Zac Efron and Plastic Surgery: Did He? Or Not?

Zac Efron who is known from his childhood and take roles on tv shows for years left a question in fans’ mind.People are wondering the reason of the change of his face. People think that he had some plastic surgery which could be jaw line implant since his face shape has obviously changed! It is already know that he had smile makeover to close the gap between front teeth!

His family name is Zachary David Alexander Efron and his birthday is on 18/10/87. The American actor and singer’s career started in the beginning of 2000’s.

He acted in numerous films and series. He has many awards for acting and singing. Naturally when a person as successful as he is looks different, everyone will say something about it.

His fans started to question if he had surgery after he took part in Bill Nye’s Earth Day! The Musical. His fans took a closer look at his face and noticed his jaw and lips looked different. His lips looked thicker than before. So of course they wondered if he had anything done.

When things are on social media, sadly there will be people who will say negative things too. For example on Twitter, people said he looked like the ogre Shrek. 

A lot of people think he had cosmetic procedure. But they also think it could be fillers.

Even a plastic surgeon had a say in this,  Dr. Anthony Youn also said that Zac looks different, he has a wider jaw.

So a lot of people say he looks different.

When people say he had injections, this means he didn’t go under the knife. Another plastic surgeon suggested that he may have gotten a bit too much facial filler on his face.

He may or may not have had surgery. Dr. Youn insinuated that he may have had a wisdom tooth removal, this can cause swelling in the cheeks and jaw.

Because a lot of people were concerned, we need to inform that fillers are temporary. In time they go. 

A lot of people, obviously not his fans, mocked the way he looked. Because of the mockery, or rather bullying, his fans started to defend him by saying that he is still the same person. A lot of them don’t think he looks great right at this minuted. 

One person said that, Zac broke his jaw, and had to have it wired for it to be shut. However, it turns out this happened a while ago.

The way he looks has been a favourite topic of many people. No one seems to know exactly what happened. However, we still love him for who he is.

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