Hair Transplant Before and After Gallery

You can increase your self-esteem by regrowing your hair with a hair transplant in Turkey by Clinic Center.

Here you can view some of our patient’s hair transplant before and after gallery. Being one of the most trusted clinics in the medical industry, we value our patient’s privacy and keep some of their photos in our records. If you want to see more hair transplant before and after photos, contact us here or e-mail us at

You can check our hair transplant in Turkey web page to get detailed information about the treatment. Take a look at the Norwood scale to know where you are in the hair loss process. You can also get further info about the use of FUE method and DHI method in hair loss treatments. You can also get an idea about PRP treatment, a complementary therapy, by clicking this link. Moreover, if you want to read more about female pattern hair loss and its treatment, eyebrow transplantation, and beard transplantation just visit our web pages.

You can find frequently asked questions about hair transplant treatments and their answers in the FAQ section.

Disclaimer: Photos above show only typical results of a hair transplant procedure. Not everyone undergoing hair transplant will achieve the same.

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