The Friends Cast:Then and Now

As we know FRIENDS have been the most popular series in the world and probably 9 people over 10 around you have watched the whole 10-season series and probably still watching in their free time. People love the series and have been watching it over and over again. You never get bored and it never gets old. It is the greatest success with a ratio of reaching people, fame and earnings of the main cast and how sustainable they are. The main reason for the FRIENDS’ success is how good the cast selected and their real-life friendship which is still going on. People have adored them, followed their lifestyle, and style and wanted to be friends with them.

Photo of Friends Cast in Season 1

Friends Reunion,2021

Since the last episode of FRIENDS called “The Last One” which has been aired on May 2004, people have been waiting for them to come together only one more time. And this dream became true this year! In April 2021, after all these years they come together for a “Friends Reunion” and as the latest records 5.6 million, people watched all around the world.

Since every cast of FRIENDS has become a family member for the audience, people keep searching for their looks and appearances even though they do not want to see they are getting aged. They still look great but their cosmetic operations or treatments are one of the other main topics for fans. And here is the question people are still searching for: Did the FRIENDS cast have any cosmetic operation?

Let’s check all characters’ lives and find out the answer by evaluating their changes throughout the years..

Lisa Kudrow / Phoebe Buffay

Then and Now

Lisa Kudrow is still one of television’s most loved actors, she became known as the eccentric but adorable Phoebe Buffay on Friends. Since then she took part and was a producer of various programmes, like “The Comeback”, the online programme “Web Therapy”, and the Netflix mockumentary “Death to 2020”, in that programme she acts as a right-wing political speaker. Like Phoebe, Kudrow is comfortable with ageing and is a relaxed person in general. She confessed that she had nose surgery when she was a teenager. But hasn’t had medical surgery since then.

Lisa Kudrow’s Nose Job

In 2014, she gave an interview with The Saturday Evening Post, during this interview, she confessed to having a nose job when she was 16 years old.

She said her reason for getting the procedure was because she got bullied and her two close friends didn’t want to be with her anymore. Things got so bad that her big sister was picking her up and taking her to eat her lunch because she had no one else.

So she got the procedure to feel good about herself and to start fresh. She says the decision was “life-altering”. She also added that her change was “a good, good change.”

However, she now says she is too scared to have another surgery again.
In 2015, she said she didn’t believe she would look better. That if she had surgery present-day, she would look fake and it would be very hard for her to act because she needs her mimics.

However, she also explained that she wasn’t 100% against it. She said right now she is trying a natural way. By eating and drinking healthily.

In general, she seems to have some sort of discipline, for instance, if she gains weight, she stops eating fattening food.  She also exercises as much as she can.

She is a plain-spoken advocate in opposition to bullying at schools. She has one child and she like the character she played at Friends, is trying to live her own life and not care about what other people think. 

Lisa Kudrow who plays Phoebe Buffay in Friends was 31 years old and now she is 58.

What do you think of what she said? It is important to be comfortable in your own skin and do things because only you want them and not others. She had her nose job to feel better and it has worked. Her nose, even after all those years, looks good.

It is obvious that she is the most natural aged one in the Friends cast. She got aged so naturally without or with very tiny procedures as you can see in the pictures.

A Fact About Phoebe Buffay and Lisa Kudrow:

It is known by most of the Friends fans but when Phoebe was pregnant with her brother’s triplets, she was actually pregnant with her son in real life. Lisa Kudrow was pregnant with her son Julian Murray Stern in Friends Season 4. Lisa got married to Michel Stern in 1995 and gave birth to their son Julian.

Jennifer Aniston / Rachel Green

Then and Now

We can easily say that everyone knows her, she has been one of “the” women everyone loves. That is why she is called America’s beloved. She also became popular after the Friends series-like even though she has been acting before. As Rachel Green, Jen became a star all around the world. Women follow her style, and look and tried to be like her! Rachel Green’s style is still inspired today by young women. Ross and Rachel have been an iconic tv couple for years and still, they are!

Jeniffer Aniston is still being followed by everyone and since her appearance has changed a lot of people are wondering: How she can look so young when she is over 50?

Jennifer Aniston’s Cosmetic Secrets

She’s been the topic of cosmetic procedure gossip for years.

When people talk about her, there are always at least three topics, her marriage, cosmetic surgery and if she will become a mother or not.

People so far think she has had rhinoplasty, an implant in her chin, breast augmentation, a facelift, fillers etc. 

She does look a lot younger than a typical 50+ year-old woman. When we even look at her old photos, we can’t see a big difference.

Because she has aged so well, she speaks for brands that are “health” brands.

