Ariana Grande Transformation

Who Is She?

Her given name is, Ariana Grande-Butera and her birthday is on 26/06/1993. She is an American musician and a film star. She has obtained many awards during her career, these are 2 Grammies, 1 Brit Award, 2 Billboard Music Awards, 3 AMA’s, 9 MTV Video Music Awards, and 27 Guinness World Records.

She was born in Boca Raton, Florida, and her career began when she was 15. she took part in the 2008 Broadway musical 13. She became well known for her role as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon TV programme, she also took part in Victorious between 2010 and 2013 and Sam & Cat between 2013 and 2014. She eventually had a contract with Republic Records in 2011. The company’s management had heard her singing. Her first album was published in 2013 and it went up in the chards. Once her album was published, she was compared to Mariah Carey.

During her childhood years, she was in theatre, at the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre she took part in the musical Annie. At the age of eight, she took part in a karaoke lounge on a cruise ship and with several orchestras like South Florida’s Philharmonic, Florida Sunshine Pops and Symphonic Orchestras, and she first performed on national TV by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for the Florida Panthers.

Now that you know her background a bit, let’s see what she may have had done over the years. 

Ariana Grande Brow Lift

When you look at her photo on the left side, you can see her eye brows are lower and much closer to her eyes. This look is quite attractive but it looks “normal”. 

A brow lift is a procedure that is done to raise the eye brows that look droopy and it also is a good way to get rid of wrinkles. 

When you look at her photo on the right, we can see that her eye brows have been lifted. Once a person has this procedure, they can’t say they didn’t because as you can see, the change is very obvious. 

Ariana Grande Nose Job

When she was much younger than now, her nose was a bit fleshier. Her nose had bumps. You can see this on the left photo. It is from the year 2008.

To change the shape of a nose, a person usually gets a nose job aka rhinoplasty. This procedure can also help with breathing problems. However, it the problem is more than just a little, it may be best to have an ENT during the procedure. 

When you look at the photo on the right side, it is obvious that her nose looks straighter with no bumps and it looks more elegant. Also, the tip is smaller. 

Ariana Grande Lip Fillers

Back in 2010, her lips were like the ones on the left side. They certainly didn’t look bad. Her lips weren’t equally thick. Top was thinner than the bottom lip. People who want thicker lips, or lips that are matching, tend to opt for lip fillers. There are two ways to do it. Your own fat can be transferred or you can get fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. Bare in mind that a person who has good amount of experience should be doing this.

Ariana Grande Breast Augmentation

Success also brings gossip. A lot of people have gossiped about Ariana. The gossip was that she got a breast augmentation. Because apparently her breasts have changed. Well, when you think about when her career started and looking at her now, of course they have changed. She isn’t a child any more.

When we look at the photos from years before and a current one. Her breasts look the same. Sometimes the clothes she wear or the lighting of the photo can make it look as if her body looks a bit different but no. She hasn’t had a boob job.

So, to summarise, yes she has had a few things done. When we look at Ariana Grande plastic surgery photos, we can see that there are some changes. Would you ever think of getting the procedures she has done? At Clinic Center we offer the best prices for the most popular procedures that everyone want to have. For extra details about our procedures, please contact us!

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