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Gynecomastia in Turkey

Clinic Center registered in London, UK, offers an affordable choice that will be carried out in Turkey, a place where high-quality medical services are available. Fill the consultation form to get a personalized plan to achieve high-quality results after your treatment in Istanbul.
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Are you 1 of the 5 men who have women-like breasts? Do you also get stressed and embarrassed to take your shirt off in a beach or wear tight T-shirts? UK registered Clinic Center will happily assist you stop that offering an all-inclusive package of gynecomastia surgery in Turkey that will make you feel great. Fill in the form to enquire us and make a change!


Gynecomastia, Gyno, Male Breast Reduction in Turkey

Plastic surgery is also for men, and it is not always optional but sometimes necessary. Enlarged breasts in men is a common problem that plenty of individuals suffer from. In such a case, men lose self-confidence and become gradually introvert. Thanks to plastic surgery it is possible to treat this condition through gynecomastia; namely, male breast reduction in Turkey. Gynecomastia surgery has been an effective procedure with quick results, saving men from having a feminine look. For men with enlarged breasts, it has been a feasible choice to have a male breast reduction in Turkey as the country is full of advantages.

Through our UK clinic, it is now possible to have a face-to-face consultation prior to your arrival and receive aftercare in your own country.  To get further information and initiate the booking process for your gynecomastia in Istanbul, you can simply get in contact with us online. 


What is Gynecomastia & Gyno surgery?

Due to heredity, hormonal disorders, or specific supplements; men can also suffer from enlarged breasts. Those men with enlarged breasts are perfect candidates for male breast reduction in Turkey. During gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon simply performs mammary gland or fat removal from male breasts. The patient may have either too much fat or an enlarged mammary gland on the breasts while it is also possible to have both at the same time. There are also cases where the patient experiences sagging on the breasts; which requires small incisions as the surgeon needs to perform a skin removal, as well. Gynecomastia surgery in Turkey is carried out under general anesthesia and takes 1 to 2 hours.


Male Breast Reduction in Turkey

Male breast reduction surgery is a simple, less invasive procedure that provides perfect operational outcomes. However, gynecomastia abroad requires precise work and diagnosis by the plastic surgeon as in every other cosmetic surgery operation. After all, gynecomastia results depend highly on the operating surgeon’s experience and knowledge. Thanks to the country’s well-educated surgeons and technologies, male breast reduction in Turkey is a great opportunity for men with enlarged breasts. As the country also offers an affordable male breast reduction cost, it allows patients to enjoy the best of their treatments.


Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey

As the best plastic surgery clinic abroad, Clinic Center organizes every step of your gynecomastia surgery in Turkey. Starting from your first contact with us, our medical consultants provide anything you need, including free online consultation. Besides, it is now possible to have a face-to-face consultation in our London Office, through which we also provide life-long aftercare. To get further information on male breast reduction in Turkey and find out how much a gynecomastia surgery cost, you can simply get into contact with us online.


Advantages of Gynecomastia Surgery in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

Male breast reduction in Turkey gets a lot easier with Clinic Center as patients will have the following opportunities during their medical journey abroad:
Free physical consultation in London, online & video consultations all over the world 
• Gynecomastia surgery carried out by the best plastic surgeons
• A reasonable male breast surgery cost with the best price guarantee
• 4 nights of accommodation at a 4-star hotel
• 1-night hospital stay
• Transfers between the airport, hotel, and hospital
• International patient host
• Special discount for group bookings
• Preoperative tests
• Consultation and Checkup
• Medical garment
Aftercare in the UK


To have a free consultation in the UK and book your surgery in Turkey, you can simply get into contact us online.


Gynecomastia Surgery Results

Prior to a male breast reduction in Turkey, the surgeon will explain what results can be obtained and which surgical technique is best suited for Gynecomastia. Beyond any doubt, the procedure will give patients a more masculine look on the chest, which will improve over time.


After your gynecomastia surgery, you will achieve:
• Highly increased self-esteem
• Natural looking and feeling men-like breasts


Shortly after gynecomastia surgery, patients can get back to their daily routines; however, it can take three months or more, until the final result of the surgery is apparent because of the swelling on the operated area. Gynecomastia surgery results in Turkey are known to be quite satisfying and long-lasting.


