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Having a hair transplant or cosmetic surgery with Clinic Center is very simple and straight forward. You just need to contact us with your current pictures of your treatment area. You may use our simple and easy to use contact form, send an email to , skype us, whatsapp us or simply call us from 221255215 to send your photos.

Hair Transplant Get a Free Consultation and Treatment Plan

After you send us your current pictures Clinic Center doctors will assess your situation and offer you the best treatment plan that suits your case to achieve the most natural look. You can make a free Skype consultation with your doctor to discuss about your personalized treatment plan and ask all the questions to your doctor for your treatment.

Hospital in Turkey Book & Get Your Treatment

Once you are satisfied with your treatment plan you will pay small amount of deposit to book your place. You do not need to decide the date of your treatment while you are booking. Once you decide the date of your treatment, you inform us and we make necessary arrangements for your treatment such as reserving your accommodation and arranging your airport transfers.

After booking and all the arrangements are set we will send you the itinerary of your medical trip to Turkey where you can find all the details you need. You will be picked up form airport to your hotel or to the clinic to get your treatment. On treatment day you will discuss with your doctor about your treatment and decide final look together. After your procedure you will have your check up and ready to go back to your country with your new look.

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