Things to Know About Breast Uplift Operation

As we are all aware, the size, shape of the breasts change from women to women.  Also, ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes also can affect the  firmness and the size of the breasts. Therefore, the breasts may start to sag. 

So what happens during a boob lift operation? The surgeon cuts the skin that is  excess and gives a new shape to the tissues, changes the position of the areola’s  so that the patient has younger looking breasts. 

However, some people think this procedure will make their breasts bigger, this isn’t  true. Let’s see what other belief isn’t true and what you should know. 

Mastopexy(Boob lift) Doesn’t Make Breasts Bigger 

In fact, this surgery might even slightly reduce the size of your breasts. Consult with  your surgeon and let them know what you want. If you are not satisfied with both  the shape and the size of your breasts, you can choose to undergo a breast lift with  implants, or a breast lift with fat transfer, which combine both breast lift and  augmentation.

Anyone who wants an operation done on their breasts should know the difference  between augmentation and lift. Breast lift – as it is in the name, ONLY lifts the  breast doesn’t make the breasts bigger. The whole point of this operation is to have  lifted, perkier looking breasts. In some cases, the breast size may even go a bit  smaller. During the consultation with the surgeon, the patient needs to be 100%  sure of what they want and only go a long with it IF they truly want it. 

During Recovery, Breasts Will Be A Bit Swollen 

After the procedure, swelling is very normal. Swelling lasts for a few weeks. Also,  after the procedure soreness is normal. To make your post-op a bit more  comfortable, the surgeon will prescribe you medicines. 

Wear A Comfortable Bra After Operation 

After the procedure, the doctor will provide the patient with a post-op bra. This  needs to be worn till the doctor says it is okay to switch to a different bra. 

No Exercise For Sometime After Operation 

After their operations, patients can walk but can’t do hard exercises like running or  riding a bicycle. No heavy objects should be lifted. For couple of weeks, patients  should also avoid any sexual activity. 

Smoking and Alcohol Are Not Allowed 

Smoking slows down the healing. In fact, surgeons want the patients to stop  smoking before the operation. Patients shouldn’t use nicotine patches or gums  either. 

The reason for stopping alcohol is that, it can interfere with the medications and  may even cause swelling. 

During Recovery, Don’t Sleep Face Down 

After this kind of procedure, the doctor will ask the patient to sleep on their back.  The reason for this is, if the patient sleeps face down, this put a lot of pressure on  the breasts.

Eating Healthy and Drinking Water Is Very Important 

In order for the patients to heal quicker, healthy foods are necessary for them.  Patients also need to drink lots of water too. They need to stop using a lot of salt  because excessive salt usage can make the swelling even more than it already is. 

Scars Are Normal 

Every operation leaves scars. But as time has gone by, there are better techniques,  equipments. Surgeons to their best to make the scars less obvious. For the scars  to heal properly, patients need to take good care of themselves and use the  prescribed medicines properly. 


It is very important for the patient to look after themselves properly after this sort of  procedure. But one may wonder where to get it done. Because of the cost of  procedure many patients even though they are very unhappy with the way their  breasts look, can’t get it done. However, lately a lot of people have been going to  Turkey. Getting a boob lift in Turkey has become very popular because of the  expertise of the doctors and the prices. Contact your medical consultant to get more information about your personalized treatment plan.

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