Breast Reduction With The NHS

For those of you who don’t quite know what a breast reduction is, breast reduction also called “Reduction mammoplasty”, is a procedure where the breast size gets reduced and a nicer shape is given. People who tend to go for this procedure are the people who have lost considerable amount of weight or they breastfed, thus have saggy breasts and most likely heavy breasts which cause back pain. Sometimes men can even me considered for this procedure. With this procedure, there will be scarring. But if you look after yourself properly and use the medications that the doctor has prescribed, the scars should heal nicely. 

Some patients naturally want to go get it done with the NHS because it is in the same country and everyone speaks the same language and most importantly, you don’t pay anything. But to get it done at the NHS you have to go through quite a lot of steps and there is a waiting list. In fact many have searched “breast reduction nhs waiting list 2021” to see perhaps if there were ways to not wait. Patients who get a “yes” from the plastic surgeon may have to wait years and years. Even after going through their GP, then a psychologist maybe get tested to see if their health is in order etc. and then get a yes from the plastic surgeon, people don’t want to wait that long. Also, with the NHS, if it is purely for aesthetic reasons, it may not be available for patients. So naturally patients start looking elsewhere, like Turkey, many have also searched breast reduction turkey on Google to see what choices they have. Because with NHS you do save money, true. But, unless you get the procedure done straight away, you may lose quite a lot of time and that is something you can’t buy back. Whereas having this procedure in Turkey is considerably quicker and if patients chose to go private in the UK, they’d be paying quite a lot for it and the doctors aren’t necessarily better. Turkey has become very popular because the doctor’s have a lot of experience. Before the procedure, patients in Turkey get tested too, their blood levels get tested, if they have any health problems, the anaesthesiologist and if necessary any other doctor first checks on them and if everything is okay, then the procedure is done. After all, life is more important than anything else. 

Many patients who have come to Turkey for their procedures, also have a holiday so it is a win-win situation. Patients tend to choose to have the holiday before their procedures, then go get the procedure done. So right before their procedure, they are quite relaxed. 

So you need to choose wisely, either pay a bit and get the procedure you have desired for years done and save time by doing this. Or, wait for God knows how long and then eventually get the procedure done, this way you would save money but lose time. But wouldn’t rather enjoy your smaller and nicer looking breasts when you can, rather than at an age where you wouldn’t really be bothered?

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