cushion should be placed under the back of your thighs when sitting.

    How much fat can be injected into my buttocks?

    There is no exact maximum or minimum fat amount for BBL. The amount ranges from 200cc to 1000cc for each buttock depending on the fat volume to be extracted from your body through liposuction.

    Will I have scars after the buttock lift?

    You will not have any scars after the procedure, because it is performed with tiny injections and the marks will be hidden within your natural body structure.

    Can I remove a BBL if I change my mind?

    BBL removal procedures are possible but require consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss individual circumstances.

    Can I have BBL with implants for additional volume?

    Yes, it’s possible to combine a BBL with implants to achieve customised results, enhancing both volume and shape.

    How long do I have to wait till I can exercise?

    You can start short strolls on the first night after the procedure with the supervision of your nurse. And it is good to continue taking short walks for the first week, the more you walk the faster your body heals. In the sixth week, you can begin swimming and you can begin light exercises. From the eighth week on, you can begin your usual sport routine.

    Buttock Lift Patient Review Videos

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