Clinic Center is now sponsoring Sheffield United F.C.

sheffield united

We are extremely excited to announce that Clinic Center has started sponsoring Sheffield United F.C.!
Clinic Center is now Sheffield United F.C.’s Man of the Match digital sponsor.
As Clinic Center, it has always been a passion of ours to support and elevate fields other than ours. As a leading company in health tourism, we are aware how important sports are in the increase of the general health condition. That is why we make sure to support fields that encourage physical activities and awake positive feelings.
Thus, we are now sponsoring Sheffield United F.C. in their Man of the Match journey and are delighted to share their happiness and success!

Clinic Center welcomes thousands of patients from the UK every year, and believes that supporting a community will only increase the happiness within that community and its environment. Without doubt, high-quality health care is a right that should be accessible to everyone, and Mustafa Temiz – the CEO and founder of Clinic Center – quotes that “we believe that the community will show great interest to our internationally awarded services”.

We wish Sheffield United F.C. the best of luck during their journey this season and hope, everyone included has a great time – both those who play and those who support and watch the matches!

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