Plastic Surgeries of Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall was born Sarah Howes. Her birthday is on the 24th of July. She is an English model and she took part in reality TV programmes.

Apart from this, she also became well known due to having numerous cosmetic surgeries, which were reported constantly in the British press.

About Her Family

Her father became rich by himself and is a Conservative councillor. Because he was a strict parent, Douvall rebelled during her teen years. Because of her behaviour at school and her usage of drugs, her parents kicked her out of the house. This lead her to stay at hostels where there were drug addicts. She was thrown out of the family home by her parents, leading to spending nights in ‘hostels with heroin addicts’. To escape her memories, she changed her surname. She has two daughters.

Alicia Douvall Has Spent Over 1 Million £ for Her Plastic Surgeries

A 41-year-old model had already had 5 plastic surgeries at the age of 24. It was obvious that she is addicted and this series of cosmetic surgeries will go on. And it did! By December 2016, her aesthetic procedure number went up to around 400. The cost of all these operations went over £1m. It has been recorded that she had 18 breast augmentations, 11 nose jobs, bum implants, face surgeries, having her ribs shaved down and many other plastic surgeries.

Alicia Douvall joined the ‘This Morning’ TV show and confessed plastic surgery addict and over the past twenty years, Alicia has spent over a million pounds on cosmetic procedures. She released that she regrets having cosmetic surgery and promised never to go under medical operation, especially after her second daughter.

Alicia Douvall Has to Have Cosmetic Surgery forever to Keep Her Face Lifted

As the latest news, her doctors told her that she has to have cosmetic surgery forever to hold the facelifted because of many unnecessary operations she had.

She also faced many bad issues because of the surgeries she had which could cause her to die. Normally she promised not to have plastic surgery anymore in 2011 however it is an addiction problem that she needs to heal physiologically. In 2015, Alicia stated that her buttocks implants had exploded inside her and started to leak into her blood which could threaten her life.

Also, she released that she revealed that one breast is red and double-sized to the other last June. She thought that she was going to die and she was at the end. She was at the hospital because of the infection caused by the breast implant.

‘It was the final wake-up call to realising the stupid mistakes I’ve made in my past. It was a miracle that I’d lasted this long, Alicia said.

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