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Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard Loss in Men

Beard Loss

Beard are two of the most important parts of men’s look and mostly seen as the signs of masculinity, therefore facial beard loss can affect even psychology. Due to heredity, ageing, scarring, immune diseases or trichotillomania beard can become thin, patchy or spotty and even disappear completely. For men who struggle with beard loss and would like to have a distinctive style, beard transplant is the best and permanent solution. According to the figures published by International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in 2008, there has been a rise at the rate of 110% in beard transplant Turkey. Click here for hair loss in men and hair transplant Turkey. 


What Is Beard transplant?

Beard transplant is a pain-free cosmetic surgery procedure that restores beard by transplanting grafts from high density areas into the recipient area where thinning or balding occured. Donor grafts are drawn mostly from the back of the head. Procedure will take place in the presence of experienced and well-equipped medical team in Turkey. 


Procedure can be performed after 20’s, when hormone levels are settled. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique is applied for best beard transplant results in Turkey. This technique is preferred since the surgical tools that are being used are advanced enough to enable quick extraction and no visible, permanent scarring can be seen in the donor area. Read more about FUE technique here. 


The number of grafts required can vary but averages are 350-500 grafts for the moustache, 600-900 grafts for a full goatee, 200-300 grafts for each sideburn, and 300 to as many as 900 grafts for each cheek beard. In accordance with the size of the beard transplant Turkey, the procedure will take about 2 to 5 hours. The day after the procedure, patients have a final check-up and given aftercare instructions. Click here for pre and post-operative instructions. The transplanted area can be shaved and trimmed easily once after the healing process is completed. 


Beard transplant in Turkey by Clinic Center

Clinic Center partner specialists perform beard transplant with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique for permanent solution to beard loss in Turkey. Over 5000 satisfied patients who have had FUE Beard transplant assisted by Clinic Center with all-inclusive package that includes maximum number of grafts, PRP Treatment, accomodation at a 4-star hotel and medications, lotions etc. Thanks to the experienced and talented partner specialists, Turkey is one of the top destinations for this procedure. 


Clinic Center is one of the best beard transplant clinics in Turkey and also is approved and supported by the Turkish Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health. Clinic Center assists beard transplant abroad with high-quality service and its affordable costs. Because we believe when you look better, you feel better. 


Clinic Center All-Inclusive Package Includes:

  • Beard transplant with guarantee certificate 
  • Best beard transplant Turkey with reputable medical team 
  • Maximum number of hair grafts with FUE technique 
  • Special group discount 
  • Accommodation at a 4-star hotel 
  • Award-winning customer service (2016-2018 by 
  • Airport transfers with VIP car 
  • International personal host 
  • Check-up and follow-up care 
  • Medical shampoo, lotion, medicines etc. 


Beard transplant Results

After your beard transplant experience assisted by Clinic Center in Turkey, you will achieve below beard transplant results; 


  • Natural and dense looking facial hair 
  • Increased self-esteem 
  • Fuller and thicker beard 
  • Masculine look 


For more information on beard transplant in Turkey, contact us here. 

  • Transplant with Guarantee Certificate

    Your hair transplant procedure is under Clinic Center guarantee and in the unfortunate event of any malpractice of your procedure you will be offered a free of charge hair transplant.

  • Maximum number of hair grafts with FUE Hair transplant

    You will experience dense and natural looking hair transplant results by reputable specialists with high quality of service and affordable prices at Clinic Center.

  • Special Group Discount

    The more the merrier! You and your friend will benefit from a special discount in the case of bringing them along with you for hair transplant procedure.

  • PRP Treatment

    PRP speeds up the healing process and by combining PRP treatment with the hair transplant not only you will have a much faster recovery but also the transplanted hair follicles will be vitalized and stimulated.

  • Accomodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Having a procedure whether it is small or big requires efficient resting for full recovery. That is why Clinic Center will make sure you have one of the best and comfortable stays until your departure by providing accomodation at a 4-star hotel in Turkey.

  • Transfers with VIP car

    For a more convenient journey, from the moment you arrive to Turkey your transfer will welcome you at the airport and bring you to your hotel.

  • International Patient Host

    Different country, different people. How will you manage everything? Your international host, who is reachable 24 hours, will accompany you during your medical travel.

  • Check-up

    A day after your procedure you will have your check-up and aftercare instructions for a successful healing process. We also provide regular follow-ups to make sure you have the best natural-looking results.

  • Medical shampoo, lotion, medicines etc.

    Medicines (antibiotic, pain killers, anti-edema), special shampoo and lotions necessary to be used after hair transplant is provided for each patient.

Fast Facts

Procedure: Taking individual hair grafts from the back or the sides of the head (donor area) and transplant into to balding parts (recipient area).
Duration: 6 to 8 hours
Stay: 3 nights hotel
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia
Shaving: Yes (3 months after with scissors)
Recovery: 3 to 5 days to return to work
PRP Treatment: Yes (to stimulate hair growth and fasten the healing process)
What to bring: Comfortable clothes (sweatshirts, button-down or zipped shirt etc.)
Side Effect: No
Exercise: After 3 to 4 weeks
Hair Wash: After 15 days
Scars: No
Pain: None to slight
Results: Permanent (with 98% success rate)
Multiple surgeries: Hair transplant, liposuction, rhinoplasty, dentistry

Kevin, UK

I had really convenient experience with Clinic Center. Patient service answered all of my questions and everybody were nice and polite. The procedure took 5 hours and after the treatment during my check-up they explained the aftercare process. Everything was clearly explained. Thank you!

Akram, United Arab Emirates

My beard transplant procedure went great, everybody did their best, although I was really nervous the team friendly and managed very proffetionally, instruction and procedures after the operation was good. No pain felt during the operation and just taking the pain killers will help the healing easily. Great people to deal with, was well welcomed.

Tretan, Germany

All information provided prior to booking my beard transplant procedure was clear and the booking process was extremely easy since Clinic Center took care of all the arrangements from the transfers to accommodation. Facilities were really professional. The whole procedure was done precisely. The staff of Clinic Center, especially Deniz, are always there to take care of you and help with any questions.

Chris, Canada

I had beard transplant with Clinic Center and their amazing medical team. The hospital staff is great, the hospital itself is very advanced, perfectly organized from the very begining to the end. They pick you up from the airport, bring you to your hotel. The procedure lasted 7 hours and the whole times the team was very attending, true professionals. I felt slight pain on the day after the operation but it is nothing that can not be managed with pain killers, now waiting for the results. Highly recommended. Thank you Clinic Center again!

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