The Weeknd Plastic Surgery: Did He or Not?

His personal name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye and he was born on 26/02/90. He is a Canadian singer. His career started in 2009 and so far has been continuing successfully. Because of this his fans are looking at every single thing he does. 

One of the recent things he did shocked his fans.

He did it after he was on the stage at 2020 American Music Awards where his face was in bruises and bandages.

What happened to his face?

In his video for “Save your tears”, we see him with prosthetics, this was done to imitate the way an extreme plastic procedure, fillers, botoks, buccal fat removal, eyebrow lift and nose job would look like.

When he came to the AMAs 2020 ceremony, he had bandages nearly all around his head. He looked like he either had a lot of surgery or a horrible accident.

However, thankfully none of that had occured. 

The reason he did this was to raise awareness against driving drunk and/or high.

Did The Weeknd have cosmetic surgery?

No he didn’t have cosmetic procedure.

In actual fact, in an advertisement for Pepsi, before his Super Bowl LV performance, he showed his actual face. So it is crystal clear that he has had no plastic procedure done.

At the end of the advertisement, he smiles at a security guard that was dancing to his song. This was the first time his supporters saw his real face.

What has he said about it?

The Weeknd said, the importance of all the bandages is mirroring the preposterous culture of Hollywood celebrity and people modifying themselves for shallow reasons to please and be accepted. 

What is your opinion of what he did? Do you think everyone gets plastic surgery to please others? Or to be validated by others? 

Maybe some people do that. But there are loads who just want to feel good about their own body and be happy when they look in the mirror. After all, you are the person who lives in/ with your body for 24/7. No one else.

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