Male Breast Reduction Cost in Turkey

The candidates for male breast reduction also take financing into consideration, looking for more budget-friendly options. Considering the prices in the UK, Turkey offers a lower male breast reduction surgery cost. Still, the surgery is carried out under high standards and by a professional medical staff. Including all your needs in your treatment package, Clinic Center allows for a cheap gynecomastia surgery abroad. To get further information on male breast reduction in Turkey and find out how much a gynecomastia surgery costs, you can simply get into contact with us online.


Click here to enquire us for a cosmetic treatment, and please check out our Gynecomastia surgery before and after gallery.

Gynecomastia in Turkey All-Inclusive Package

With Clinic Center’s all-inclusive package, you have a smooth and happy journey from your home to Turkey after a successful gynecomastia surgery. To provide you with the maximum comfort, Clinic Center will arrange everything you may need. Here are the details:

  • Free consultation, Check up and Preoperative tests

    You will have some free preoperative tests before your Brazilin butt lift procedure. Clinic Center assist you to have your consultation before your BBL to talk with your doctor and be informed detailed about the process.

  • Best price guarantee

    We guarantee to assist you to have the best procedure with the most affordable gynecomastia surgery cost.

  • Special discount for group bookings

    Clinic Center offers special discount for group bookings. If you have other friends thinking about getting plastic surgery, make your plan and come together!

  • 1 night hospital stay

    You need 1 night stay in hospital after your gynecomastia surgery which Clinic Center arranges for you before your arrival.

  • 4 nights of accommodation at a 4 star hotel

    Clinic Center provides you an accommodation for 4 days in a 4 star hotel for the most comfortable stay during your gynecomastia surgery in Turkey.

  • Transfers with VIP car

    During your gynecomastia surgery in Turkey, all your transfers between the airport and your hotel will be done with a VIP car.

  • Personal host

    With Clinic Center, you are never a foreigner. We provide you a 24 hour reachable host during your stay to help you communicate better while you deal with your gynecomastia surgery in Turkey.

  • Medical garment

    After your gynecomastia surgery, you will have to wear a pressure garment for a while. We provide it for you.

Gynecomastia Aftercare

The following instructions are general information to be followed before and after a gynecomastia surgery. Clinic Center does not take the responsibility for the accuracy of these instructions. The instructions of your surgeon after your gynecomastia surgery in Turkey should be followed.

Pre-Operation Instructions

Two Weeks Before:

  • Stop taking medications or any vitamin supplements that contain aspirin, ibuprofen (e.g. Advil, Motrin, Aleve etc.) since they may impede blood clotting.
  • Stop smoking. Nicotine may cause complications during the healing process.
  • Stop using all herbal medicines. They may interfere with blood clotting.
  • Stop using all diet pills. They may interfere with blood pressure, blood clotting, heart rate, respiratory.

One Week Before:

  • Stop drinking alcohol.
  • Do not use any medication without the permission of your surgeon.

Day of the Surgery:

  • Eat a light breakfast with no caffeine as it can increase bleeding and sensitivity to medications.
  • Prefer clothing (button-top and pull on pants, zipped shirt, sweatpants etc.) that does not need to be put on over your head. Valuables should be left at your hotel.
  • Feel free to bring music to listen to during your surgery!
  • Remove your contact lenses before the surgery.

Gynecomastia Aftercare

Bruising and swelling can be normally expected after gynecomastia surgery. Bruising can be in different degrees and usually disappears in 2-3 weeks. Swelling can be diffused or can be localized and treated with cold and warm compress depending on your surgeon’s directives.


The first 3 days after your surgery is very critical. In the first day, you will be staying in our hospital and you will be taken good care, so don’t worry. After that, you should be in full rest in your hotel room and then at home with restricted movements. Sex is not recommended for 7-10 days.


A dressing is mandatory after your surgery. The type of dressing can be varied depending on your surgeon. Mostly used dressings are compression garments like vests, elastic bandages, etc all of which serve the same purpose. Wearing the dressing is mandatory for the first 5 days and after that the length of time to use dressing differs according to the surgery, the amount of swelling and in some cases bleeding.


