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Clinic Center is based in London and provides aftercare for its patients in the UK. Patients who come to Clinic Center know that they will get good and natural-looking results. Thousands of patients have come and got various plastic surgery done. If you’d like to get further information on how much mommy makeover in Istanbul costs; you can simply get into contact with us by filling this form.

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    What Is Mommy Makeover?

    During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman’s body goes through changes. Breasts get bigger, the abdomen gets bigger. Unless the body heals very well and the skin elasticity is extremely good, women won’t need a mommy makeover. However, usually, women do because either their abdomen has sagged or they can’t get rid of the stubborn fat around their waist or the breasts have deflated.

    Even though having more than one procedure at once can be daunting, if the patient is healthy it is quite beneficial.

    Many women have come and still come to Clinic Center for a mommy makeover procedure. Because their child doesn’t need to be breastfed, and women want their old body back, or at least have a body that is close enough. Even though the name does sort of say what it is, not a lot of people know what a mommy makeover actually is. So, what is it? A mommy makeover is a relatively standard mixture of plastic surgery that is done at the same time during one operation: a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction (usually the abdomen area). These usually are the most common procedures. But sometimes breast reduction or breast augmentation is also done if the patient also asks for it or the doctor suggests it, women who have had a cesarean section may also get a scar revision. In some cases, this procedure is nearly like a full-body makeover surgery.

    The nice thing about a mommy makeover in Turkey is that the results are gained all at once, and the recuperation times for multiple procedures are merged. A woman gets the body image she wants in one go. We can also call this body contouring in a way because your body will be contoured, modified, or changed.

    Mommy Makeover In Turkey

    Last few years having cosmetic surgery in Turkey has been in demand by foreigners, especially getting a mommy makeover procedure because the plastic surgeons in Turkey have been doing this procedure for many many years, therefore, they have gained a lot of experience. From the response from our old patients, it is a proven fact that thanks to their extensive information, Clinic Center plastic surgeons in Istanbul can create natural-looking mommy plastic surgery results. So, our patients can be sure that they will be well looked after by our best mommy makeover surgeon. You can check out our gallery to see for yourself. After their mommy plastic surgery in Istanbul, our patients enjoy touring the city since shopping in Istanbul is very affordable like the mommy makeover package prices are.

    Mommy makeover procedure in Turkey usually takes about 3.5 to 6.5 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. You can look at our mommy makeover Turkey reviews to see what you can expect from this procedure.

    Mommy Makeover Turkey Price

    Over the years, plastic surgery has become more and more popular. Years and years ago, normally it was done to just fix something so that it could be used, like having a nose job. But because it was broken and not to make it “prettier”. However, as it became “fashionable”, people have started to get it done to feel better physically and mentally. However, the prices didn’t go down. Because of this, patients started to look at other countries than their own. It is widely known that mommy makeover uk prices are relatively high and inaccessible for most people. However, financial difficulties should not hinder you from getting the body of your dreams. For example, Turkey, it has become a very popular country to go to for plastic surgery, because the cosmetic surgery costs are budget-friendly and because the Turkish plastic surgeons are very experienced at what they do. When patients compare the mommy makeover cost with the price in their own country, they notice that the mommy makeover costs in Turkey are very low and the quality of the doctors is very high. So it is a win-win situation for the patients that come to Turkey. Also, because Clinic Center works with the best surgeons in Turkey, our patients get natural-looking results.

    Turkey is one of the most praised countries to have the mommy makeover surgery thanks to its experienced surgeons, a significant number of procedures are done every year, with positive results, reasonable prices, and government incentives for medical tourism. Each patient has a custom treatment plan depending on age, nose structure, and surgery availability. Because Clinic Center is assisted by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, we hold the privilege to give comprehensive all-inclusive packages for transform breast enlargement and mini tummy tuck cost at an economical mommy makeover package price.

