Beard Transplant: Who Had It Done?

After the hair transplant procedure’s heat has died down a bit, only just a bit! Men, especially the ones who can’t grow a thick beard are obsessed with getting a beard transplant! 

Apparently, for men who want to look their best, having a six pack isn’t enough any more. 

The recent trend amongst men have been, having a bushy facial hair

Apparently, the request to get a beard transplant has gone up 27%.

Some men want it to cover their scars. Others want it because they have patchy beards and some practically don’t have anything.

Lately, beards have become a thing, especially on the catwalks and has become fashionable to have amongst famous people. 

A lot of men who have this operation say they are having it because the man they are inspired by had it or they want a beard like that man.

How is it done? Very similar to hair transplant, in beard transplant, the trichologist gets the hair from the donor area(back of the head) and inserts it on the patient’s face(beard/ moustache area).

Let’s see who had it done:

Roy Donders

Is an entrepreneur and a stylist in The Netherlands. He is one of the men to go a step further and have a beard transplant. Beard transplant isn’t quite popular in The Netherlands yet. He came all the way to Istanbul to get his beard transplant istanbul. Like hair transplant, at the beginning, beard transplant also looks a bit painful.

Jeremy McConnell

The gorgeous Irish model also wanted thicker beard so he also had his beard transplant done in Turkey. He said the reason he wanted it was because he wanted to look his best. Before he had his procedure, he made sure to enjoy the sun as much as possible. Because after this procedure, patient’s shouldn’t stay under the sun.

Conor Benn

The welterweight star had his beard transplant procedure in around 2019. It took 8 hours to finish. This is quite normal for hair and/ or beard transplant procedures. Once he started to see his results, he took to the social media to share his happiness. He said, he used to rate his beard 3/10. But now he won’t because it doesn’t need it. Because he knows it is 10/10. 

Kylie Christie

We know him from Geordie Shore. He apparently spent well over £5k for this procedure and it took more than 8 hours to finish. Healing time for this procedure can take a few days. But patient’s don’t see the end result before a year is over. This can go up to 18 months.

Gaz Beadle

Another Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle, showed off the fact that he also had a beard transplant. He said he was very nervous before it started, but he explained that he had had enough of not even being able to grow a stubble. But now that he is over it, he is happy. When you look at the after photo, it just looks amazing, don’t you think so?

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