Tyra Banks Boob Job

Tyra Bank has changed people’s minds about modelling. People used to think that models only drink water and slept and that is how they stayed the way they did. In her new memoir she revealed that at the beginning of her career, she had plastic surgery. She wasn’t happy with her body. Her breasts, nose a lot of things about her body made her unhappy. She openly says she has had surgeries and right now hasn’t had anything age-related. But she isn’t judging people who get procedures for that.

Either You Fix It Or Show It Off

At the beginning of the 2010s, she said women should be able to do both of them. Tyra confessed to Piers Morgan that she could have cosmetic surgery when the time is “right” and she is aware of the gossip concerning her boobs. She professed that they look fake but at the beginning of the 2010’s she hadn’t had any procedure on her boobs done yet.

Who Is She?

She was born in California in 1973. When she was 6 years old, her parents broke up. She saw her dad on the weekends. She was a very popular, international fashion model and the first Black woman on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit publication. She later hosted the TV program and she also had her own show. For her own show, she was awarded two Emmy Awards. She proved that she likes doing business by establishing her cosmetics line in 2014.

Because her mum and dad broke up, she had two of everything. Two birthdays, two Christmases. She wasn’t unhappy about that because it meant she had more presents and love. She says, when she was young she was told not to fear food, but to enjoy it. Because of this, she realised that she enjoys it quite a bit and this includes food that isn’t very healthy. She has never smoked because her grandmother died of lung cancer. At the beginning of 2010’s she published the best-selling book called “Modelland”, this book is centred on her life and the things she learnt from the industry. During this time, she also went to Harvard Business School and completed her special lessons for CEO and additional top administrative at the start of 2012. 

Tyra Banks’s Cosmetic Procedures

As one of the greatly loved names in the industry, she has a large stage to spread ideas of self-confidence in the body. She has been a supporter of women feeling self-confident about their bodies. This could be about their weight or another factor. She has been guiding people on how to control their faith in themselves and she has talked about the operations she has had at the start of her occupation.

Rhinoplasty Operation

It is popularly known that a lot of famous people cannot endure the urge to get cosmetic surgery. So far she has had a boob job and a nose job. When people look at her old and current photos, they can see the difference in her nose. They can see it because her change is obvious. Her old nose in general was wider. Now it is a lot smaller and narrower and she has gotten rid of her bump. Of course, if you think a nose job isn’t for you, you can always do makeup on your nose to make it look different. But for a permanent look, rhinoplasty is the best solution.

Breast Augmentation

Apart from rhinoplasty, the boob job is also very popular amongst famous people. When you compare her before and after, an obvious difference can be seen. Instead of having a flat chest, she now has a fuller chest. We can see that the surgery was a success. Because, not only there is an obvious change, but it still looks natural. She already looked confident. But after the procedure, she looks even better. 

She has talked about women who judge other women for having procedures done. She believes that no one should judge anyone. Tyra Banks said that she hasn’t had any age-related procedures done yet. But if a friend of hers got it done, she wouldn’t judge them. She believes everyone has the right to feel good about themselves, some people feel good after they get procedures done. We think to agree with Tyra and think that what she is saying is very sensible.

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