    Mommy MakeoverMommy Makeover Cost TurkeyMommy Makeover Cost UKMommy Makeover Cost EuropeMommy Makeover Cost US
    Mommy Makeover Costs£6,750 – £8,000£8,000 – £10,500€9,000 – €12,000$13,500 – $17,000

    Best Plastic Mummy Surgeons In Turkey

    Clinic Center is providing its patients with high-quality cosmetic surgeries thanks to its internationally recognised and certified doctors. All treatments offered by Clinic Center are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Clinic Center surgeons are meticulously selected taking into account their careers and international experiences. As a result, Clinic Center doctors are the best plastic surgeons in Turkey considering their backgrounds, experiences and specialisations in their fields. They are internationally certified and acknowledged by global core institutions such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. You can check their backgrounds below,

    Clinic Center’s partner surgeons provide mommy makeover surgery with the assistance of Clinic Center Turkey to our patients with high-quality service at affordable mummy makeover turkey prices.

    Our skilled and experienced surgeons are experts in their fields and will be with you during the consultation to determine your personalized treatment plan before the surgery based on what kind of look you want for your mummy makeover and help you get the best results you want.

    As stated by Clinic Center’s partner Dr. Daghan, the success of a mommy makeover surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon performing the operation and the competence of the team. According to Daghan, the more skilled procedures performed with appropriate methods, the more satisfactory the results will be.

    Another partner Dr. Aydın agrees with Daghan. Aydın, who has performed mommy makeover surgery on a great number of people until today, emphasizes that it is more possible to achieve successful results with the right aftercare. Clinic Center and our honoured surgeons will be with you during your checkups and even after you return to your country with our aftercare department to assist you with any questions you might have about your Turkey mommy makeover.

    Mommy Makeover Results In Turkey

    At last, the mommy makeover procedure got done. But it doesn’t end there. The results aren’t permanent unless the patient doesn’t follow certain rules. Patients after their procedures need to devote themselves to a nourishing and active lifestyle. This is the most effective way to make sure your mommy makeover results last for a very long time. The diet the patients choose and the proportion of exercise they get will directly affect the constancy of your outcome.

    An appropriate diet normally includes proteins, fresh vegetables, and whole grains. Naturally, everyone is different, and some patients see the benefits of working with a qualified nutritionist. The same goes for wanting to work with personal trainers so that they can find a fitness program that suits both their bodies and lifestyles.

    Simply put, the end result that a mommy makeover can bestow can be substantial and can last long, but it all depends on the patient. To prevent new fat from forming and for the patient to be able to maintain their new figure, patients have to work on it. The amount of work depends on the patients’ sole physical needs and characteristics.

    Mummy Makeover Before and After Gallery

    You can examine our gallery to see mommy makeover before and after turkey.

    Makeover Recovery In Turkey

    • Week 1: Harshest time of recuperating after mommy makeover procedure. The patient’s body will be in a trauma, which is why patients won’t be able to do more than sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, or move just enough to get their blood flowing. After a week, patients will be able to walk but still not straight.
    • Week 2: The patient will start to notice a difference in how they feel, sore, and tender in areas that had the procedure done, but also tired.
    • Week 3: Patients might find this week to be the most difficult. Because the healing isn’t as fast as it was, the patient will still feel tired. Other patients may feel more energetic but still annoyed with the general progress.
    • The patient should allow as much time as possible for healing correctly. So, it would be good if they have someone with them to help them (a friend or family member).
    • Week 4: The swelling has gone down by now, and the patient should feel more energetic.
    • Week 5 and 6: On week 5, patients should start to feel vast developments and changes. Patients can resume their usual exercise but in medium intensity. The swelling should go down and the incisions should be closed.
    • The swelling can take a year to entirely go, If the patient has had a tummy tuck done, this is normal. Patients need to be patient.

    Mommy Makeover Clinic

    Clinic Center is a company that is registered in the UK. Also, Clinic Center provides aftercare service in the UK which no other company does. Clinic Center offers all-inclusive mommy makeover packages abroad for patients who wish to have a youthful-looking body and a body that they will be happy to look at. To provide this, we only work with the best mommy makeover doctors.

