Clinic Center Patient Titania May’s Medical Journey

MARCH 1, 2022-Hearth London Magazine

Titania May says: I couldn’t walk past a window – so had FOUR operations at once to change my looks. 

‘I remember it so vividly, ‘there goes Gonzo’ – the other kids would say.

They were referring to my nose. It was big and hooked, and I couldn’t stand it. I also had an overshot jaw. I was only 14 – and my looks made life tough.

I was just a young girl but I hated the way I looked to badly, that I wouldn’t walk past shop windows with my side profile facing that way. My silhouette revolted me.

Titania May Before and After

As I grew older, the feeling just didn’t pass. I hated my looks. I’d be the one in the photos with friends always pulling a funny face because I couldn’t bear what my normal face looked like. 

In the end, I just didn’t want to go out. What was the point in wearing nice clothes and making myself look good if my face was the way it was? I worked hard in my job in drug and drink dependency rehabilitation and always saw the good in people. 

I just found it hard to do the same for myself. 

I’d met my partner Rob Sage when I was just 11 and I was best mates with his sister. He’d never once remarked on my looks other than to say how great I was. It’s hard to believe someone when you feel so down about yourself on the inside.

Titania & Rob

Then ten years ago, we met again and hit it off. We’ve never looked back.

So two years ago, I plucked up the courage to make a call to a surgery. They did operations in Istanbul, Clinic Center

‘I’ll get my nose done,’ I thought to myself. 

But after several consultations because I had lots of questions, I’d made a bigger decision. 

I was 48 and I wasn’t getting any younger. It was a now or never moment. 

So, I booked an operation to have a neck lift, face lift, upper and lower lid lift and nose job all in one go. I wasn’t scared about having FOUR procedures in one go – things couldn’t have got any worse. 

Rob supported me the whole way, although my decision was mine – and mine alone. Nothing would have stopped me once I’d decided. 

The operation went brilliantly, and after two weeks off work – I was still convalescing but knew that my world was already so much different and happier. 

Then in November last year, I had fat transfer and a chin implant at the same clinic. I love the results and can’t believe I waited so long to change how I felt. 

Now I would love my nose tip done a little more and possible have my neck pulled a little tighter. I’m also having all of my teeth sorted out with implants and caps.

There’s no doubt that I feel more confident and also more feminine in every way.

I’m an advocate for all women doing whatever they need to change to feel good – and I always will be. 

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