Buccal Fat Removal: Bichectomy

What Is It Bichectomy?

Fat removal surgery is also known as bichectomy or Hollywood Cheek is one of the most popular cosmetic operation people are interested in last 10 years. As you can understand from the name “Hollywood Cheek” , most of the people are influenced by celebrities and models in order to have a skinny and bony face. It has been very popular surgery also within celebrities to have higher cheek bones and have slimmer and longer looking face.

Who is Suitable for Bichectomy?

There is not a specific condition to have this surgery. If you have fatty tissue around your cheek area below your cheekbone you are suitable to have fat removal surgery.

How is Bichectomy Operation Done?

Even though it sounds like, the surgery is being performed like liposuction it is not. Both sounds theoretically and technically same however buccal fat removal is not being performed with cannulas(tiny tubes to remove the fat under the skin) as liposuction. Below our cheekbones we have glands that are made from fatty substance. People who have a round shape face and aren’t happy about this, get this substance removed.Fat removal operation is kind of face countering operation that gives you slimmer and bony results once the face is healed.

Bichectomy can be done either general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia.

Pros of Bichectomy

No matter the sex, people who have a lot of cheek can benefit from this procedure. There are a few advantages like:

  • Enhanced face outline
  • More aesthetic aspect
  • Overall balance of the profile
  • Increased self-esteem
  • This operation doesn’t have any obvious scars and the recovery time is very quick.

Lets Check Celebrities Who Had Buccal Fat Removal!

These Are The Famous People with Bichectomy Before and After

  • Jennifer Lawrence
Years ago, she still was pretty but it looked simpler and also she still looked like a young girl. As she got popular, she started to get procedures on her face. One of them was bichectomy. The difference is quite amazing.
  • Megan Fox
The famous actress who took part in The Transformers also had this procedure done and it made a very obvious change on her face. She had a slim body and now has a face to match it.
  • Mila Kunis
Famous actress also chose to get rid of the fat substance in her cheeks. She had a girly face. However now it looks mature and lots slimmer. 
  • Eiza González
She is one of the famous people who virtually got the lot done on her face. Apart from getting rid of the fat in her cheeks, she had a rhinoplasty, she had procedures on her chin and lips to get a more sexy look.


  • Victoria Beckham
At the beginning she was only known as the Posh Spice from the Spice Girls. Later on her popularity rose because she married David Beckham and became a successful fashion designer. During her time with the Spice Girls, her face wasn’t as slim as it was now. She still had a roundish look to it. She already was very slim, but the fat in her cheeks obviously wasn’t making her happy. So she got rid of them.
  • Kim Kardashian
The super-famous Kim Kardashian, she became popular due to the reality show, her relationships and her many cosmetic surgeries.
Her cosmetic procedures include, a boob job, implants to her buttocks, facial hair removal, cosmetic dentistry, and bichectomy, with this surgery she had her face slimmed down.
  • Belinda
Famous Mexican artist has had a lot of operations. When she started to become famous, she had a softer face. Present-day however, her face is sharper compared with before. She also had rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Angelina Jolie
The most beautiful woman in the industry. Still she wanted to change a few things on her body, even though she had a lot done on her face, it looks natural.
Bichectomy is the top procedure she has had and it has enhanced her beauty. Therefore she became a perfect beauty. 
When she was younger her face was much softer than it is now. But once she had the procedure, her face slimmed down and there is a more defined shape to it.
  •  Bella Hadid
The distinguished world-wide known model is one of the famous people who show very shocking changes.
She wanted a narrower nose and thicker lips, so she had a nose job and fillers to her lips. She wanted her cheeks bigger so she got cheek augmentation and also to give her face definition, she had bichectomy.
  • Kendal Jenner
Practically the baby sibling of the Kardashian- Jenner clan, she is the most “natural” of them all. As far as we know, she only had one procedure and that is bichectomy. You can see the big difference on the photos. After she had her bichetomy bags removed, her face has sharper features and looks a lot slimmer.


Bichectomy surgery also called buccal fat removal is not related with jaw line and facelift. Please search and talk with a plastic surgeon to get your correct treatment plan according to your expectations. If you are expecting to have sharp jaw line you might need jawline filler or implant. if you are wishing to have longer face chin implant or fillers can be added to your treatment plan. Also bichectomy is absolutely not a tightening or lifting surgery. If you want to find a solution to your sagging buccal facelift might be the best treatment option. Please contact us to get your free personalised treatment plan.

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