Clinic Center is now the goal sponsor of Blackburn Rovers

We are extremely excited to announce that Clinic Center is now the goal sponsor of Blackburn Rovers!
Clinic Center is a leading company in health tourism and welcomes thousands of patients every year. Most of these patients are based in the United Kingdom. We form relationships based on kindness and mutual understanding with our patients, most of which are welcomed in our office in London.
This is why Clinic Center is placing great importance on supporting communities in the United Kingdom. We want other sectors to flourish as well, especially if this sector is closely linked to health and the general well-being. Physical activity has a huge impact on the general health condition – and as a leading company related to healthcare, we want to encourage physical activity as much as possible. Thus, we aim to support those who are interested in sports!

Mustafa Temiz, the founder and leader of Clinic Center, believes in the importance of supporting different sectors in the United Kingdom, and is sponsoring Blackburn Rovers on this mission. We are sure that anyone included in this season will have a great time! Clinic Center is happy to accompany Blackburn Rovers during this exciting time.

We wish the Blackburn Rovers the best of luck and hope everyone has a great season supporting their favourite championship.

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