She is one of the few famous people, to be frank about the subject. Back in 2007, she said she had rhinoplasty, but she obviously wanted a natural look because it doesn’t look “done”.

She had rhinoplasty because her septum deviated. She says it was a very good idea to get it done and it helped her to sleep properly.

Even though she accepts the nose job, she says any other rumour is just a rumour. A nose job is the only operation she had.

Instead of plastic surgery, she says she chooses treatments in the spa. So she doesn’t get cut or injected. She says she has used radio frequency waves treatments that restore the production of collagen.

She also added that eating well and working out have helped her. She doesn’t starve herself. She advises people not to just eat junk food every day. 

She says she doesn’t say, never to any of the procedures. But she also says that she is happy with the way she looks because the lines on her face mean that she has lived. We think she has wonderful genes, don’t you?

A Fact About Rachel Green and Jennifer Aniston:

As all fans know, In Season 8 of Friends which was on tv in 2001, Brad Pitt was a guest star in one episode called “The one with the Rumour”. He was Rachel and Ross’s high school friend and hates Rachel Green. During that period, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married in real life!

Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Aniston got married in 2000 and divorced in 2005. People love them as couples and if you still ask people about the most iconic couples in Hollywood; there is no doubt that most of the people will give their names!

Ross Geller/David Schimmer

David Schimmer, also known as Ross from the Friends series, also became so popular all around the world after taking part in Friends. He was acting before Friends and was known well in the sector but in 1994, he became a part of Friends as Ross Geller. After that, his life changed forever. He became known to millions of people. He not only acted in the TV series, but he also directed 10 parts of Friends. He is a very gifted and flexible actor. Because of this, he has played and continues to play various roles. 

Some of his greatest actings include the ones in Uprising, John Carter, Since You’ve Been Gone, Come Fly With Me, Will & Grace, and Band of Brothers. His look also aged like other but it is obvious that he had some small procedure by the time.

He hasn’t said a word about any procedure he may or may not have gotten. But some people think that he may have had a rhinoplasty. Because when we look at the photos of years ago and now, his nose looks a bit slimmer at the bottom. But still has a manly look and looks very natural.

He is also thought to have had a facelift. When before and after photos are looked at, a lot of cosmetic surgeons think he had it done. However, because he is super secretive about his life, David Schimmer hasn’t said a word about these. Therefore they are still counted as gossip and till David says something definite, it would be wrong of the gossip magazines or fans to say something definite.

A Fact About Ross Geller and David Schimmer:

This is the picture of their first kiss in the Friends episode when their relationship started.

As it is mentioned before in the article, probably the most exciting thing of 2021 was The Friends Reunion. It was very emotional to see all cast after all these years and to watch them talk about all secrets or facts happened behind the screen. The most exciting and shocking news was when David Schimmer confessed that he was in a crash with Jennifer Aniston at the beginning of Friends! They both admitted that they were in a crash with each other but could not make it in real life. Jennifer Aniston stated that unfortunately, their first kiss was on the tv in front of millions of people as Ross and Rachel.

Courteney Cox/Monica Geller

Courteney Cox was born on June 15, 1964, in Birmingham, Alabama. She studied architecture at Mount Vernon University but dropped out to pursue modelling in NY. With the starring role as Monica Geller in the NBC sitcom Friends (1994–2004), she became very popular and she was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards and won it.

After 4 years of playing Monica on Friends, Courteney Cox nonetheless appears quite young. However, she is determined to head for an extra mature look.

She had to learn to embrace movement and recognize that injections are not her friends! These are her own words.

 Courteney Cox is one of the few ladies in Hollywood who has been definitely open about the plastic surgeries she has needed on her face. The 53-year-old famous actress says she has now accepted that she is growing old and that the modifications to her look all represent the life she’s lived to date. To investigate Courteney’s facial transformation, we thought we’d take a journey down the reminiscence lane and test out how her face has modified through the years – before and after beauty intervention.

Courteney Cox’s Fillers

Cox has been an actress for over 25 years and has ended up becoming an icon because of her roles in Friends, Scream and more. Photos of the actress’ transformation are certainly amazing, and she’s nevertheless maintained her stunning looks. Many media programmes criticised Courteney for having cosmetic procedures. Despite the fact that Courteney Cox’s fillers are a touch bit obvious, it doesn’t take away from the fact that she still looks very good.

She stated that her facial transformation occurred step by step, over the years, so it became hard to recognise what change into taking place till matters had modified considerably. 

“You haven’t any idea as it’s gradual, till you cross, ‘Oh, s—. this doesn’t appear right.’ And it is worse in images than in real life,” Cox said about the fillers she got.

Did Courteney Cox Have A Nose Job? 

