The Only Way Is Essex:Lauren Pope Plastic Surgery

Her full name is Lauren Grace Pope and her birthday is on 29/09/1982. She is an English fashion model, TV person and a DJ. In 2010, she started to take part in the ITVBe TV programme “The Only Way Is Essex”. In March 2019, she quit the TV programme. Because became popular because of TOWIE.

In the past, she did have plastic procedures. But lately, she is trying to look natural as possible. 

In 2017, she came to the resolution of having her E cup breast implants taken out. She said she was tired of looking “ tacky”. Breast implants are put in when a patient wants a breast augmentation operation. 

So far she has had 2 boob jobs also known as breast augmentation or breast enlargement operations. Later she had a breast reduction surgery.

To a magazine she said she wanted another nose job, also known as rhinoplasty. In her case, because she had already had one, hers would have been called secondary nose job. But because her nose was weak and she had a procedure on it before, her plastic surgeon said if an operation was done on the tip, it could collapse. She hasn’t said a word about it, but some plastic surgeons like Dr. Ayoubi believe that she may have also have had Botox. Botox is also commonly known as Botulinum Toxin.

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