Any extensive exercise can be started only after 2-3 weeks unless your surgeon gives contrary directives.

Gynecomastia Fast Facts

Length of procedure: Approximately 1 – 3 hours
Recovery period: 1 week to go back to work
Complications: Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots, heart attack or stroke and death)
Exercise: After 2 – 3 weeks
Stay: 1 night in hospital, 4 nights in hotel
Scars: Depending on the case
Repetition: Due to granules, patients will not face the same situation.
Potential candidate: Patients with extra fat on their breasts
Results: Achieved after swelling is done
Combination of surgeries: Mostly liposuction and tummy tuck

Gyno Surgery Patients’ Reviews

Aaron, UK

It was a very good process with good communications, surgery and follow up. I would recommend to everyone. I had man boobs surgery (gynecomastia) and liposuction. Outcome was natural outcome no scar visible. Dr. Basaran was amazingly professional. Staff was super nice. Garments and follow ups were all provided. Clinic Center is no 1.

Jimmy, Ireland

I had gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Basaran and couldn’t be happier with the results. He was very professional during the process. I was provided with a free check-up after my surgery. Staff was great, everything was perfect. Highly recommend.

Jan, Germany

Gynecomastia was my nightmare for 10 years. Thanks to Clinic Center, I can’t be happier with the results of surgery. Amazing Dr. Baran Kul, professional team, friendly staff resulted in a priceless happiness. Thanks a lot to everyone.

Mark, UK

From the first consultation to the aftercare post operation, they did everything to make me feel comfortable. All of the questions I had were answered satisfactorily. Dr. Ihsan and his team were perfectly professional. My recovery from gynecomastia surgery was very fast, I was back at work in a week. Thank you, Clinic Center. I will come back.

Saab, United Arab Emirates

Everyone was amazing! I never felt any discomfort. Staff was all very helpful. I am so thankful for Clinic Center and my doctor, Dr. Baran helping me with everything I needed. I felt amazing during the whole process. I didn’t feel any pain during or after the surgery. Clinic Center is top notch. Recommended to everyone!!!

Gynecomastia in Turkey FAQ

What is gynecomastia?

It is a medical term for uncontrolled male breast enlargement. Over 80% of men face with either temporary or permanent gynecomastia at some time during their life while 20% of them have the permanent form.

What can cause gynecomastia?

Common belief is that overweight causes men to develop gynecomastia, but there is no proof regarding this. It can be developed depending on habit of body, hormonal changes, unhealthy diet, drug use, use of some medication, excessive use of alcohol, etc.

Am I a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

Men with good physical health and normal weight, without life threatening illnesses, feeling depressed or embarrassed because of their large women-like breasts are considered as good candidates for gynecomastia surgery.

Why should I choose to have gynecomastia surgery?

You don’t deserve to hide under your T-shirt on the beach or to have to wear loose outfits just because you think you have abnormally large women-like breasts. You have a solution for that. If you want to deal with it, gynecomastia surgery may be the best solution for you.

How many types of gynecomastia surgery are there?

The surgery is performed through 2 processes depending on the grade. One is performed through liposuction and the other one is surgical operation in the cases that incisions are needed.

How long does the surgery take?

Gynecomastia surgery takes between 1-3 hours depending on the patient, the amount of fat to be removed and the type of surgery to be performed.

Will I have pain?

No. The surgery is generally performed under general anaesthesia.

How long is the recovery period?

Your recovery period will be smoother if you take good care of yourself. The first 3 days are very critical, so you should be in full rest and your movements should definitely be restricted. With the help of dressing you should wear at least 5 days, you can return your work in 1 week.

Why should I choose gynecomastia surgery in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center?

As Clinic Center we offer our patients a high-quality, customer-satisfactory service with our all-inclusive package including the personal host, accommodation and all transfers between airport, hotel, and hospital with a competitive affordable cost.

What is gynecomastia surgery cost in Turkey?

Gynecomastia surgery cost in Turkey is more affordable compared to other countries thanks to the cheap living costs in the country. While the exact gynecomastia surgery cost may vary according to each case and patient’s needs, Turkey offers you a great quality service with affordable costs.

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