    The treatment package that our patients will have whilst having a mommy makeover procedure in Istanbul includes everything that they could need and it comes with the best price guarantee:

    •         Mommy makeover procedure with one of the best surgeons in Istanbul
    •         Staying at a 4-star hotel for 6 nights
    •         Usually 2 nights of hospital stay
    •         Airport-hotel transfer with a private car
    •         Personal host
    •         Special group discount
    •         Free check-ups and periodic follow-ups

    By choosing Clinic Center to help you with your mommy makeover in Istanbul, you will feel and look better.

    Makeover Surgery All-Inclusive Package

    With the all-inclusive package, our patients will have a comfortable trip from Turkey to their homes after having a successful plastic mommy body surgery procedure in Istanbul. Clinic Center does everything possible so that our patients feel maximum comfort, Clinic Center arranges everything our patients may need. Here are the details:

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Partner plastic surgeons are chosen after a close examination and hold the respected EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships.

    Medical garments

    Clinic Center will provide you the necessary post-op garment(s) to be used after the mommy makeover in Turkey.


    On the discharge day, the doctor or host will inform the patient of the check-up day and aftercare information for a successful healing process.

    Accommodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Clinic Center will make sure that all of their patients have the best and comfortable stays until it is time for them to go back to their countries

    Airport transfers with VIP car

    For a more comfortable trip, Clinic Center transfer welcomes our patients at the airport and brings them to their hotel and will take them back to the airport on their departure day.

    International Patient Host

    Clinic Center provides our patients with an international patient host that will accompany them during their medical travel.

    Mommy Makeover Fast Facts

    Procedure:Mommy Makeover
    Duration:3.5 – 6.5 hours
    Stay:7 days (2 nights at the hospital and 5 at the hotel)
    Recovery:7-10 days. But long-term recovery can be 7 weeks to few months.
    What to bringComfortable clothes that you won’t need to pull over your head.
    Side effectsPain, discomfort, bruising, swelling, numbness, post-surgical scarring
    ComplicationsBleeding, infection, poor healing of incisions, hematoma, seroma, loss of nipple sensation, inability to breastfeed, implant leak,
    capsular contracture, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, unfavourable scarring, recurrent looseness of skin, fat necrosis, deep venous thrombosis,
    cardiac and pulmonary complications, asymmetry, persistent pain, contour deformity, fat embolization and anaesthesia risks.
    Exercise6 weeks later.
    ScarsIf the patient has a tummy tuck, they will have a scar. If the patient has breast implants and uplift, they will have a scar.
    PainMild, depending on the patient.
    ResultsIt could take a whole year to see the end result.
    Multiple SurgeriesLabiaplasty, nose job, porcelain veneers

    Mommy Makeover Operation Reviews

    These mommy makeover Istanbul reviews were written by our real patients at their own request explaining and sharing their experiences about getting a mommy makeover in Turkey in an impartial and reliable manner. You can find the same mommy makeover reviews on online platforms.

    Mommy Makeover Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

    What operations are involved in a Mommy Makeover?

    Mommy makeover may include the following, depending on the patients needs and wants:

    ● Breast Augmentation.
    ● Mastopexy.
    ● Breast Reduction.
    ● Abdominoplasty.
    ● Circumferential Abdominoplasty.
    ● Liposuction.

    How long does it take to heal from a mommy makeover?

    Given that a mommy makeover is such an individual operation, the healing time is different based on the surgery the patient chooses to include. However, with most patients recovery can range from one to four weeks to rest and recover.

    How much is a mommy makeover?

    Turkey is one of the most praised countries to have the mommy makeover surgery thanks to its experienced surgeons, a significant number of procedures are done every year, positive results, reasonable prices, and government incentives for medical tourism. Each patient has a custom treatment plan depending on the age, nose structure, surgery availability. Because Clinic Center is assisted by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, we hold the privilege to give comprehensive all-inclusive packages at an economical mommy makeover package price.

    How much pain will I have after a mommy makeover?

    Mommy makeovers don’t hurt as you might think. Mommy makeover is a combination surgery, the only part most patients may feel uncomfort is the tummy tuck procedure but with painkillers you won’t experience discomfort.

    Mommy Makeover Patient Review Videos

    Patients’ Reviews

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