How to Wash your Hair after Hair Transplant

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The quality of the hair transplant procedure and the experience of the hair transplant specialist are two very important factors leading to a successful and efficient hair transplantation process. However, it should not be forgotten that the aftercare is just as important in order to benefit from the procedure to the fullest!
After their hair transplant, patients are expected to follow the instructions of their doctor. Most patients worry that they might do something harmful to their newly implanted follicles. This is a big concern when it comes to the hair wash right after the hair transplant procedure. We will explain how to wash your hair after hair transplant procedure!

Please note that Clinic Center provides an aftercare consultant to all patients, so they can ask all their questions and avoid possible mistakes. If you are unsure about something, please contact your aftercare provider for information.

Hair wash from the doctor:
Clinic Center patients visit their hair transplant specialist one day after their procedure to get a hair wash. The doctor washes their hair carefully and they are not required to wash their hair for one day after this.
Generally, patients return to their country after the hair wash they receive from their doctor. This hair wash session is also an opportunity to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Washing your hair on your own (9-10 days):
Once you have returned to your country, you are obliged to wash your hair on your own. You will approximately start to wash your own hair on the 3th day after your hair transplantation.
Clinic Center provides its patients with the necessary medical shampoos or lotions. The patient will use these for the next 9-10 days. Patients have to wash their hair every day!

After the hair wash, patients should not rub their hair. This can lead to permanent loss of the newly implanted follicles. Instead, they should tap their head dry with a smooth towel.
Additionally, they should not use any heat on their hair, such as a blowdryer. This is also harmful for the follicles.

Scabbing in the first few weeks:
Scabbing is totally normal in the first few weeks after the hair transplant procedure, however, could also appear around the one-month mark.
The scabs might fall out on their own during the two weeks of using the special medical lotion. If they do not, please wait until your scab removal day (day 12) then follow your aftercare person’s guidance to remove them.

After the 12th day:
On the 12th day after your hair transplantation, you will most likely run out of the medical lotion/shampoo Clinic Center has provided.
Once this is the case, you can either purchase a special set that consist of the medical shampoo/lotions, or use a baby shampoo that does not consist of harsh chemicals.
You have to use the baby shampoo for a minimum of the next 6 months! If possible, our hair transplant specialist advise patients to use the baby shampoo for one year.

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