The famous actress not only has some facial fillers to lessen the look of fine wrinkles on her skin but also there are some rumours about her having a nose job to alter the form of her nose. But we believe that she has not done anything to her nose!

The star admitted that even though there are some operations she regretted it. “Things are going to change. I was seeking to make it no longer drop, however that made me look fake. You need movement in your face, especially if you have thin skin as I do. Those aren’t wrinkles – they’re just smiling lines.

 I’ve needed to learn how to embrace movement and comprehend that fillers are not my friends.” She said in 2015. 

With the process of ageing, she had to learn to become more comfortable, that’s what this experience taught her. She felt pressure to stay looking young even after Friends ended. She has done things that she has regretted, and luckily they were the things that dissolve and go away. So, it sounds good, just because it’s not always been her best look.

Anti-wrinkle procedures are popular cosmetic procedures used by celebrities like Courtney Cox to make the skin look refreshed and younger.

A Fact About Monica Geller and Courteney Cox:

Courteney Cox was expecting to be chosen for the series for the character Rachel but she got the Monica role! I think it is the best switching ever! I can not imagine Monica as Rachel. Also, another fact is Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are best friends also in real life like Monica and Rachel! So sweet.

Matt LeBlanc/Joey Tribbiani

Some people have one of those faces where you just can’t like them. Well, Matt is like that too. A lot of people remember him as this charming soap opera star. He was already a well-known actor before “Friends”, and he has continued to be a successful actor after that. He became a star.

Matt LeBlanc/Joey Tribbiani Then and Now

His first show was called “TV 101” and he played the character  Chuck Bender, he took part in Married… With Children as Vinnie Verducci. Even though they weren’t unsuccessful, he didn’t come very far.

Joey Tribbiani has been loved by the audience a lot because of his amazing pure characteristics, kind heart and boyish behaviours!

Matt LeBlanc Cosmetic Secrets

Eventually, Matt also got aged very naturally like Lisa Kudrow. Well, we don’t know if he has gone down the cosmetic route, Matt has spoken candidly about his struggles losing weight following the end of the show.

We don’t know if he had anything done because he hasn’t said anything. However, we are aware that he had weight issues. He still remembers when a gossip magazine photographer took a photo of him when we were close to a swimming pool and the photo was on every paper. The caption was “Beached Male”, another was “Fat LeBlanc” these hurt him a bit.

A Fact About Matt LeBlanc and Joey Tribbiani:

Whilst he was giving an interview to Conan O’Brien in 2019, he joked that, before he took part in “Friends”, he was nearly going to starve because he only had $11 in his pocket. 

His money situation was so bad that he couldn’t even afford a dentist and did DIY work on his teeth! Because a photographer said if one of his teeth was filed a bit, it would look better. Matt did it all himself and saved $80. By a miracle, nothing bad happened and his dentist apparently said he did a good job. We definitely don’t recommend this. If you need dental treatment, go to a dentist. 

Matthew Perry/Chandler Bing

Probably Matthew Perry is the most wondered actor in Friends his appearance since it is known that he has had hard times in the past. He was dependent on drugs and alcohol. This addiction started during his “Friends” years. However, when this addiction started to take its toll, he decided to take a break from public life in 2011 because he wanted to get better. Since then, he is sober and is looking better. Because he wants to help people, he became a spokesman for different charities.

Matthew Perry/Chandler Bing then and now

However, his supporters got worried after they watched him in the “Friends” trailer for the reunion episode. They were worried because he wasn’t speaking properly. Thankfully, he had gone through dental surgery before the filming. So fans were happy that there was nothing to be worried about.

A few months ago, a before and after photo of him was going around social media. As we all know, Matthew Perry is famous because of his character in “Friends” as Chandler Bing. This photo proved what he likes now, back when he was an adolescent he was nice-looking.

Matthew Perry Dental Makeover

He has been very honest about what has happened in his life. But hasn’t said a word about cosmetic surgery. So far we know he had a dental procedure which changed his smile and made it perfect. As it has been noticed in Friends Reunion Matthew’s teeth have changed once again so most probably he had another dental treatment for a new smile.

In 2018 he also underwent a gastrointestinal procedure for perforation which required him to stay at the hospital for 3 months. We are happy that he looks much better now and hopefully feels better.

A Fact About Matthew Perry and Chandler Bing:

I guess everybody who is a FRIENDS fan knows that Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts were dating during Friends on TV. Some people know that they met on the Friends set when Julia Roberts was acting as a date Chandler for an episode. But the truth is they know each other previously and dated 1995-1996. I guess the “no hook up” rule was not valid for guest stars in Friends but in anyways their love photo in the press in these years was engraved in everyone’s memory!

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